How to Block Ads on Twitch in 2023

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Annoying interruptions, repetitive commercials, then again interruptions… This is how watching video streams on Twitch feels nowadays. The Internet is full of different advice on how to block Twitch ads but you can only trust that with a great deal of skepticism. While most free browser add-ons and third-party mirror sites are just unreliable and some even collect users’ data, it is recommended that you decide on a full-scale ad blocking service subscription like the one from AdLock. 

An ad blocker is essential software designed to stop online adverts and pop-ups. And it’s specifically useful for Twitch admirers. However, the streaming platform is also aware that millions of users surpass their ads using these tools. In this regard, Twitch is particularly notorious for constantly improving its ad blocker detection system and the infamous “purple death screen” hiding the content from users who fight their ads. Even the most popular ad blockers sometimes cannot catch up with the speed of Twitch system updates. So if you don’t want to waste your time trying all the dubious solutions out there, in this article, we broke everything down for you — everything you need to know about blocking ads on Twitch in 2023.

7 Best Ways to Block Twitch Ads

Do these types of articles, “N ways to do something”, remind you of eyelash commercials? You know, those who keep increasing the said volume their mascara provides even though the lashes should be already out of our Galaxy by that point. Well, it’s not about me. I’m an honest writer, and I will tell only about proven methods of blocking Twitch ads. And the number of proven methods is seven. Here they are:

  1. Use ad blocker (duh)
  2. Use VPN (not so obvious)
  3. Use alternative clients (if you’re on Android)
  4. Use Twitch alternatives (they have pitfalls)
  5. Use Brave Browser (they didn’t give a cent to get mentioned)
  6. Subscribe to the Twitch channel (give your money to the streamer and to Twitch)
  7. Subscribe to Turbo Twitch (give your money solely to Twitch)

Further in the article, we will thoroughly observe each method.

How to Block Twitch Ads on Windows and Mac

The easiest way to turn off ads on Twitch  in any browser is to download AdLock for Windows and install it. AdLock will block not only ads on Twitch but all kinds of commercial content across all your favorite browsers and software on your PC. Our application is set up to stop all types of advertisement across the system and accessorial software by default, but you can adjust settings to meet your needs.

  • Download and install AdLock for Windows or Mac ;
  • Choose your plan and get your license key;
  • Launch AdLock => click Activation => paste your 9-digit license key;
Instruction on how to activate AdLock for PCs
  • Click Ad-blocking => find a large on/off toggle and switch it to On position;
Brief instruction on how to turn on AdLock for Windows
  • Enjoy Twitch streams with no ads.

Basically, blocking ads on macOS PCs does not differ from blocking on Windows. You either use an ad block extension/application, alternative Twitch players or buy Turbo. As far as we’ve already considered using apps and extensions, we’d like to mention non-native solutions and consider them.

How to Block Ads in Twitch App for Windows

Desktop Twitch was an all-in-one (community, dashboard, chat, voice/video chat) application designed for gamers and Twitch broadcasters alike. Well, it’s not anymore. Twitch shut down its desktop application on the 30th of April. So, if you were looking for a way to disable ads on Twitch Desktop, you’re late.

How to Block Twitch Ads on Android

If you watch live streams using an Android app, you’re well aware that ads can be ridiculously obnoxious. The most unsettling thing about them is that oftentimes they roll in exactly at the most interesting moment of the stream making viewers freak out. Also, commercials pop up every single time you switch the quality of the video you currently watch, reload the page, and when you tap another video to watch.

Who cares that you’ve just missed a pivotal teamfight, big 1v9 carry moment, or a wtf glitch? Twitch? Not really. 

Advertiser? Nope. They just want to promote some brands.

We know your pain.

To block Twitch ads in the app, you need to download AdLock, install it, and follow instructions of the guide below to adjust AdLock:

  • Launch AdLock application;
  • Check for updates;

Since commercials and their insertion constantly change to override ad-blocking services, it’s important to have a relevant version of AdLock. To update ad removing algorithms, filtering scripts and rules, launch AdLock application, tap hamburger menu at the top right corner, and choose “Check updates”. In a new menu tap “UPDATE ALL”.

