The 17 Best Free Mobile Games Without Ads For 2023

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Hello and welcome to our bonfire, adventurer! We’ve seen thee wandering around the boundless spaces of the pervasive web in search of worthy and gratis amusement for thy smartphone. Take a seat, we have a story to tell.

Mobile gaming is more than just fun. It’s a massive business domain worth billions of dollars that continues growing and evolving. Just to admit, mobile gaming is bigger than the PC and console gaming markets combined. Game dev giants like Sony, Riot Games, EA, and Activision Blizzard have been exploring this lucrative market segment for quite a bit. And although the competition there is strong — they have to compete with seasoned mobile-focused companies like Tencent, there’s still a lot of room to maneuver.

Given that the interest of companies in the market is to make a pretty penny either by selling their games or making them pay-to-win/ad-infested titles, there are still decent apps that are completely free of charge and ads.

In this article, we’ll consider ad-free games you can get free of charge and have a lot of fun playing them. By the way, we’ll also tell you how to get rid of advertisements in your favorite games without a hassle by using AdLock. Interested? Let’s get started!

1. Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact is a free2play open-world action RPG inspired by The Legend of Zelda series. The game world (Teyvat) is a truly magical place that is completely open for exploration — every mountain/boulder and fortress can be climbed — as long as the character has enough stamina. Players are not limited in their freedom in any way, except perhaps by the edge of the map.

Genshin Impact is a party game where you can switch between characters at any time during the battle. The characters and weapons can be obtained from “gacha” — an in-game system similar to loot boxes. Lootboxes are obtainable via in-game currency which may be purchased for real money. It doesn’t mean you have to, but if you want that one kawaii character and a neat weapon, you may try your luck. 

The composition of your battle group must be approached wisely because the characters have different skills of different elements, the combination of which is the key to victory. The game also has a co-op that allows four players to simultaneously conquer the expanses of Teyvat.

Genshin Impact can be played casually, but only for the time being. If you want to properly level up and complete all the quests, get ready for a real hardcore grind. There are no experience boosters that will allow donators to level up faster — they still have to grind like everyone else. 

At high levels, the Original resin becomes a stumbling block. Something akin to the “energy” commonly used in mobile games, resin somewhat limits the speed of leveling up. It’s spent on grinding dungeons/bosses for artifacts and unique resources, and special missions with gold or LevelUp books as rewards.

Resin accumulates over time and just like Primogems can be obtained for completing a dime dozen of various quests. So the main limiter of progress in Genshin Impact is not the paywall, but the grind. Well, the grind (daily but still damn interesting and varied) is, in fact, the basis of the game.

2. Ultraflow


If you’re a fan of puzzles, then this one is definitely for you. Ultraflow is not about complex glossy graphics and effects — it’s a minimalistic and simple puzzle that has a rather complex and challenging gameplay.

Given a limited number of bounces, the numbered ball has to get to the larger circle in order to complete the stage. As soon as you use the last bounce and fail to reach the final destination, the ball explodes. 

The game has no limiters apart from the number of bounces — neither a timer nor a star-rating system. You play at your own pace. With its 99 levels (very different in complexity), Ultraflow will definitely help you pass some time.

Ultraflow is one of the best free mobile games without ads you should give a shot.

3. Underhand


The essence of this game is simple: you find yourself the leader of a Dark cult, and your task is to summon 7 ancient deities to this mortal world. To accomplish this task you are given resource cards and a series of events that can lead you to dominance side by side with the Deities … or to death.

It’s striking that the Ancients are inspired not only by the work of Howard Lovecraft but also by urban legends, which brings a variety to the perception of the concept. So, for example, Windigu obviously refers to the evil spirit of the wendigo, which forces people to engage in cannibalism; Ugl’uht’k refers to Nyarlathotep, Shub-Niggurath, and others of their kind.

The first thing that positively strikes the eye is the visual style of the game. Its boxy and angular style, most reminiscent of a mixture of comics and advertising brochures of the forties and sixties, makes you fall in love almost instantly. Combined with the most pleasantly smooth animation, it was the visual style that made me stay and explore everything the game has to offer.

