Top 7 Streaming Sites to Watch NBA for Free With No Ads

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People love sports. Not only to play but also to watch. Especially when it comes to big events like World Championships, Champions League, Nations League, etc. Enjoying a big sports event with your family in front of a big nice TV can’t be overrated. A couple of drinks and munchies — good mood guaranteed!

Previously, you had to pay for dedicated sports channels to watch your favorite team. You also had to keep track of the schedule to make sure you don’t miss that one game.

Luckily, technologies develop and the digital world evolves. Now everything is much easier — you do not need to record and wait for replays. If you miss a game, it’ll be available online after the match is over. It is very convenient and hassle-free.

There are dozens of streaming sites on the web — both reliable and not quite. Some of them are paid, others are free. Free streaming platforms are (haha, classic) full of ads here and there, another paid subscription to an already massive stack is not quite what people want. Users simply don’t know which streaming service meets their needs. Let us guess, you were searching for “nba tv live stream online free with no ads” or something like that? We see.

Below you will find a list of the most popular live streaming platforms including paid and free. And of course, we’ll tell you how to watch free streaming services without ads. Sure thing, we’re AdLock, that’s what we do — make your online activities enjoyable 🙂

Watch NBA Streams With Premium

If we consider all available services, the list will be very long. However, we would like to comprise a list of several popular services that are definitely worth your attention. Let’s consider the official sources of NBA entertainment. By subscribing to one of the platforms from our list, you’ll get prime streaming quality and access to all sports events.

  • ESPN
  • NBA TV
  • ABC
  • TNT

Now let’s see what these services offer.


ESPN+ covers all daily sports events including MLB, NHL, National/International Football League clutches, and NCAA events. It’s worth mentioning that ESPN+ recently struck a deal with the NHL. The deal allows ESPN+ to broadcast 75 off-market games from the 2021-2022 season all the way through the 2027-2028 season. ESPN+ live streaming can be done via any web browser and through official applications for Android and iOS. Also, the service is available on most set-top boxes and Smart TVs, and game consoles. Streaming can be used on 3 devices at the same time. ESPN+ costs $6.99 per month.

Watch online on ESPN/ESPN+ here: and

ESPN brags about more than 126 nationally aired promo campaigns. And yeah, they have lots of ads. Here’s how you stop ads on ESPN app.


This service is jointly operated by the NBA and WarnerMedia’s Turner Sports. Available through and the official NBA mobile app. It’s noted that mobile users get more opportunities for viewing. NBA TV offers several options of premium plans — Team Pass, League Pass, and League Pass Premium as it’s said on the official website.

League Pass costs $99.99, its Premium version is $129.99, and Team Pass is $89.99. The prices are per season, of course. Pretty expensive for a streaming service, isn’t it?

For this money, the user gets the possibility to watch over 100 exclusive online broadcasts of NBA basketball games, original programs, and content on demand. 

Link to watch NBA online:


If you want to watch Monday Night Football, the NBA Finals, the Rose Bowl, and major NHL hockey games, then ABC is one of the best services out there. ABC is available for streaming on most devices, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iPhone, Samsung Smart TVs, etc. The price depends on the TV service you pair ABC with. The lowest price tag for streaming ABC is the Starter subscription, which costs $64.99/month. Duh.


Is pretty much similar to ABC. You may stream TNT paired with HULU, for instance. Prices for streaming TNT start at a $35 tag.

Many of these services, in addition to sports, offer other interesting content that your whole family will enjoy.

Honorable mentions

Amazon Prime Video

You won’t find much sports content on Amazon Prime Video. The streaming service is known for Thursday night football, WNBA, and an option of adding multiple sports channels to your subscription, such as Paramount+, NBA League Pass, and PGA Tour Live. Amazon Prime Video service works through a web browser, Android or iOS devices, set-top boxes, game consoles, and smart TVs. With Prime Video, you can watch videos on up to 3 devices at the same time for $8.99 per month.

Citing the latest updates concerning the pricing on Amazon, here’s what they say:
Current Amazon Prime membership pricing:

  • $14.99/month
  • $139/year
  • Prime Video membership is $8.99 per month.



Hulu is a great choice for all sports lovers. It includes a lot of sports channels including BTN, CBS Sports Network, ESPN, FS1, FS2, Golf Channel, and NBC Sports Network.