  • Enable HTTPS filtering;

Switch to the “AdLocker” tab and enable HTTPS filtering. In a pop-up window tap “OK”. Then you will be asked to set a graphic key to verify your identity for future actions. Set a pattern you surely will remember.

The other way to watch Twitch without ads is to use an alternative client for Android. There are few options on the market that come with extra features such as BTTV/FFZ emotes, the ability to save streams, adblocking, etc. Read the reviews and choose your hero, but treat it with caution. Unofficial players often come with security risks.

That’s it! From this moment you seamlessly skip Twitch ads on your smartphone.

How to Block Twitch Ads on iOS (iPhones and iPads)

In brief, there are two ways of blocking Twitch ads on iPhone and iPad, and they’re quite similar to methods we’ve already considered as solutions for Android.

  1. Twitch Turbo — a one-box solution for all devices and operating systems;
  2. Ad blockers — they do help to get rid of ads on Twitch, but there’s a catch.

So, you either pay for Turbo to clean up Twitch advertisements and get a range of additional perks like smileys or stick to ad blocking software. The difference is that while iOS ad blockers rock on Safari browser, they struggle to block ads on native applications. Apple’s policy and iOS architecture make it almost impossible for ad blockers to filter native iPhone/iPad apps like Twitch and others. Thus, if you choose an ad blocker to solve your problem of obnoxious adverts on Twitch, then you need to watch it through a browser. Browser Twitch is just as convenient as a standalone app, and ad blockers are significantly cheaper than a stack of premium subscriptions.

To get rid of Twitch ads using AdLock, do the following:

  • Tap Settings 
  •  Find and tap Safari
  •  Tap Content Blocker and switch on all AdLock toggles
  •  Launch AdLock and switch on the Ad blocking toggle
Steps to activate AdLock for iOS in Safari to watch Twitch withour ads
  •  Wait for a few minutes and let AdLock download all necessary rules and updates
  •  Close the AdLock app => open Safari => go to Twitch, and enjoy ad-free streams.

Non-native Twitch player apps and extensions

There are lots of diverse non-native Twitch player applications and extensions giving us, ordinary viewers, the possibility to watch live streams without adverts. On top of ad-free viewing, some third-party players offer a row of useful features like instant replay, or “Audio only” mode, and allow users to customize the layout to meet specific needs.
To name a few, Alternate Player for would be great on PC, and  Pocket Plays for Twitch on Android devices.

Also, there’s another kind of ad block that works on Twitch uploaded on GitHub. A set of custom scripts written to improve the viewer experience is regularly upgraded and updated. Though one would find hassling with scripts a complete time-waster, it’s definitely worth giving a shot.

We’ll tell you more about the benefits that non-native players bring in the next sections. Also, learn how to remove ads from MX player if you need to.

Use Twitch Alternatives

Of course, Twitch has alternatives. Some would definitely like them, while others will never condescend to them. Anyway, let’s consider a couple of alternative services that will also serve as an ad blocker for Twitch.

This platform allows watching up to 8 streams (from Twitch) at once. The service even has an extension for Chrome for convenience. Not sure if all ads make it through, but is surely an alternative to the conventional

How to use to avoid Twitch ads:

  •  Open in one window and Twitch in another
  •  On Twitch choose a stream you’d like to watch and copy its URL
  •  Go to and paste the URL into the bar
  •  Add as many streams as you want
  •  Choose a preferred layout, click the Watch Stream button and watch all picked streams at once.
Remove ads on Twitch with

This website exists since 2015 as an alternative to Twitch. Its main purposes were providing the HLS playback, which was unavailable on the official page at that moment and making it possible to watch live streams on Safari. Ever since has grown a big audience that would not abandon the platform. Developers treat viewers with various new features and plan to keep on rocking. The project is open-source and available on GitHub, so users may submit issues or requests right to the developers.