The most important events are the stages of the search and awakening of the chthonic pantheon representatives. Almost all of them will require quite serious investments from you. Here is how it works: the first couple of stages are the initial actions — you buy a weird large egg from a dubious black market merchant or send an expedition to the jungle for research. The next steps are attempts to appease the deity. You have to be ready to spend cultists, money, food, and captives especially zealously: the gods can be very greedy.

Trying to get in touch with the Ancients is addictive and really makes you want to play and play until you have all seven Dark Gods unlocked in your gallery. The procedural generation of the deck in each run creates the need to select a new strategy, thereby justifying the specified genre.

Without further spoilers, the Underhand game is free and has no ads. It’s a fascinating Cultist Card Game worth your attention.

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4. Fast Like a Fox


Fast Like a Fox is a low-poly minimalist platformer game with distinctive and unique controls. You gotta collect coins, diamonds, and emeralds running at lightning speed to make it in time to the finish.

Ah yes, unique controls. To make the fox run, you have to continuously tap the back of your phone. Yup, the BACK of your phone. The faster you tap, the faster the fox runs.

There’s not much to say about this game as we did with some in this list. It’s visually pleasant, simple, and interesting. Fast Like a Fox is a mobile game without in-app purchases and ads. Try it out, you’ll like it!

Wondering if it’s possible to play Scrabble Go without ads? Check this article out and play your favorite game completely ad-free!

5. UnCiv


UnCiv is a free open-source game developed by Yair Morgenstern. The game is heavily inspired by Civilization V (considered one of the best 4x strategy games ever). This free game with no ads is a find. Its visual style mimics good’ol 90s strategy games — one would say “old-fashioned” while we say CLASSIC.

And despite its “primitive” graphics, UnCiv offers a well-elaborated gameplay side and a smooth experience. With over a million downloads, this jewel has a solid 4.7 out of 5 rating which is, for a free game like this, quite an accomplishment. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, if you are an Android gamer this one is among the best free mobile games without ads for your smartphone!

6. lichess


If you’re a chess fan, then probably this representative here won’t be a surprise for you. Lichess is a top-tier chess game popular among newbies and experienced players with its massive chess puzzles library.

It’s a feature-packed chess application that helps improve your vision of the game and chess player thinking. 

Offering much more than traditional chess, lichess is out of the contest — it’s the best.

7. GameStart Pixel Battle


Our list of free mobile games with no ads for Android or iOS wouldn’t be complete without this one. GameStart Pixel Battle is an excellent oldschool platformer with nice 16-bit graphics. 

A mysterious someone has been sabotaging games and making them hardcore even for the most skilled players. You take control of a gamer girl Alyse to try to figure out who is that mysterious figure. Make your way through levels packed with challenging enemies and bosses and unlock allies — playable characters with unique powers. 

An action-packed game topped with a chiptune soundtrack will definitely not leave you indifferent. Especially if you feel nostalgic about retro NES games. Back in those days when *You have a bottle of Dr. Pepper, some pizza, your favorite SEGA/DENDY, your parents are at work and you have no school today*. 

8. Hexcellence


Another puzzle game is coming in clutch. Being minimalistic and straightforward, Hexcellent attracts with its impressively complex and engaging puzzle logic.

The gameplay here is straightforward — rotate and swap tiles on the screen to complete the field. No more, no less. Choose a suitable difficulty and proceed to make Hexonnects!

Wishing you could play Words With Friends with no ads? What if we told you it’s possible? Read our article to find out how it’s done.

9. Revived Witch


Back to anime! 

Have you ever wanted to take on the role of a cute witch and explore a huge world, albeit in 2D format? Revived Witch is here to provide you with such an opportunity.

This RPG project was originally designed only for the Chinese community. However, later gamers from all over the world became genuinely interested in the game. What is it about?

Players dive into a fantasy setting with some medieval zest. A witch girl wakes up in an unfamiliar forest due to an unknown call and doesn’t remember anything. We’ll have to help the poor girl regain her memories and fulfill her destiny.

