When AdLock is on, ads are off. Enjoy fast internet and apps without pop-ups and banners!


Increase Your Device Capability With AdLock. Here is How:

It Blocks

  • No Pop-ups and banners
  • No Video ads
  • No Cryptocurrency mining ads

It Protects

  • Check potentially harmful links
  • Hide your data
  • Trace spyware and bugs

It Saves Traffic

  • Save mobile data
  • Save battery power
  • Fine-tune rules of internet usage

It multifunctional

  • Filter HTTPS sites
  • Speed up loading
  • Guard system perfomance

Why AdLock?

  • No inner advertisements

    AdLock is not sponsored by any advertisers and we do not promote any goods. There is no exception when it comes to advertisements blocking, you won’t see any.

  • No phishing attempts

    AdLock will always warn you about bugs, viruses and spyware before you click.

  • No more hidden traffic

    You can simply monitor your traffic consumption and enjoy seeing saved megabytes, number of blocked requests, and scam websites.

  • No more waiting staring in your screen

    In comparison with other ad blockers AdLock doesn’t cause your pages to load longer.

  • No more system overload

    AdLock is light and simple. You won’t notice any lags in system performance.

  • AdLock – a product made with love

What people think about AdLock

  • It works ★★★★★

    I really wasn’t optimistic as it’s like 5th app I tried but surprisingly it worked. I finally can play my favorite game without it being interrupted every minute. I know it sounds petty for an adult but you can’t imagine how long I struggled to complete that level. Ugh. Thanks adlock it’s done.

    David O’Brian

  • I like it ★★★★★

    AdLock works perfectly. It made my browser and applications absolutely advertisements free.

    Helen Geller

  • I didn’t know my browser window was that spacious ★★★★★

    Usually when you visit any web page it’s overloaded with different types of still and moving banners, ads, etc. AdLock wiped all of them out, which was pretty amazing. It so nice to deep into the reading of interesting article and not being distracted with inappropriate images, you can’t even imagine.

    Andrew Barrett

  • Worth it! ★★★★★

    I can finally read posts in my feed and not advertisements. Adlock killed them all with one shot. Awesome app!

    Jaime Hicks

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AdLock — The Ad Blocker Which Really Blocks

AdLock is a comprehensive ad blocking software that meets all of your expectations. It blocks pop-ups, flash banners, video ads, banners with malware code, and internet bugs collecting your personal information. This ad blocker makes your browser, your apps, games, and instant messages absolutely ads-free.
What features our advertisement blocker can perform to you?

  • It has zero tolerance to any types of ads, no matter what are you using Google Chrome or Skype you won’t see any annoying banners and pop-ups
  • It filters all incoming internet traffic, and regulates internet usage by different applications
  • Adlock won’t let you go to any dangerous websites as it checks all potentially harmful links first
  • It filters HTTPS connections
  • And shows internet traffic and blocking reports

AdLock is the best ad blocker you can use on all of your devices whether on portable or stationary; it’s light and simple in use. It doesn’t load with unnecessary work your operating system; you won’t notice it working just like you won’t notice ads any longer. All you have to do is to download and install AdLock on your device, open it and start a brand new life without online advertisements.

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