To avoid ads on Twitch using, do the following:

  •  Go to Twitch
  •  Choose a stream you want to watch and change its URL from this*name of the streamer* to this*name of the streamer*. And for any other stream, you do the same, change .tv to in the stream URL. 

Unfortunately, Twitch will interrupt the stream every 5-15 minutes with the purple screen of death that lasts 30 seconds. So, unless you’re a Buddhist monk, this method might not be the best for you.

Use the Brave Browser

Brave Browser

Brave is a unique browser developed with a focus on users. Not only does it remove ads and protect you from trackers, but it also rewards users for surfing the web. While you’re browsing, you earn cryptocurrency tokens you may use for various purposes like spending them on Twitch subscription, for example. This feature is optional so you may abandon it but still use Brave with all its convenient and useful features.
With Brave Browser, it’s super easy to stop ads on Twitch. A feature named Shields that blocks unwanted ads, pop-ups, and trackers are enabled by default. But if you want to come back to the world of irrelevant adverts, click on the lion’s head icon at the top of the browser window and switch off the Shields toggle.

Use VPN to Brush off Ads on Twitch

While the sole usage of a VPN won’t save you from ads, it will significantly reduce the number of ads targeted at the English-speaking community because the servers won’t see you as a part of it. Most ads would not roll in if you enabled, for example, a VPN connection through Poland. The only downside of this method is that you may experience lags during streams.

Be aware that not every VPN location will allow watching Twitch streams. Use one of these countries for guaranteed connection to the service: Czechia, Georgia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama. 

To use VPN as a Twitch ad blocker, complete these simple steps:

  •  Launch your VPN service
  •  Choose the location from the countries listed above and turn on the VPN connection if it’s not started automatically
  •  Check the Settings of your VPN service, and if you find an ad-blocking feature, enable it
  •  Enjoy the streams with the magically reduced number of pre-rolls and mid-rolls.

How to Block Twitch Ads on VoDs

Video on demand is past streamed content on Twitch. If you can’t catch an interesting stream live, you will probably watch it later. It’s a practical feature both for streamers and users because streamers can grow their channels, and users can watch content they may have missed. VoDs carry even more ads than actual live streams. Some streamers prefer to avoid ads in their live streams and put them into their VoDs, so they don’t repel their broadcast watchers and still create revenue from ads. There’s a commonly known fact that Twitch service stuffs VoDs with commercials to the gills.

Earlier, ads on video on demand were only at the beginning, but now they appear every 5-10 minutes of the stream. Twitch users complain ads are louder than the actual video and can’t be mute. Sometimes ads take too much time to buffer, which is infuriating. The buffering is annoying itself, but when you wait for an ad to buffer… you go berserk.  

To get rid of ads on Twitch VoDs, use the “Report” feature. If you report “This ad has played too many times” and “This ad can’t be muted or is too loud” 5 or 6 times, you get to actually skip ads. The queue for the ad happens every 15 minutes, but after you report, you’ll only get a black screen that lasts 2 seconds, and then you are back to your VoD. This trick works for live streams advertising, too.
Eventually, you’ll get to see ads again and repeat the procedure time after time. If you were looking for a guide on how to stop ads on Twitch without getting crazy, then this solution might not be for you. Better stick to AdLock to get rid of them.

VoDs report

Eventually, you’ll get to see ads again and repeat the procedure time after time. If you want a solution here and now and on an ongoing basis, use AdLock to block all Twitch ads at a time.

Choosing The Best Way to Block Twitch Ads

Users who are not ready to tolerate Twitch ads are left with three options to choose:

  1. Subscribe to Turbo Twitch;
  2. Stick to AdLock;
  3. Use Alternate Player alternative player extension for Mozilla, Chrome, Edge.

Let’s consider these options, compare them, and review common questions.