Although it’s a typical and somewhat lame trick to start the storytelling, for some reason in Revived Witch it doesn’t feel like one. The soundtrack and visuals in this game are captivating. They make players fall in love with the game and story right off the bat and keep them engaged till the very end. 

Revived Witch is a hundred percent worth your attention game. 

10. Battleheart


Battleheart is an addictive role-playing and single-player mobile video game created and published by Mika Mobile for Android and iOS.

The game takes place in a fantasy world and allows you to create a group of unique warriors and try to survive a series of increasingly difficult levels. As you complete quests and levels you get new abilities and earn currency to purchase better armor, weapons, and new soldiers. 

There are tons of levels packed with challenging foes. Ready to prove you’re a good leader? 

11. Among Us


While the giants of the industry were engaged in exclusives and royal battles – measuring contest, gamers’ hearts were quietly taken away by Among Us, a budget indie game by a not-so-famous studio InnerSloth. A couple of years ago, it went completely unnoticed in the flow of blockbusters, and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it conquered the Internet.

The plot and rules of the game are pretty simple. A small group of astronauts (from 4 to 10 people) gets into trouble: the ship is broken, the flowers have faded, and the wastebasket is clogged. To survive, the poor fellows urgently need to fix the starship and clean it up properly. All fine and dandy, astronauts hop on fixing everything, but there’s a catch — mysterious traitors (from one to three) somehow got into the friendly lineup of colorful researchers. All they want is to KILL.

It is worth emphasizing the main advantage of this indie hit: the brainchild of InnerSloth can please everyone, regardless of preferences. Its multiplayer fun can conquer anyone: children, adults, casuals, and seasoned gamers.

12. NieR Reincarnation


NieR Reincarnation is a mobile spin-off from an extremely popular Yoko Taro’s RPG games. If you’ve never heard of Automata and Replicant, you’ll find this game somewhat difficult to understand but as soon as you get the idea, you start having genuine fun.

The first thing that catches your eye is the gloomy setting saturated with sadness. The characters are constantly trying to make the world around them and their loved ones at least a little better. The main habitat of your heroes will be the cyclopic building “The Cage”, which resembles the Tower of Babel. You start playing as a girl who just woke up, and you don’t know anything about her origin. Fortunately, she is not alone — a spirit, whose name is Mom, flies nearby. Yes, the days of the fun, sweet, and emotional Paimon from Genshin Impact are over.

While exploring the Cage, the camera repeatedly flies back and changes the angle to show the player how small they are and how little they know about the local world. Sometimes you come across a scarecrow with dark energy. It contains dark memories, and there is only one way to get rid of them — to survive the story and help some poor fellow. 

Just like Genshin Impact, NieR Reincarnation is a gacha-based game. This means it offers in-game purchases but doesn’t force you to buy items. And that is why it’s in our list of games with no ads and in-app purchases. Sounds ridiculous, but trust us: it is playable without purchasing additional stuff.

If you’re one of the Candy Crush enjoyers, you know how frustrating ads can be. Candy Crush without ads is real!

13. Simon Tatham’s Puzzles


Yet another puzzle game. It’s open-source, free of charge, and ad-free. Simon Tatham Puzzles offers you 39 puzzle games with unique challenges and rules. If you’re looking for another brain test to kill some spare time, this game is definitely worth your attention.

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14. Cytoid: A Community Rhythm Game


Ever played OSU!? This is the guitar hero-esque game where you have to tap the screen when the circles appear. At times, you have to slide your fingers moving the circle along the path and all this you do to the music. The more accurately you tap and slide, the more exp/style points you get. Cytoid is available for free for Android and iOS and contains no ads whatsoever, which is pretty impressive given that it’s a one-of-a-kind mobile game.

15. Samsara Room


Samsara Room for smartphones is a remaster of one of Rusty Lake’s games. Samsara Room is the ancestor of the Cube Escape series of games, containing lots of interesting puzzles that were subsequently transferred to the sensational Rusty Lake. The updated game has retained all those elements of gameplay and atmosphere that fans of the old version of the game are so addicted to.

