How to Block Ads & Pop-ups on Android

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how to block ads on android online banners
The only ad that doesn’t get on your nerves is Wikipedia creator Jimmy Wales begging for a donation. You just can’t be mad looking at his doggy-eyes. All other ads give you serious anxiety. Who even needs them?! Websites, that’s who. The majority of your favorite websites are non-commercial organizations and they receive money only from advertisers. Everybody who is too compassionate you now can close the article and continue supporting websites with resources of your devices, everybody else, follow my lead and I’ll tell how to block ads on Android.


How to remove ads from Android apps without rooting

You can still get rid of ads even if your device isn’t rooted. All you need is a small simple app called DNS66.

What is it and how it works?
how to block ads on android without root dns66

  • DNS66 for today is the simplest way to remove ads without rooting
  • It blocks specific domain names from a list, when you first visit website or launch an app
  • It filters traffic only when connection is established which saves your battery life
  • DNS66 uses inner Android’s VPN instead of third-party proxy so you don’t need to worry about catching viruses or leaking of your personal information
  • It doesn’t remove the box banner, just an ad it contains


Advanced users ROOT their androids to unlock hidden abilities of their devices. But the fact that you deprive yourself free guarantee support undermines all ROOT perks. Luckily there is an ad blocker for Android which still can improve the capacity of your phone and block ads without ROOT.


How to use it?

  • First of all make sure you’re running Android 5.0 or newer
  • Go to your Settings and enable installation from unknown sources
  • Download DNS66 from F-Droid, install it on your phone/tablet and open it
  • At the top of your screen find Hosts tab and tap on it
  • Chose Adaway hosts file and tap the refresh button to download the hosts file
  • Head back to Start tab, find there Start button and tap on it
  • Tap “Ok” on a pop-up connection request
  • Enjoy the whole new world without annoying advertisements

NB: DNS66 doesn’t protect you from unsecured internet connections or malware software, so you still better avoid potentially dangerous websites.

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How to stop pop ups & ads for rooted devices

If you have root access you don’t even need to install any additional applications to block ads. You can stop pop-ups and ads in all your device’s browsers and apps using a ‘hosts’ file.

What is a ‘hosts’ file?
how to block ads on android with root hosts file

  • It’s a plain text file that maps hosts-names to IP addresses. Whenever you open your Google Chrome or launch app your operating system calls for ‘hosts’ file first to find corresponding IP address.


File ‘hosts’ doesn’t let your browser download ads elements from blocked domains. However, not all ads are hosted on separate domains thereby you will still see commercials embedded in site’s code. If those ads bother you likewise you need an advanced ad remover to get rid of them.


How to use ‘hosts’ file?

  • You need your computer to download ‘hosts’ file on your phone. Go to MVPS and save the opened page. It will be automatically named as “hosts” with “txt” file extensions so no changes here.
  • Connect your device to your computer with any convenient way and copy ‘hosts’ file to it.
  • Open the file manager on your device, find ‘hosts’ file and copy it to /etc or /system/etc. It may need a super user permission to access those locations.
  • Find there an original ‘hosts’ file and if presented rename it to .txt or .bak extension. Paste the saves ‘hosts’ file and reboot your Android.
  • Now your browser and apps are absolutely ads-free.

NB: Just as DNS66 this method can’t provide absolute security to your personal files, so if you worry about them being leaked pay attention to the third ad blocking method.

How to get rid of ads on Android by using ad block software

how to block ads on android without root adlock
There is really no need to reinvent the wheel, just grab AdLock and you’re ready to go. You can stop ads everywhere with this application. Here is everything it can do:

  • block pop-ups and ads in your browser and applications
  • work as firewall, regulate consumption of internet traffic, and save phone/tablet energy
  • spot potentially harmful links, and avoid leaking of your personal information
  • filter HTTPS connections
  • show traffic and blocking report

What’s so cool about it?

  • It works without ROOT
  • It’s energy-saving
  • It won’t affect your device productivity
  • It doesn’t show any inner ads as it doesn’t collaborate with any advertisers
  • It’s the fastest ad block software among present analogs

You can download AdLock from official website and try it for free for 14 days without any hidden conditions or additional payments.

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