How it works

Ad blocking

The ad blocking feature of AdLock is based on the use of advertising filters. A filter is a set of rules for sorting out various ads (banners, pop-ups, etc.). For high-quality blocking, we use a massive amount of advertising filters, which are based on EasyList technology. We carefully check the performance of each filter we add. If problems are found, the filters get finalized and supplemented by our experts. These filters specify the rules according to which the application removes ads.

How AdLock works?

Page code processing

When loading any page in the web browser, AdLock thoroughly processes page code. If any items that fall under the rules described in adware filters are found, AdLock instantly removes them. That’s why the web browser cannot recognize the initial ads on the page and will not make attempts to download them manually.

Requests blocking

Usually, the ad banners displayed on a webpage are stored on the third-party servers. To display a banner, the website needs to make a request to receive it from the server. AdLock checks all requests that are sent from the website page to the server. The requests that fall under the filters will be blocked, which positively affects the speed of page loading and traffic consumption.

Cosmetic page processing

When deleting ads from a web page, you can see under-loaded items, such as “broken” images. To avoid this, we additionally work with CSS (a special programming language used to design web pages) – this allows you to see the page in its proper appearance.

Safe Surfing

Our “Safe surfing” feature is based on Google’s Safe Browsing service. When you click on an unfamiliar link, AdLock checks the database of unsafe websites constantly updated by Google. These resources include phishing sites and sites that host malicious or unwanted software. If the link you are requesting is found in the list of unsafe websites, AdLock notifies you and prevents you from following it.

Safe browsing illustration


This feature allows you to select applications which can access the Internet, and the ones which should work in the offline mode. The main specialty of our firewall is the categorization of apps. You can classify applications by categories in order to set up the algorithm for interacting with the Internet for each of these categories: no access at all, only WiFi connection, or WiFi + mobile Internet (3G / 4G). In addition to the manual distribution of apps by categories, you can use an automatic mode based on available information. We have already sorted out all the most used applications by categories they belong to: Business, Communication, Entertainment, Tourism, etc.

The firewall from AdLock will help you reduce the consumption of mobile traffic, save battery power and ensure the safety of your device.

AdLock firewall scheme