How to Block Ads on the Scrabble App

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Sick of obnoxious ads in Scrabble?
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The legendary Scrabble mobile game from EA is long gone. A huge community of players moved to a new app, Scrabble GO, hoping to find their good old fun again. But what is this? Tons of intrusive ads and in-app purchase offers kill any competitive vibe from the first sight. 

Should we then blow off the dust from that Scrabble box at grandma’s house and forget about playing the game online? No way! Instead, let’s see how to play Scrabble without ads. Maybe, AdLock will help us with that problem.

How to Play Scrabble Online?

The only official Scrabble app designed by Scopely received mixed reactions from the public. “You Either Love It Or Hate It” one can say, and there are definitely some features that would attract an audience to the app. The extensive range of game features, including an option to connect to random players worldwide or to play against your Facebook friends, creates truly addictive gameplay. It goes beyond the classic Scrabble game, involving also Duels (head-to-head mode), Word Drop (word search mode), Tumbler (anagrams mode), and Rush (solo mode), which many will find pretty exciting. 

And now about the “hate” part of the gaming community’s experience: the ads. They are everywhere. Between and during plays, in the menu, and whatnot, these ads are distracting players from actually enjoying the game of Scrabble. 

How to play Scrabble online

How to Get Rid of Ads in Scrabble Android App?

The freemium model of Scrabble GO’s monetization eventually leads the players to in-app purchases after a free download. Gems are offered individually as well as in so-called bundles, and they come at a hefty price. Some bundles may include wildcards, entry to specific tournaments, and other perks for those spending hours in the game. Do they also remove ads on Scrabble GO? No, the ads will stay. How about a premium version of Scrabble GO to install and forget about this ad nightmare forever?

Scrabble Premium Version 

Unlike the original game from EA, Scrabble GO does not offer a paid premium plan. VIP status can be earned easily inside the app by connecting it to a Facebook account or phone contact list. But in this case, VIP status does not do anything special. 

There are reports of users who had invested in Scopely’s bundle offers, hoping to get a Scrabble app without ads, and realized that all that money went to waste. Too sad those players didn’t come across AdLock, the only solution to block ads in the game.

Scrabble Premium version

Why Better to Use Scrabble with AdLock?

What makes AdLock stand out from all the other ad-blocking solutions? Its ability to remove ads not only from the web pages but also from the app interfaces. The user does not even have to adjust AdLock for each individual mobile application. So along with Scrabble GO, all the apps on one’s Android or iPhone can get a sleek ad-free interface – for a fraction of their premium subscription price. Just a basic setup is needed to start using AdLock for apps and games on mobile:

  • Check for latest updates

Open AdLock app, tap the overflow menu (“⋮” at the top right corner) and select “Check updates”. In the next menu tap “UPDATE ALL”

  • Enable HTTPS filtering

Go to the AdLocker tab and tap at enable HTTPS filtering. In a pop-up window tap “OK”. You will be prompted to set a graphic key – this will be used for identity verification every time you make changes to the app. Make sure to remember that key.

Done. Now open the Scrabble GO app and realize how great the game goes without ads. This way you not only save your time and nerves but also prevent future phishing attacks. Win-win! And in this article we have made a selection of mobile games without ads, check it out.

How to Block Ads on Scrabble for iPhone or iPad 

iOS is beloved by millions for its simplicity and intuitive interface, however, it is also famous for a lack of flexibility. An ordinary user would not be able to make changes in their iPhone system or play with some app root files. What cannot be done by a human, is now a part of software expertise. AdLock stops the scripts responsible for loading the ad content in iOS apps and makes them so much more visually appealing. 

As with Android, Scopely does not provide iPhone and iPad users with any chance to pay for a Premium ad-free Scrabble GO subscription. AdLock is the only way to enjoy ad-free scrabble app on iOS devices. So give it a shot!

