Adlock – The Ad Blocker Which Really Blocks

AdLock is a comprehensive solution that blocks ads in web browsers, games, instant messengers and other applications.

Everyone is tired of annoying ads, flashing banners, intrusive popup windows that overlap the screen. Watching video advertising on YouTube and other video services makes us tense and nervous. AdLock removes ads, increases the pages loading speed and blocks “bugs” that track users activity on the Web.

With AdLock advertising disappears and the Internet becomes more convenient, faster and easier.

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Hello Blog About Contacts
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A shout

Ad blocker

AdLock saves you from endless animated banners, obsessive pop-ups, autoplay videos and other distracting ads. AdLock allows you to enjoy only the information you need and access it much faster.

Traffic light


AdLock app has a firewall feature. Thereby you can fine-tune the permissions and rules of Internet usage by all installed programs. This helps you reduce mobile data consumption, save battery power and ensure the safety of your device.

Bandit face


Any click through an unfamiliar link is a potential threat to the theft of personal data from your device. Our application checks the link before you click on it, and prevents from visiting phishing and malicious websites. You will be notified of every potentially dangerous link.


Additional functions

Ability to use the Internet only from the web browser or to distribute your traffic by selected apps categories; HTTPS connections filter; statistics of the used traffic and blocked elements. AdLock can even do much more than that!

Why AdLock?

  • No exceptions

    We do not cooperate with advertisers. Be sure that there are no “acceptable” and “unobtrusive” ads.

  • Secure Internet

    Reliable protection from visiting potentially dangerous websites

  • Deployed statistics

    Monitor the amount of traffic saved, the number of blocked requests and suspicious sites.

  • Faster than analogs

    Our application works much faster than other famous ad blockers

  • Minimum load

    The application has almost no effect on system performance and battery power consumption

  • A product made with love

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