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When was the last time you turned on a regular TV station? Don’t worry if it takes a while to think about it, you are not the only one. Along with you almost two billion people across the planet are daily watching Youtube instead. Online streaming is so much better than traditional broadcasting: not only do you choose what and when to see but also don’t have to pay for it. 

Wait, of course, we are paying — by watching numerous ads all the time! Nowadays this isn’t any different from traditional TV. Moreover, ads are served to each individual Youtube video. Since those are short, it is not clear anymore, whether we watch more actual content or just the ads. Often ads are unskippable, and if you plan on watching some really long video, there is still no escape: ads will come in the middle of the show. Buying the newest and the most expensive Apple model doesn’t help either. 

Probably that’s why you came across this article. And, lucky you, we do know a few ways to block YouTube ads on iPad and iPhone. Let’s get this ad blocking party started!

YouTube is not the only source of irritating commercials – they come from browsers, system apps, games, etc. If you want to know if there’s a way to block all ads on iPhone once and for all, we’ve got you.

Types of YouTube Ads in 2020

“Know thy enemy”, the ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu would say. Nowadays in his home country, there are no YouTube ads. As there is no YouTube in China at all. But for us, it is indeed important to understand what types of ads the video streaming platform is serving to Apple users so we can fight them more efficiently. In fact, there are five:

  1. Skippable video ads. This is the kind of ad you see with every single video. It lasts for up to half a minute but you can skip it after watching for 5 seconds. Can be shown before, during, and after the video.
  2. Non-skippable video ads. This kind of ad lasts over 15 seconds without an option to skip it. In particular, it affects users who are not logged into their Google Account. 
  3. Midroll ads. Such ads are usually served with long YouTube videos. They come within the show (normally, after 10 minutes) and cannot be skipped.
  4. Bumper ads. These are the shortest video commercials deployed by YouTube. Although they cannot be skipped either, bumper ads would only last for 6 seconds before the show continues.
  5. Content-embedded ads. Ads of this type are served not by YouTube but by YouTubers. They come integrated into the video itself so you can’t do much more than just manually scroll through the timeline.

We will not tell you how to get rid of the content-embedded ads (besides changing your favorite channels maybe) but all other commercials can be indeed blocked. How? The answer lies in the amount of investment you are ready to undergo, as well as your tech skills.

Advertisement issue is quite common for all platforms and there are different ways of addressing it. If you also want to find out ways to block YouTube ads on Android, then you definitely should read our article and get insight!

Types of YouTube Ads in 2020

Get rid of Ads with Premium YouTube Account

Get rid of Ads with Premium YouTube Account

The easiest solution, as always, is the most expensive one: $11,99 a month will buy you a YouTube Premium subscription. With this paid monthly plan you can enjoy all YouTube content completely ad-free. It has other benefits too:

  • Offline mode for watching pre-downloaded video clips (e.g. on the plane);
  • Background mode for listening to the music when the screen is off;
  • Unlimited access to Google Music content and the app;
  • Exclusive shows and series from YouTube Originals;
  • It works for iOS, Mac, PC, and even TV within one account.

Sounds good to you? Then go check if you are eligible for a free one-month trial, as well as the discounted subscription plans (Family or Student). YouTube Premium is definitely an option worth considering if you are using the service a lot, and not just for watching the videos but also for enjoying the music through your fancy AirPods. 

Yet, there are other ways to remove YouTube ads without paying that much. We will talk about them further.

Use Secure Browser like Avast

Not a new option is to stick to an independent secure browser. Today, there is a good dozen of diverse choices out there, but we should consider only trusted and reliable units on the market. As we’ve already noted in of our articles, there are a big five secure browsers providing excellent privacy protection, a built-in VPN, ad blocking, etc.

This is just a numbered list, not “from best to worst” or vice versa.

  1. Brave Browser;
  2. Avast Browser;
  3. Tor;
  4. DuckDuckGo;
  5. Onion.

To admit, every single choice from the list provides its special features. For instance, Brave has an integrated crypto rewards system (you earn tokens for web surfing), DuckDuckGo unblocks websites restricted in separate regions/countries, etc. On top of data protection, these browsers block spammy ads that annoy users every single day.

Below are the features of Avast, as it’s stated:

avast browser features

So, at the end of the day, why shouldn’t you pick an alternative to your browser if it provides features like that?

How to Block YouTube Ads on iPhone in Safari

Newest iPhone and iPad models come out of the box fully equipped with the software. This includes the web browser, Safari, which also got a Block Pop-ups feature. Block Pop-ups functionality is limited to preventing malicious and untrustworthy ad scripts from downloading when surfing the Web. It can be helpful in some specific scenarios but, unfortunately, not for watching YouTube. Video commercials on the platform are legitimate which makes them a part of the Block Pop-ups whitelist. 

Luckily, there are a handful of third-party ad-blocking apps available on AppStore that can help you with this. Such ad blockers are designed to remove any commercials from the web page, as instructed by a user, regardless of the ad type and origin. Once installed on an iOS device, an ad blocker has to be added to the list of Safari Content Blockers to be activated. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Open your device Settings and select Safari;
  2. Scroll down and switch Block Pop-ups on;How to Block YouTube Ads on iPhone in Safari
  3. Tap Content Blockers and find the app you’ve just installed;
  4. Use the toggle to switch this blocker on;Content Blockers
  5. Restart your device and launch Safari again.