The cost of this service starts at $6.99 per month (for HULU with ads!). It is available on most modern devices. However, only in the USA.



Peacock content is accessible through a paid subscription to one of the paid tiers. Its main sports content is Sunday night football and Premier League football. The cost of the service is $4.99/month. It includes the ability to stream to three devices simultaneously and parental control features. There is also a download feature for future auto-play, but only for Premium Plus subscribers.

The Peacock app is available on Android and iOS, as well as most TV consoles and all modern game consoles.


By the way, in our previous post, we talked about how to block ads in Peacock.

YouTube TV

A YouTube TV subscription offers you a great selection of sports channels. This includes all broadcast networks, CBS Sports Network, several ESPN channels, FS1, FS2, Golf Channel, MLB Network, NBA TV, Olympic Channel, and Tennis Channel.

Also, you can get various add-ons. For an additional cost, of course. Among those add-ons are:

  • Fox Soccer Plus ($15/ month);
  • NBA League Pass ($39.99/month);
  • Sports Plus ($10.99/month).


Are There Free NBA Streaming Websites Without Ads

The short answer is no. Websites and services have to generate income and if you’re not paying for a subscription, then you watch ads. Lots of ads. Flashing banners, edgy video commercials, pop-ups, yadda yadda yadda. Luckily, the problem with advertisements pissing you off can be solved without a hassle. 

We’re sure the first thought that came to your head is “Adblockers!”. Yes, that is true. Adblockers may help you watch NBA streams without ads. AdLock is the best at it. Why? Because it’s capable of blocking all types of ads no matter what. While its rivals are good at blocking specific types of commercials, AdLock is a real beast. Like Shaq. 

How Can I Watch NBA Without Ads With AdLock

Our brainchild, AdLock, is the ultimate multi-tool. Being developed with top-notch privacy protection and security, our ad blocker application not only provides an ad-free Internet experience but enhanced protection of sensitive data. 

AdLock is available on all popular operating systems and types of devices — be it a handheld Android/iOS or a stationary Windows/macOS computer. Here’s what you should do to get rid of ads on NBA streams:

  1. Go to the “Products” tab on our official website;
  2. Choose your operating system;
  3. Download the installer and run it;
  4. Follow the tips and hints to install the app correctly;
  5. Launch the application and finish the onboarding procedure;
  6. Enable ad blocking;
  7. You’re good to go!

Make sure you’ve done everything correctly. If you face any problems or something’s unclear, look up our user guide. This is how to block ads on NBA stream on literally any platform on the Internet.

Top 7 Websites to Watch NBA Games For Free

Here we will consider the best free NBA streaming services. Every item here is handpicked based on the general requirements for the service to be a good one. Just to mention, we think good streaming services should be:

  • Free of charge;
  • A range of streaming options;
  • No additional plug-ins/players or else.

So, here are seven websites where you can watch NBA free with no ads.


One of the best free NBA streaming sites on our list and an excellent option for sports fans. FuboTV has FOX, Golf Channel, CBS, NBA TV, NBC, NFL Network, and TBS. AT&T TV channels and separate Comcast RSN TV channels are also available via fuboTV.

It would be right of us to mention that fuboTV is great for watching international sports channels. You will find beIN Sports, Fox Deportes, GOL TV, and TUDN channels on fubo. By the way, FuboTV now includes ESPN.

The fuboTV starter package provides a bunch of useful additional features. For instance, you get 250 hours of DVR storage, and they will be kept until the end of the streaming subscription. For the additional $16.99/month you may get a Cloud DVR 1000, which literally increases your storage limit to 1,000 hours. Other cool fuboTV features are Lookback and Startover. Lookback allows you to watch your favorite sports programs 72 hours after they air. Startover allows you to restart live broadcasts.

By default, you can stream video to up to 3 devices at the same time, but for $9.99/month, the number of devices increases to 10. FuboTV prices start at the $64.99/ month tag (Pro tier). Available on most modern devices. 

Fubo TV site:

Stream2Watch Live NBA Streams

Stream2watch is a very popular platform that allows us to watch NBA games for free. Apart from NBA, the service gives access to multiple sports including hockey, baseball, soccer, tennis, etc. It works on mobile and desktop devices and what’s more important, it’s completely free without any hidden costs or else. It offers high-quality HD live sports streaming. As we’ve already mentioned, nothing comes absolutely free. You’ll be bombarded by numerous commercials if you don’t have AdLock.