Options Benefits Drawbacks

Turbo Twitch

Ad-free experience on and in applications (except for paid promotion embedded in content);

Twitch bells and whistles like emojis, chat badges, etc.

Priority customer support.

Removes ads on Twitch for roughly 9 bucks per month.


One of the most popular ad-blocking service with a 24/7 support and large community;

Removes all types of ads including their placeholders;

Works across the system and is not limited to Twitch only;

Provides a bunch of additional features such as personal data protection, reduced data usage, and more;

Available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS;

Mobile AdLock does not require root access;

Struggles to remove ads in some native applications;

Alternate player

Fewer stops during playback;

Instant replay;

Removes ads (except for paid promotion by streamers);

Takes up less RAM than Twitch player;

Provides many useful (and not much) features and customization options.

Provides many useful (and not much) features and customization options.

Not optimized for touch screen devices;

Doesn’t work with VoDs (Live broadcasts only);

Users report ~5 sec. chat and stream delays;

Doesn’t ensure personal data security.

Twitch Advertising Formats 2023 has a reputation as a live-streaming platform with the most loyal audience. Most of its viewers appreciate the work of the streamers and the service and willingly watch commercials to help them generate revenue. Taking this advantage, Twitch started abusing users’ loyalty and introduced more ads and ad formats, making an already long list even longer. In our article, we’ll look at Twitch’s ads that drive the viewers nuts.

Unskippable ads

Right after YouTube, Twitch has put into action a non-skippable advertisement policy. But, unlike YouTube, Twitch has no regulations on the length of pitches — who cares if it’s a 10-minute video? The new ad policy sparked an uproar among Reddit users. Redditors loaded the community with complaints about unskippable 5-minute music videos in random languages and ways to stop this unbearable disgrace. Basically, the new policy left Twitch viewers with only two options: either sticking to ad-blockers capable of blocking new ads or leaving Twitch for an alternative platform. And most alternatives are less convenient and provide a worse user experience. But if you’re good with just watching video streams with no extra bells and whistles, then finding a suitable replacement for Twitch might be your best choice.

Plangent enough to rouse the dead ads

The sudden and unexpected commercial pitches rolling in on the ear-splitting volume are literally the worst. Users who used to watch Twitch in the background while working or falling asleep repeatedly report loud ads blasting in. This happens because of the significant difference in volume. If streamers set their output volume low, viewers have to raise it on their device. So, when the advert rolls in, it breaks the eardrums. It’s logical to ask, whose problem is this? Definitely not the viewers’. Twitch should’ve worked on auto-tuning the advertising volume to stop disrupting the end-user experience.

Commercial break in progress

Many Twitch users reported a glitch: when, instead of an actual pre-roll advert, they got a “Commercial break in progress” screen. A blank silent screen wouldn’t have been a problem unless it wasn’t endless. It turned out that the “Commercial break” could chill on the user’s screen the whole day, and it wouldn’t go away. The only cure for this issue was an ad blocker. At present, this glitch has gone.

Plangent enough to rouse the dead ads

The sudden and unexpected commercial pitches rolling in on the deafening volume are literally the worst. Users who are used to watch Twitch in the background while working or falling asleep repeatedly report loud ads blasting in. This happens because of the significant difference in volume — when streamers set their output volume low, viewers have to increase the volume on the device. So, when the advert rolls in, it tears the eardrums.  It’s logical to ask, whose problem is this? Definitely not the viewers’. Twitch should’ve worked on autotuning the advertising volume to not disrupt the end-user experience.

Commercial break in progress

Somewhat a glitch faced by a big number of Twitch users is a so-called “Commercial break in progress” screen. It happened that instead of a regular pre-roll advert, Twitch users faced a blank screen saying “Commercial break in progress”. Ok, fine, a blank screen with no sound. What could be wrong with that? That screen is unskippable and has no end. It turned out that the “Commercial break” could chill on the user’s screen the whole day and it wouldn’t go away. The only cure for this issue was an adblocker. As for now, this glitch is gone.

