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Make your Android work faster and longer without ads. With the help of AdLock you will get maximum from your device.
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AdLock — the most functional ad blocker for Android phone

Cut off pop-ups, banners, and autoplay

You can easily run apps and surf without being interrupted by annoying flashing ads.

Secure your personal data

AdLock prevents phishing attempts as it blocks all suspicious unwanted requests.

Blockade malware-infected ads

When AdLock is enabled on your phone it be will always protected from bugs and spyware.

Save mobile data

Never go over data limits again. You can restrict Internet access to specific apps or stay connected only when the screen is on.

Extend battery life

You can prolong battery power by simply controlling your internet usage.

Works without ROOT

You can simply install AdLock and take advantage of all its features without root-access.

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What people think about AdLock

  • No pop-ups finally ★★★★★

    Usually I don’t trust apps claiming they will wipe out all annoying ads as they never truly work and some of them require root access. I even got used to pop-ups until my colleague convinced me to download trial AdLock version.  I still have eight more free days to test it but I love it already. Really no more ads neither in browser nor in apps.

    Barney Adams

  • Best for Android ★★★★★

    No more fuss with root access. You just download AdLock install it and enjoy web surfing without stupid ads and banners.

    Nathan Elliot

  • It works ★★★★★

    You really need to customize app settings if you want it to work perfectly like I did. I blocked internet access to apps I didn’t need to be connected all the time and now my battery lasts like on 20% longer. And yeah no ads


  • 100% work! ★★★★★

    I’m not into hi-tech really but even I coped with adlock. It was simple to customize it and now I enjoy my internet without ads!



  • Blessing ★★★★★


    I was suspicious of this app on the stage of installing apps from unknown sources. But I took a shot and didn’t regret my decision. Adlock works very well I finally can watch youtube without being interrupted every 5 minutes.  


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AdLock for Android

AdLock is an no root ad blocker for Android phones. Our ad remover is able to stop online advertisements from spreading anywhere in your applications, games, instant messages, and browser. Furthermore, AdLock blocks all annoying commercial content such as pop up banners, flash banners, auto-start videos, audio ads, text ads, malware infected ads and spyware.

Meet the best ad blocker for Android

  • With our ad stopper, you will get rid of ads no matter what you are using Skype, Viber or Google Chrome.
  • With the help of our ad remover for Android, you will save your mobile data and bandwidths as its firewall features can block unwanted internet access to different applications.
  • Every time, you try to reach a suspicious website, AdLock will first check its URL to find out whether it contains malicious software, and if so, you’ll get a warning pop up.
    • AdLock filters HTTPS connections.
    • Our ad blocker for Android apps and browsers provides regular reports with the number of deleted threats and amount of saved traffic.

AdLock is an effective tool in a war for the internet free of ads. Adlock is the best pop up blocker for Android as it doesn’t just remove online commercials but expands your battery life. If you have doubts, deactivate it for one day and see the difference. So, if you want to remove ads from entertaining websites like Reddit or YouTube, ad blocker for Android, AdLock, is your choice. Check out our free trial and download it from here or subscribe on our newsletters and get 30 days for free.

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