How to block ads on Scrabble for iPhone or iPad

What Awaits Scrabble GO in the Near Future

In August, Scrabble GO announced they would discontinue their Facebook version. Fans can still play it, but they won’t receive any updates, bug fixes, or in-game events. The only stable option left for desktop users by developers is the new PlayScrabble. On the Scrabble GO website, there is an announcement that the game is coming to Amazon soon; however, there are no further details or press releases from developers. Maybe, the Scrabble GO team wants to opt out of the old name because it figured in a scandal related to ads of games trivializing sexual assault. The game team gave no comments.

The PlayScrabble players are already sick and tired of advertising. And it looks like the game team learned nothing from the recent scandal, as the only solution they provide to their users is reporting questionable ads. You can enjoy online scrabble (no ads) with AdLock, though.

Alternative Games to Scrabble 

If you’re tired of searching for how to remove ads from the scrabble go app, you might want to look for alternatives. Of course, Scrabble GO by Scopely is not the only mobile game of its kind. There are word games under other names but with similar gameplay, and some desktop solutions that should also work on mobile. So, when looking for an alternative to the official ad-obsessed Scrabble GO, there are three main solutions:

Perhaps, the most famous of all Scrabble-like apps. Zynga, the developer, shamelessly copied nearly all elements of the classic game and managed to distance itself from the Scrabble brand. The problem is that Words with Friends 2 has as many ads to show as Scopely’s creation. Or even more. But it is an easy task for AdLock Android or iOS version. With this powerful tool, you can enjoy both games without ads. 

This web-based gaming platform was created by the Scrabble enthusiasts who are not okay with their favorite game being owned by a monopoly. There are thousands of Scrabble matches happening at any given point; players enjoy the game without ads (at all!), excessive social media engagement, they don’t even need to download it. The downside is in its design – it’s rather basic. Those enjoying not only gameplay but also the modern graphics might be disappointed and look for the next solution.

  • Other search results 

While Words with Friends 2 has become world-renowned, there are dozens of less famous Scrabble-like mobile word games. They are easy to find by simply typing “Scrabble” on Google Play or App Store

This would probably take ages trying them all, but the best judgment a gamer can use is the one based on reviews. Millions of players have already researched on the best apps that can replace Scrabble GO, so read their comments thoroughly. That is the only way to predict all the downsides of these apps in terms of security, design, and usability. For now, it is already good to know how to fight ads in the Scrabble games with AdLock.


It remains unknown how long the original Scrabble GO app will be around. Maybe, it will get a complete rebranding and change to PlayScrabble eventually. The only thing we know for sure is that AdLock will remove ads from any given scrabble app. If you don’t want to pay for different scrabble games before you find the satisfying one, we welcome you to stick to our app.


Can you use Ad in Scrabble? 

Ironically, yes, it’s a perfectly valid word. So, if you follow our advice, the only place you’ll see the ad in Scrabble GO is a gaming field. 

Is there a mod apk no ads for Scrabble GO?

You can find modded apks for any app but use them at your own risk. Unless you modify an app yourself, modded apks are not safe to use. If someone can remove the game’s license, they can implement code to spy on you or steal your data. It’s not a proportional price to pay for the ability to put letters into words for some points. 

What is the best scrabble app without ads?

I couldn’t find a free scrabble app with no ads, which is good news because if an app doesn’t show ads or ask for money, then it earns a living in a way that harms your privacy. Most word games in app stores provide a paid ad-free option. At the top of my head, I can think of Wordfeud Premium, which costs $4.99.

Is there an online Scrabble game without ads? 

Take a look at the International Scrabble Club. It’s not very pretty, but it’s perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy a word game without extra fuss.

Sick of obnoxious ads in Scrabble?
Windows laptop with adlock
Try AdLock for free on your Windows device
Try AdLock free of charge on your Windows laptop or computer.
Be aware that there are adverts forced by the app developers themselves. Oftentimes, these ads come embedded in the application interface and there’s no way of blocking them. As an example, we can consider Zynga’s apps — Words With Friends, Scramble, Poker, 1010, etc. Doubtlessly, if you’ve ever played WWF, you might’ve seen ads promoting Harry Potter Puzzles & Spells. And that’s what we’re trying to explain: software developers embed the promotion of their products in the application source code. There’s no way to break into the code and cut off the advert. So, you should keep in mind, that it’s not the malfunction of the adblocker.