How to Stop Annoying Fox News Ads & Pop-ups

Searching for a Fox News ad blocker? Understandable. Fox News is a great website providing fresh news from all over the world but it is infested with ads. What’s more frustrating is that average adblockers are easily compromised by the bait content on the website, hence you get that annoying anti-adblock wall on every page you visit.Fox News is one of the most popular news websites on the Internet attracting millions of readers daily. Surely, the easiest way to monetize such a crowded service is via advertisement — a classic approach. But, ads can be very annoying, especially if they cover the content, distract you from reading, etc. Now what should you do? How to block ads on Fox News and stay unnoticed by the website’s anti-adblock mechanisms? Let us tell you.

Types of ads on Fox News

Like any other news website, Fox News uses a wide variety of ad formats including banners, flashy sidebar ads, interstitial ads, video ads (of course all of them: pre-rolls, mid-rolls, and post-rolls), native ads, pop-ups (and pop-unders), sponsored widgets, affiliate ads, etc.

It often happens that commercials either take too long to load or even fail to load creating big tears on the webpage or leaving grey-ish placeholders amidst the article.

Not the best user experience, that’s for sure.

On top of that, from time to time, Fox News ads are straight paid-for propaganda or even dubious quality misguiding stuff. Well, if you are a regular Fox News visitor, then you know what I mean. So, let’s consider how to block Fox News ads without a hassle.

Use Fox News Ad Blocker


The ultimate solution to ads is an ad blocker, it is obvious. Nonetheless, not every adblocker is efficient enough to block all types of ads at once. Some blockers perform quite well on the Internet but get caught by anti-ad blocking scripts hidden on websites like Fox News or Forbes. This doesn’t mean there’s no adblocking software that would go unnoticed while cleaning up commercials on Fox News. For instance, AdLock. Available both as a browser extension and a full-fledged application (supporting all major operating systems), it performs flawlessly in blocking ads all over the web without being caught by sneaky traps.

So, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to the official AdLock website (or click this link);
  2. Choose the operating system of your device and click “Download”;
  3. Launch the executable file (exe/dmg/apk);
  4. Carefully follow the installation and onboarding;
  5. Launch the application and enable adblocking.

That’s pretty much it. AdLock application blocks ads systemwide by default (this includes all your browsers, apps, and games), but you can adjust it to meet your specific needs. For instance, if you watch commercials to support a specific website of your liking — just add it to the “Allow list”. Or, if you watch ads in games to get bonuses/boosts, then go to the “Traffic” tab of the AdLock app, locate the game/app, and choose the “Not filter” option for it. Applying changes may take a couple of seconds, so don’t get nervous. So, if you’re searching for a fox news ad blocker with flexible adjustments and outstanding efficiency — here you have it.

Remove Ads From Fox News App on Android

If you like lightweight adblocking solutions, then you should consider getting an adblocking extension. A good adblocker extension for your browser can improve your web surfing experience by reducing clutter and speeding up page load times. Remember those cumbersome ads that are failing to load or leave grey placeholders? They will be completely cut off from even starting to load and tear the page. Among the best adblocking extensions available for the most popular browsers on the market are:

  1. AdLock;
  2. uBlock Origin;
  3. Adblock Plus.

These three have proved their reliability and efficiency through years of development and enhancement.

Using a Browser with Built-In Ad Blocking

Some browsers offer decent built-in adblocking tools. Of course, they don’t block all ads on all websites, but they do help to reduce the amount of annoying commercial content scattered all over the website. For instance, you can use Brave Browser or Opera to view Fox News without ads.

Brave Browser:

  • Installation: Download Brave Browser from its official website.
  • Setup: Brave comes with built-in ad and tracker blocking. Simply use Brave to browse Fox News, and most ads will be blocked by default.

Opera Browser:

  • Installation: Download Opera Browser from its official website.
  • Setup: Opera has a built-in ad blocker. Go to Settings > Basic > Block ads, and toggle the switch to enable ad blocking.