The outcome of the game depends on each of your choices because the developers have come up with many different endings for you — both good and bad. Therefore, even if you complete the game once, you will want to replay the entire story to get a different interesting ending.

16. Stranger Things 3: The Game


Successful movie and TV franchises often spawn spin-off merchandise and related entertainment. Creators get a chance to make a pretty penny, fans — joy. But when it comes to game adaptations, oh man… their reputation, to put it mildly, is not perfect. Before, every major blockbuster had a game adaptation (not very good oftentimes). Today, copyright holders are more selective, and independent projects based on popular universes have almost completely replaced the banal game adaptations of film scripts. But still, there are exceptions like Stranger Things 3: The Game – a game that accurately retells the events of the 3rd season of Stranger Things.

The gameplay is a combination of a simple isometric bitmap and adventure with separate metroidvania elements. At the very beginning, we get control over two characters, between which you can switch yourself or share the heroes with a friend in offline co-op. Later on, we’ll be joined by up to 12 of the show’s key cast members, from the inseparable high school quartet and Eleven to Sheriff Hopper and Steve dressed in the uniform of Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor.

By the way, here’s how you get rid of ads on Trivia Crack.

17. The Frostrune


The Frostrune is a gorgeous point-and-click adventure game based on Viking myths and legends. Players take on the role of a Scandinavian warrior who is shipwrecked and stranded on an abandoned island. There he will have to find the keys to the riddles that will help him unravel the mystery of the island and get out of there alive.

A must-play free game.

Play Your Favorite Mobile Games Without Ads With AdLock

Okay, the list of the best mobile games with no ads is done. But what about playing your favorite games without ads? Is there any chance? Yes.

We’re here to tell you about a wonderful solution to the advertisement problem — AdLock. It’s a unique piece of software that makes your Internet leisure completely free of commercials. AdLock is designed to work systemwide on any device of your liking, which means it covers all apps and browsers you have installed. By default, AdLock blocks all ads but with its flexible adjustment, you can take control of which application to filter or not.

To start blocking annoying ads, you should download the application, go through the onboarding procedure and press the “ON” button. Simple as that.

As soon as adlock is installed and enabled, your browsers and games become very much enjoyable without dozens of commercials popping here and there.

Of course, there are games AdLock can’t cope with and that is because of the ad technology game devs use. Some of the companies embed advertisements in the game code which is inaccessible for any adblockers.

You may get a free trial version of AdLock and try it out right now or contact us to find out whether it blocks ads in that specific game or not. Otherwise, games are far more enjoyable without ads interrupting the process, aren’t they?

Final Thoughts

As you might expect, there aren’t many games in the category of FOC adless games especially when you’re looking for an interesting setting and good-quality gameplay. Nevertheless, there are real gems out there and we’re here to help you find them. From puzzles to RPGs, we’ve compiled the best.

How many apps from our list of ad-free mobile games got you interested?


What are the best ad-free games for Android?

We’d pick these free mobile games w/ no ads: Genshin Impact, Stranger Things 3: The game, The Frostrune, Underhand, and Revived Witch. Pick one to your taste!

Which ad-free mobile games from the list above are the best for iOS?

I’d highlight Nier Reincarnation, Stranger Things 3: The game, GameStart Pixel Battle, Cytoid, and Simon Tatham’s Puzzles. Feel free to disagree 🙂

Which mobile games from the list above do not have in-app purchases?

If you mean the complete absence of in-game purchase options, then these are the games: The Frostrune, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Samsara Room,  Cytoid, Simon Tatham’s Puzzles, UnCiv, Hexcellence, Revived Witch, lilchess, Underhand, and Ultraflow. Haven’t I missed one?

What to do if the developers of a mobile game have added ads?

In the majority of cases, monetization of an application comes in a form of ad integrations or in-app purchases. Game developers make it so the advert gives you either temporary boosts or “valuable” in-game currency. If you don’t care about any of that, the best solution then is to stick with a reliable adblocker — AdLock. Given that it works systemwide and provides enhanced online security, you kill two birds with one stone.

Ad-free mobile gaming is real!
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