How to Block Township Ads

Township fake ads confuse people so much that they even seek help from strangers on Reddit to understand how to find the game they saw in the ad.


Yet their efforts are futile because Township is a city-building game. The game itself is pleasant and captivating, similar to SimCity but with a more juvenile design. It’s a free game without ads and features transparent monetization by selling various buffs that allow players to progress faster. Moreover, Township also has side match-three quests that are optional but can earn you valuable in-game currency and bonuses. Overall, Township is a lovely addition to the Playrix family that can easily attract a new audience without misleading ads. It’s a mystery why they choose to frustrate users instead.

Does Township Have Ads?

So far, Township doesn’t have ads, though the game’s Google Play page says otherwise. Maybe the game will follow the steps of other Playrix projects, where the company gradually introduces ads that players can watch to get bonuses. But for now, you can play Township without ads.

How to Block Township Ads?

Great news! You can banish those phony Township game ads from any game or app they infest. Four proven methods exist to achieve ad-free bliss:

  1. Activate airplane mode. This nukes your internet connection, stopping ads dead in their tracks across all your apps. A free and fantastic short-term fix, but you’ll eventually need to reconnect to the online world of emails and such. Plus, it’s useless for apps/games requiring an internet connection to function.
  2. Hide ad Instagram. Township ads love to insert themselves into your Instagram feed. You can’t block them permanently, but you can temporarily say farewell to them. To do so, tap the three-dot icon at the upper right corner of the sponsored post, tap Hide ad, and then select why you don’t want to see that ad.
  3. Pay to remove ads in-app. Many ad-supported games and apps let you purchase an ad-free experience, either through a subscription or one-time payment. But let’s be real: Township ads are obnoxious enough to make dropping more monthly fees seem unappetizing.
  4. Unleash a system-wide ad blocker. One app to rule them all – blocking Township ads and their annoying brethren across most of your other apps, too. Now we’re talking! Let’s dive into this champion solution.

We wholeheartedly vouch for AdLock. It’s a bodyguard against those meddlesome ads in websites, apps, and games alike. Our mission? Simplicity. Install it on your Android or iOS device, activate, breeze through setup, and bam – celebratory ad-free dances!

How to stop Township ads on your iPhone/iPad

Lucky iOS users can enjoy ad-free Safari browsing for no charge with the help of AdLock. Give it a try, and you won’t look back:

  1. Download and install the AdLock iOS app.
  2. Go to Settings > Safari > Extensions and enable all AdLock toggles.
  3. Open AdLock and flip on that “Ad-free web surfing” switch to activate ad-blocking. Patience, young grasshopper – let it load those filters first.
  4. Want to block ads outside Safari, too? After hitting that toggle, spring for the $12 yearly or $3.49 monthly Premium plan. Yeah, I know what I said about subscription stacking, but this one sub wins you ad-free access to dozens of apps. Test drive it first with the 7-day free trial!

Block Township ads on your Android device

AdLock is perfectly compatible with Android devices, too. You have a whole week to test it free of charge to discover a fabulous world without online ads:

  1. Install the AdLock Android app;
  2. Open AdLock, tap that menu hamburger icon, and go to Settings;
  3. Check for Updates, hit that UPDATE button;
  4. Head to the AdLock tab and hammer the big red INSTALL CERTIFICATE button for HTTPS filtering;
  5. Verify your identity with fingerprint, pattern, or password;
  6. Back to the hamburger menu, choose Buy Now, and select your subscription plan.

AdLock kicks ad butt across most major developers’ games. But if an app’s ads keep slipping through, hit us up at for a refund. We’ll determine if AdLock can tame that particular app.

Do the Township Ads Match the Gameplay?

Alright, let’s set the record straight – Township ads are not like the game itself. This charming little city-builder is all about simple, strategic fun with side helpings of match-3 quests. Those interactive video promos? They’re just occasional mini-challenge curveballs.

Every once in a blue moon, instead of the usual helicopter order requests, you get an invitation to a mini-game for a cash reward. Usually, some customer service challenges where you scramble to fulfill orders at lightning speed. These mini-challenges are a real hoot and a half but maddeningly rare. Before writing this article, I completed 18 levels of the game and only got a mini-game twice.

For the most part, your Township grind is all about watching literal grass grow. You’re always strapped for some resource, leaving you to cross your fingers for lucky treasure box finds, spend game cash at the market, or embrace the zen-like patience of watching pixels do their thing.

Inevitably, you’ll hit a cash drought. At that point, you either pay real money to purchase it or channel your inner Buddhist monk with the waiting game. By this stage, I bet you’re desperately wishing the answer to “Does Township have ads?” was a resounding “Yes!” At least those would provide some action!

Is Township Safe for Children?

Township is absolutely safe for children to play. With its 3+ age rating and colorful, kid-friendly design, it’s made with little ones in mind. The game is completely ad-free, so no worries about inappropriate content there. It also has great parental controls that let you customize what features your kids can access. And if they do happen to make any accidental purchases, those can easily be canceled. Overall, Township provides a secure, family-friendly gaming environment tailored for youngsters to enjoy worry-free.


Township is a charming and engaging city-building game that has unfortunately been misrepresented by its ads. While these misleading ads have caused confusion among potential players, the actual gameplay experience remains captivating and enjoyable, resembling a more juvenile version of SimCity. With its ad-free environment, transparent monetization, and optional match-three quests, Township offers a pleasant gaming experience that appeals to a broad audience. Check our comprehensive guide on ad-free mobile games for more entertainment. 

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