Using DNS-Level Ad Blocking

Blocking ads on websites via DNS usually involves setting up your device (or router) to use NextDNS as your DNS server. 

How to employ NextDNS:

  • Go to the NextDNS website;
  • Create an account if you don’t have one already. This will allow you to customize your DNS settings and manage your configurations.
  • Log in to your NextDNS account;
  • If prompted, create a new configuration. Name it something like “Ad Blocking”;
  • Set up adblock lists (Navigate to the “Privacy” or “Security” and enable “EasyList”).

Using a VPN with Ad Blocking

Using a trustworthy VPN with built-in ad-blocking capabilities can effectively reduce the number of ads you encounter while browsing. Some VPNs use custom DNS servers that filter out domains that push ads (by blocking requests). To name a few, you could go for NordVPN or ProtonVPN.

  1. NordVPN:
    • Download and install NordVPN;
    • Enable the CyberSec feature within the NordVPN app, which blocks ads and protects against malicious websites.
  2. ProtonVPN:
    • Download and install ProtonVPN;
    • Enable ProtonVPN’s built-in NetShield feature to block ads, trackers, and malware.

Remove Ads From Fox News App on Android

To remove ads from the Fox News app on Android, you can use either a systemwide adblocker like AdLock or a combination of ad-blocking techniques like setting a custom DNS, using a VPN, etc. So, the best ways to get rid of ads on Fox News on Android:

  1. Use AdLock

Visit the official website and download the APK file. Please note that it isn’t available through Google Play because it blocks all ads by default. Google doesn’t like that and will never allow any systemwide adblocker on their market. Then install the app and follow the instructions. It only takes 2 minutes to install and set it up.

  1. Use a VPN (NordVPN, ProtonVPN)

Download the app of your liking through the Play Market, install it, and create an account. Enable built-in adblocking tools and test their performance.

  1. Use a Private DNS (Android 9 and above)

Go to your device settings, proceed to “Network & Internet” => “Advanced” => Private DNS. Type “” into the DNS provider host name and save your settings. You may also search for other free DNS providers on the Internet.

  1. Modify Hosts file (only for rooted devices)

We suggest you don’t root your Android as rooting may expose your device to external threats. Rooting is usually performed by experienced users who are aware of the consequences.

The easiest and most user-friendly options to effectively block ads in the Fox News app on your Android device are standalone adblocking apps that work systemwide, or a VPN with inbuilt adblocking features.

Get Rid of Ads From Fox News App on iOS

Blocking ads on the Fox News app on iOS can be a bit more challenging due to the closed nature of Apple’s ecosystem, but it is still possible using certain apps and settings. Here are the most effective methods to block ads on Fox News app:

  1. Use an Ad-Blocking App;
  2. Use a VPN with Ad-Blocking Features;
  3. Use Private DNS with Ad-Blocking Capabilities (NextDNS);
  4. Content Blockers for Safari;

Using ad-blocking apps like AdLock or 1Blocker, configuring a VPN with ad-blocking features such as ProtonVPN or NordVPN, and using services like NextDNS are effective ways to reduce or eliminate Fox News app ads on iPhone. Choose the most suitable solution and enjoy news browsing without ads.

How to Stop Fox News Pop-ups

You can stop pop-up ads on Fox News by using browser settings and third-party tools like adblockers. All browsers today have similar adjustments, so all you have to do (both on PC and mobile) is to go to “Settings” => “Site settings” => “Pop-ups and redirects” and toggle the “Allow pop-ups” option off. To stop ads on Fox News app on iPhone from popping up, you should go to “Settings” => “Safari” and locate the “Pop-ups” option there to disable.

Alternatively, you can type “Pop-ups” in the search field inside “Settings” to easily locate the menu option.

And, of course, you can use adblocking extensions for PC and adblocking apps for mobile to block pop up ads on Fox News app.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to block annoying Fox News ads on PC and how to stop ads on Fox News app. We’ve considered the most convenient and hassle-free solutions for you to choose the one that clicks with you. You can either combine VPNs with DNS tweaks or get the best Fox News adblocker — AdLock and forget about ads forever. 

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