Another video streaming service we all love with way too much advertising is YouTube. Find out whether YouTube ad-blocker for Android can remove all annoying ads.

Types of Twitch Ads

All Twitch adverts can be divided into four categories:

  1. Ads that can be disabled in a snap;
  2. Ads that take some effort to get rid of;
  3. Impossible to turn off adverts;
  4. Commercials stuffed into VoDs.

The easiest ads to block are banners. Any free ad-blocking extension for Chrome (for instance, AdLock) can cope with banners easily. If you’re using Firefox or Opera, then you can adjust a couple of options on your browser’s settings, and you’re good to go.

The second type is the PPC (pay per click) advertisement embedded in live streams by the Twitch platform. Free ad-blockers can’t cut off such advertising, and you will need AdLock to block it.

The third type of ads is promotions of goods and services by streamers. Bet you’re already tired of Raid: Shadow Legends. Advertisers directly sponsor such promotions, and you can’t skip or block them, which is unfortunate but logical.

And the last type is commercials stuffed into VoDs. 

Since the first and the third types are obvious, we’ll look at the second and the fourth types and clarify how to get rid of them.

Subscribe to the Twitch Channel

Apart from promoting their content, creators want to earn revenue that would support their endeavors and help to get better tools and streaming equipment to produce high-quality content. Playing ads on streams according to the Twitch partner program is a must for them. But you can purchase a subscription (the price of a subscription varies from country to country according to the latest change in price policy) and receive an ad-free stream viewing, a set of emotions, and a subscriber badge differentiating you from the “plebs” in the chat. Keep in mind that Twitch will take at least 50% of your contribution, no matter what subscription plan you choose.

To admit, if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you may use it on your favorite streamer’s channel and subscribe without additional payments.


Why does Twitch have so many ads?

Because capitalism. Okay, that was the low-hanging fruit, I’m sorry. But seriously, ads create revenue, and Twitch uses revenue, among other things, to support its creators. Yes, it’s true that recently there have been too many ads on Twitch. Maybe it’s because the number of streamers has increased rapidly. Maybe it’s because of Twitch’s greed (we all know its owner is not the most generous company in the world). The exact reason is yet to be discovered, if ever at all.

How much is Turbo on Twitch?

Turbo Twitch subscription costs $8.99 per month. For this price you get new emojis, chat badge and custom chat username colors, extended broadcast storage, and priority customer support. However, no free games or loot.

Is Twitch Prime free with Amazon Prime?

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, then you have Twitch Prime and other Amazon perks like Amazon Music Unlimited, Same Day Delivery, Prime Reading, etc.(More about Amazon Prime perks here). For ad-free viewing experience on Twitch, link your Amazon and Twitch accounts. Read also: How to block Amazon ads.

Twitch Ads are not Blocked in Prime

In August 2018 Twitch came to us with good (not much) news. In its blog post, Twitch announced that, as of this autumn, Prime Twitch users would be no longer absolved from ads:

Twitch Prime members with monthly subscriptions will continue to get ad-free viewing until October 15. If you already have an annual subscription, or if you upgrade to an annual subscription before September 14, you will continue with ad-free viewing until your next renewal date.

Does AdLock work on Twitch?

And how! AdLock is flawless at blocking all types of Twitch ads excepting those promoted by streamers. Keep in mind that AdLock is not limited in its ad-blocking capabilities. Once you stick to AdLock, you get rid of commercials from any sources: browsers, applications, etc.

How many people are partnered on Twitch?

There are over 2 million active broadcasters, around 27,000 are Partners.

Adblocker is not working on Twitch

This issue might appear if the HTTPS filtration on secure websites is disabled.

If you use Android smartphone: Open AdLock ⇒ Switch toggle next to Enable HTTPS filtration

If you use Windows PC: Open AdLock ⇒ Settings ⇒ Enable HTTPS Filtering ⇒ Enable site filtering using EV certificates

Put an end to Twitch adverts:
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