The variety of ad-blocking software on AppStore can be confusing, as these apps look way too similar. Not all of them are equally efficient, though. If you are looking for an app that combines reliability, simplicity, and $0 price, AdLock is a perfect choice.

How to Stop YouTube Ads on iPhone with AdLock 

AdLock is simply the best YouTube ad blocker for iPhone and iPad because of the very nature of its technology. Unlike Safari Block Pop-ups or other third-party content blockers, it comes without any pre-filled whitelist of “good” ads. AdLock blocks all the types of commercials from YouTube right after its activation in the Safari settings. Instead of certain ads, you might see the pure white screen with a Skip button, however, normally the video goes with no interruptions at all, when using AdLock. Easy like that!

Not just YouTube but all the online ads and pop-ups can be blocked due to AdLock filters. Imagine how great mobile web browsing can be without the nagging banners and annoying commercials, and add to this other AdLock advantages, such as:

  • Protection of your confidentiality online;
  • Security system against malware and spyware;
  • Huge list of Safari-specific filters;
  • No need for “jailbreaking” your device;
  • Complete freedom of adjustment. 

And, by the way, there is a promotion that allows you to purchase a single AdLock license for 5 devices with a massive discount. With this, you can count on reliable ad blocking not only on your mobile but also on Mac, PC, and Android. From the iPhones and iPads to any Android-driven smartphone or tablet  — no YouTube ads in sight!

Recently, we’ve released a great update to our AdLock for iOS, where our users now can watch adless YouTube videos via a built-in custom YouTube player. All you need now is to open the video, tap “Share” button and choose AdLock from the list of applications — a piece of cake. Try out our updated AdLock app for iOS and see how clean the Internet can be for yourself!

How to Stop YouTube Ads on iPhone with AdLock

Does Pi Hole Block YouTube Ads on iOS?

For those unaware, Pi-hole is an open-source Linux adblocker launched back in 2014. Originally, it was developed for low-power devices with network capability, but it supports any hardware with Linux OS.

If you ask does pi-hole block YouTube ads, then the short answer is NO. As to the long answer, Reddit offers exhaustive information on this topic.

pihole doesnt block youtube ads

Skip Ads Automatically on YouTube with App

Yet another way of reducing the ad content you see on YouTube is an application that automatically triggers the “Skip” button. Today, there are several software development companies offering their ad skippers so you might have seen names like “Cygery AdSkip”, “Ad Skipper on YouTube”, etc.

Basically, any ad skipper offered on the market is a macro script which, when traces the advert, launches the sequence of actions that virtually clicks the button “Skip ad” w/o any manual actions by the user.

To admit, there’s no need of hassling around and cracking your device’s OS since a simple macro script doesn’t need access to the code. The downside of such applications is that you will still have breaks in YouTube videos as there’s a gap between the launch of the commercial and the “Skip” button appearing.

Download Youtube Videos on iPhone

The simplest way to watch YouTube videos without commercials is to download them to your storage. Why? It’s because you download the initial video file without the dynamically embedded commercial content.

Downloading videos comes in handy when you’re traveling to locations with no or poor Internet. Personally, I think that there’s no good reason to use a phone as a source of entertainment when traveling, but all bread is not baked in one oven. In any case, you have the possibility to download dozens of videos from YouTube before you set off on a journey.

So, how do you download YouTube videos on iPhone/iPad?

  • Download the Documents by Readdle application;
  • Tap the compass icon to launch the browser;
  • Go to;
  • Copy the link of the YouTube video you need and paste it in the text box;
  • Press “Download”;
  • Choose the output format and quality of the video to download, and press “Download” next to it;
  • Name the file and choose the destination folder;
  • Go to the “Documents” app home screen and open the “Downloads” folder;
  • Select the video file you want to save to your hard drive and tap the “⋮” on it;
  • Tap “Share” and then “Save Video”.

That’s it. If you want to know how to download YouTube videos on Macs or Android devices, go ahead and check out this article.

How to Block Ads in YouTube App on iPhone  

Okay, we just spoke about web browsers but what to do with the YouTube firmware app? Sad news, friends: native YouTube application today is an impenetrable fortress wall both on iOS and Android. None of the well-known ad blockers on the market is capable of cleaning up the YouTube app yet. Nevertheless, some of them provide alternative tools for adless YouTube leisure. Therefore, if you don’t want to search for alternative solutions and watch the native YouTube app instead, then a YouTube premium subscription is the only reliable way to remove the ads from the YouTube iOS app.

Paying the monthly fees for using Premium or sticking to watching YouTube in a web browser is a personal choice for everyone. One thing is clear: ads will keep following us wherever we go online until there is no ad blocker that can fight back

Is There any Extra Solutions That Block YouTube Ads on iPhone 14

Among other options, you may jailbreak your iPhone (we strongly don’t recommend that) and install other third-party apps that clean up ads from the device but may steal your sensitive data and get access to files and folders on your brand new iPhone 14. So if you actively google for “youtube adblock ios 14″, then you definitely should get a trusted and reliable ad blocker like AdLock and forget about ads and trackers forever.


Can ad blockers track you?

It depends. Of course, not all ad blockers can be trusted. In the majority of cases if an ad blocker is free, then it certainly is partnered with a bigger player. Whether it is the acceptable ads program or whatever, the developer of an ad blocker is a human wanting something to eat. A paid ad blocking solution is a different story because you support the developer who does their best to make you get the safety you wish for.

Block YouTube ads in Safari on iOS devices!
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