Stream2watch has decent features like a live chat for viewers to engage with each other while watching a good quality stream of their favorite sports event.

Watch NBA online for free here:

Crackstreams NBA Channel

Crackstream is another website that makes it possible to watch live streams of the biggest and latest sporting events free of charge. 

Here users can enjoy a range of various sports — NBA, UFC, NFL, MMA, etc. Crackstreams doesn’t require any personal info or downloading extra stuff to watch free NBA streams — just click the stream link, wait for the new window to open, and press “Play”. Easy as that.

Unlike the previous platform, Crackstreams can’t boast of high-definition quality. It’s not bad though. Don’t forget ads would definitely piss you off if you don’t have AdLock.

Link to the streams:

NBABite Live Stream

NBABite is a free NBA live streaming website that has been around since 2009. Just like Crackstreams, NBABite also has a wide range of sports including NHL, soccer, football, and whatnot.

The service offers a variety of streams and their quality varies depending on the stream you choose. The majority of live streams are HD, but you should pay attention to the number of “Thank you”s and the bitrate. Best streams quality-wise are usually on the top of the list.



Another free NBA live streaming platform with a good bunch of options. Before you go enjoy a nice basketball clutch you have to create a free account on the website. What makes us ask questions is that while signing up you have to leave your credit card data.

Okay, when the account is created and you’re ready to watch a stream, — choose one, click it, wait till the new window appears, and click “Play”.

Speaking of quality, Buffstreams provides HD content but suffers those buffering issues from time to time. Just reload the player/page and you’re good to go.


NBA Stream (

As you may guess, this website is dedicated to NBA only. It is nicely organized and looks neat. If you’re a first-timer on the website, you’ll have to create a free account and (again) fill in your credit card info. We would like to ask why, but there would be no clear answer. 

On NBA Stream you can choose the team you want to watch play and select the stream of your liking. Press play on the new screen and enjoy the live stream. A good streaming platform overall, but never be 100% sure about a free service.


VipBox TV

This website offers free streams of soccer, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, rugby, and whatnot games and events. It is one of the best free NBA sites broadcasting high-quality sports content. The downside of this platform is ads. Lots of ads that may make you feel uncomfortable — adult websites, chats, and so on. Make sure you have a reliable adblocker like AdLock on your device.


Final Thoughts

Finding a trusted free NBA streaming site has always been a not-so-easy task. Not just because of hidden malware, threats, and other slimy stuff on the majority of free websites but also because free platforms are not convenient, badly-organized, and offer low-quality streams. Watching a 360-480p stream is just sad.

Luckily, there are really nice websites where one can easily find the desired broadcast, click it, and lay back.

Having read our article you now can choose from any of the listed platforms and, with the help of AdLock, watch NBA games for free and without ads.


Are NBA streaming websites legal?

Technically, only those websites that have bought the rights to stream NBA games are legal. Platforms that stream NBA games online free of charge in the majority of cases are illegal. They are in the grey area, to be more precise. Streaming sports online is legal if it is not pirated content.

Is it safe to watch NBA games online free of charge?

Online streaming is safe. As long as you don’t download anything that contains malware, scripts, bugs, etc. It would be very helpful to have a nice antivirus and AdLock on your device. The possibility of getting something undesired would be minimal. Ads free NBA streaming is completely safe if you’re armed 🙂

How to watch NBA games for free without ads?

First, you should get the best ad blocker on the market — AdLock. Second, choose a reliable streaming platform from our list. That’s it, no “Third”. Only two steps towards good leisure in front of your favorite team slamming three-pointers. And that’s how to watch NBA games for free and without ads, folks!

Is NBA streaming without sign-up possible?

Yup, it’s possible. Not all streaming websites require creating an account. If you’ve finished reading our article then you definitely have the info on the best free streaming sites including those without a mandatory sign-up requirement. No more need to search for “NBA stream no ads no sign up”, we’ve got you covered.

What other alternatives are there to watching NBA live streams?

Another way to watch all the regular-season NBA games is to sign up for a cable plan with a premium sports package. A cable plan is more expensive than live streaming alternatives, but it provides the widest possible variety of cable TV networks.

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