When AdLock is on, ads are off. Enjoy fast internet and apps without pop-ups and banners with the most effective ad blocker!

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The voice of media on how we’re addressing ad and personal data security issues

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Increase your device’s capabilities
with the AdLock ad blocker

It’s definitive

AdLock blocks all types of ads by default. We don’t condone acceptable ads. But you can fine-tune the rules

It’s protective

AdLock is your guardian. Shield up your data against malware, trackers, malicious requests, and redirects

It’s efficient

Using just a smidge of your device resources, AdLock saves mobile data and extends the battery life

It’s universal

By filtering http/s connections, AdLock boosts your device’s overall performance and responsiveness

AdLock is Superior in Every Way

AdLock applicationAverage adblocker
Blocks online adsYesYes
Removes annoyancesYesPartially
Disables trackers and scriptsYesPartially
Saves traffic and hastens site loadingYesPartially
Works for any browser and appYesNo
Provides enhanced privacy and security protectionYesNo
Provides 24/7 technical supportYesNo

No exception

Experience the Web like it was before ads happened

No tracking

We provide effortless online privacy wherever you go


If you decide the service is not for you, just contact us

Support 24/7

Our support managers are men of parts working 24/7

Trusted by Users All Over the World


Its so great and undetectable!


Websites can no longer detect my adblocks, great work, five stars all day


I find this app highly effective and highly customizable. It is hands down one of the best applications of this type I have ever used!


It’s highly important to protect your browser from annoying add!


It blocked off all of my adds! I love it!


Got rid of all the ads in video games.

Available for all your devices

Connect up to five devices and enjoy ad-free and private access to the internet

AdLock — The Ad Blocker
That Really Blocks

Discover AdLock — the ultimate ad blocking software designed to revolutionize your online experience. Say goodbye to pesky ads that slow down your browsing and compromise your privacy. With AdLock, enjoy faster load times, enhanced security, and complete control over your digital space. Our advanced advertisement blocker goes beyond just removing ads – it protects your privacy by blocking tracking scripts and malware. Take charge of your online journey today with AdLock and enjoy a faster, safer, and ad-free browsing experience like never before.


Yes. AdLock is designed to work on multiple devices including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. This cross-platform support allows users to have a consistent adblocking experience across different devices. The best way to start blocking ads on multiple devices with AdLock is to buy a license — it can be activated on 5 devices.

In brief, you download AdLock, run the installer, follow the onboarding and instructions, you launch the app. If done right, you won’t face any issues. Otherwise, we suggest you read and understand the detailed User Guide.

First and foremost, AdLock has never been and will never become a part of the so-called “acceptable ads” program. We block them all by default but if you want to allow specific websites or apps to show ads, you can adjust that in a couple of clicks. Second, AdLock utilizes a combination of methods to block the variety of commercials to ensure top-tier performance. Third, we provide unrivaled privacy and security features. Fourth, we roll out systematic updates to ensure our ad blocker stays current with the latest advertising methods and maintains compatibility with various browsers and apps. Fifth, AdLock has a user-friendly interface with settings and options that cater to both novice and advanced users.

AdLock does offer both free and paid ad blockers. Free options include browser extensions (available for all popular browsers) and a free trial period for all our full-fledged standalone applications for all major operating systems — Windows, macOS, Android, iOS.

AdLock is a reputable ad blocker software that’s been winning hearts for years. Developed by cybersecurity experts valuing privacy and security, our adblocker prioritizes the safety of your data. We do not collect/transfer/sell any data from users’ devices. We provide enhanced protection for it.