AdLock for SAFARI

Finally you don’t need to compromise because from now on you can use the best Apple browser and be free from ads.

AdLock Safari Extension - bigger than adblock for Mac

Designed to serve

If you want you can fine-tune AdLock extension to meet all your needs. Turn on and off filters, add own rules, create personal whitelists whatever works for you.

Safety first

AdLock protects your confidentiality on the web as if you were a president. It makes you invisible for online trackers, marketers, and spyware.

Killing ads

AdLock uses filters specific for Safari browser. That’s why our ad-blocking is neat and angry.

Forever free

All AdLock extensions are unconditionally free including AdLock for Safari.

3 000 000
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Safari has a built-in ad blocker. Why do I need AdLock for Safari?

It’s a common misunderstanding that starting from Safari 12 the browser can block ads. Indeed, Safari reduces your online “footprint”, but it doesn’t leave you out of ads. Naturally, a company famous above all for its marketing won’t be against ads. If you don’t want to see ads, use an ad blocker for Safari like AdLock.

What things can AdLock for Safari block?

AdLock extension can block ads, scripts, trackers & annoyances.

How do I install AdLock for Safari?

Download Safari ad blocking extension from the official App Store and run it. In the dialogue box click “Open Preferences” where you check the boxes “AdLock Safari Icon” and AdLock.

Sometimes I need to use other browsers than Safari on my Mac. How can I block ads on them?

At the time of writing, AdLock offers two ad blocking extension: for Safari and for Chrome. So, if you prefer Chrome browser download ad blocking extension from the official Chrome Web Store. If you use other browsers please follow our updates as AdLock for Mozilla and Opera browsers are coming soon.

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