AdLock para iOS

AdLock para iOS

A tecnologia de bloqueio de anúncios de última geração está aqui! Os usuários de iPhone e iPad agora podem celebrar uma Internet segura e sem anúncios.

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Plataformas diferentes, regras de jogo diferentes, o mesmo AdLock poderoso.

No adverts!

If you’re serious about blocking ads on iPhone and iPad and want the best feature set, then AdLock is definitely the solution need. Our software is developed using unrivaled technologies which provide the top quality ad-blocking. Start your new ad-free experience today!

Brush off annoyances!

Find online chats, widgets, autoplay video ads, and callback pop-ups useless and obnoxious? Disable all distracting elements on the websites to get only the pure content you are searching for. No distractions, no sketchy trash eating away your data plan — AdLock is on duty.

Best-quality security

Our team values online safety and security. Block third-party trackers, ad/malware intrusion attempts, all forms of online analytics, and bugs run by big players and smaller “no-name” publishers. Browse confidently — your device and sensitive data are in safe hands.


Adjust blocking rules, choose specific filtering rules, or add your custom adblocking rules — tune AdLock to meet your specific needs in just two taps. You won’t find a more convenient, user-friendly, and efficient ad blocker for iOS. Download it now and see for yourself!

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Minimalista e conveniente, simples e simples, mas com design sofisticado com temas claros e escuros.

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