How to Block YouTube Ads on iPhone, iOS & iPad

Have you ever thought that blocking ads on YouTube is next to impossible? There are reasons for that. YouTube ads have become the primary ‘content’ of the website, and the problem with commercials is no joke. Let me guess: you are an iPhone user searching for the best YouTube ad blocker for iPhone, aren’t you?

I bet you don’t remember the last time you watched regular TV. Online streaming, particularly YouTube, has become the go-to for almost two billion people worldwide. But with convenience comes ads – lots of them. These short interruptions can be annoying, especially when they pop up in the middle of a video. So, if you were looking for methods to watch YouTube ad-free, you’re in luck. We’ve gathered various ways to block YouTube ads on both your iPad and iPhone. Let’s explore the options and find the most effective one.

YouTube is not the only source of irritating commercials – they come from browsers, system apps, games, etc. If you want to know if there’s a way to block all ads on iPhone once and for all, we’ve got you.

Pick the Best Youtube Ad Blocker for iPhone

The easiest way to block ads is to get a YouTube ad blocker on the iPhone app. With just a few clicks, you can install and configure it to effectively block all unwanted iPhone ads. There are lots of modern and slick ad blockers on the market. We chose the best five ones in our opinion and put them in the comparison table for you to pick which one suits you best.

Ad BlockerStrengthsPlatformsPrice
AdLock✅ Comprehensive ad-blocking protection across multiple apps and platforms;
✅ Customizable filter for fine-tuning ad-blocking preferences;
✅ Malware protection
◾ iOS
◾ Android
◾ Windows
◾ macOS
◾ Chrome
◾ Safari
Free for web browser adblocking
From $3.5/mo for app adblocking
Adblock Plus✅ Widespread availability;
✅ Easy to install and use;
✅ Customization options like whitelisting certain websites;
❌ Member of the Acceptable Ads program
◾ iOS
◾ Android
◾ Chrome
◾ Safari
◾ Firefox
◾ Edge
◾ Opera
Wipr✅ Fast and lightweight ad blocker;
✅ Blocks ads and trackers in Safari
◾ iOS
◾ macOS
From $1.99/mo
BlockBear✅ Privacy-focused features for added privacy and security;
✅Blocks ads and trackers in Safari;
✅ Can disable social media buttons
◾ iOSFree
NextDNS✅ Works across all apps and browsers on your device;
✅ Offers a wide range of customization options;
✅ Blocks ads, trackers, malicious websites, and other unwanted content;
✅ Offers encrypted DNS for added privacy and security;
❌Stores logs
◾ Android
◾ iOS
◾ Windows
◾ macOS
◾ Linux
◾ Browsers
◾ Routers
Free plan;

I bet you want to know which software you can use as an ad blocker for the YouTube app on iPhone. You will learn this very soon. Keep reading.

How to Stop YouTube Ads on iPhone with AdLock 

 Let me play a psychic and guess that you picked AdLock as the best YouTube ad blocker for iPhone and iPad because of the very nature of its technology. Unlike Safari Block Pop-ups or other third-party content blockers, it comes without any pre-filled whitelist of “good” ads. AdLock blocks all types of YouTube commercials right after activating in the Safari settings. Instead of certain ads, you might see a pure white screen with a Skip button. However, the video normally goes without interruptions when using AdLock. It’s as easy as that!

To watch YouTube without ads on iPad and iPhone on Safari, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your device Settings and select Safari;
  2. Scroll down and switch Block Pop-ups on;
  3. Tap Content Blockers and find the app you’ve just installed;
  4. Use the toggle to turn this blocker on;
  5. Restart your device and relaunch Safari.

The variety of ad-blocking software on AppStore can be confusing, as these apps look way too similar. Not all of them are equally efficient, though. If you want an app that combines reliability, simplicity, and a $0 price, AdLock is a perfect choice.

Not just YouTube ads, but all online ads and pop-ups can be blocked with AdLock filters. Imagine how great mobile web browsing can be without the nagging banners and annoying commercials, and add to this other AdLock advantages, such as:

  • Protection of your confidentiality online;
  • Security system against malware and spyware;
  • Huge list of Safari-specific filters;
  • No need for “jailbreaking” your device;
  • Complete freedom of adjustment. 

And, by the way, a promotion allows you to purchase a single AdLock license for 5 devices with a massive discount. With this, you can count on reliable ad blocking not only on your mobile but also on Mac, PC, and Android. From the iPhones and iPads to any Android-driven smartphone or tablet  — no YouTube ads in sight!

Here’s the kicker!
We’ve just released a significant update to our AdLock for iOS, so users can now watch YouTube without ads on iOS in 2 novel ways  — by engaging a specific script developed and adjusted by our development team or via the AdLock player. Now, how do you do that?

1. Beat all YouTube commercials via AdLock script:

  • Launch Safari;
  • Go to;
  • Tap the “Share” button;
  • Choose “AdLock”.

2. Use our custom YouTube player — a unique solution that combines simplicity, convenience, and a bunch of features: 

  • Launch the native YouTube app;
  • Choose the video to watch;
  • Tap “Share” under the video;
  • Then tap “AdLock”.

Use an Ad Blocker Browser for iOS

Though it’s impossible to remove the ads from the YouTube iOS app, there are other ways to enjoy your favorite videos without interruptions and for a reasonable price. Using a secure independent browser won’t surprise some, while others would raise eyebrows. Today, there are a good dozen diverse choices out there, but we should consider only trusted and reliable units on the market. As noted in one of our articles, the big five secure browsers provide excellent privacy protection, a built-in VPN, ad blocking, etc.

Here is just a numbered list for convenience, not “from best to worst” or vice versa.

  1. Brave Browser;
  2. Tor Browser: OrNET Onion + VPN;
  3. DuckDuckGo;
  4. Onion Browser by Mike Tigas.

And here is the table where you can closely observe each browser and choose what suits you best. 

Ad Blocker browserStrengthsPlatformsPrice
Brave Browser✅Built-in ad blocker;
✅Enhanced privacy features;
✅Fast browsing performance;
✅Rewards program (BAT);
✅Customizable shields.
◾ iOS
◾ Windows
◾ macOS
◾ Linux
◾ Android
Free/in-app purchases up to $99.99 annually
Tor Browser: OrNET Onion + VPN✅ Strong privacy protection;
✅ Blocks trackers and ads;
✅ Supports onion routing for anonymous browsing;
✅ Strong encryption for enhanced security
◾ iOS
◾ Windows
◾ macOS
◾ Linux
◾ Android
Free to download;
Offers subscriptions starting from $4.99 per week
DuckDuckGo✅Private Search;
✅Tracker Blocking;
✅Email Protection;
✅YouTube Privacy;
✅Automatic Encryption;
✅Fingerprinting Defense
◾ iOS
◾ Android
◾ Desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux)
◾ Browser Extension (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
Onion Browser✅Tor-powered browser for iOS;
✅Enhances safety and privacy;
✅Featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, and others;
✅Browse over Tor network
✅Protects privacy and secures traffic;
✅Access .onion sites;
✅Blocks scripts and clears cookies;
✅Additional privacy features included

◾ iOSFree/offers donation options up to $9.99

To admit, every single choice from the list provides its unique features. For instance, Brave has an integrated crypto rewards system (you earn tokens for web surfing), DuckDuckGo unblocks websites restricted in separate regions/countries, etc. On top of data protection, these browsers block spammy ads that annoy users daily.

Brave Browser is forging ahead just a little with its content filtering settings explicitly tailored for YouTube. To block YouTube ads on your iPhone, do the following:

  1. Open the Brave Browser, tap the three-dot icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen, and choose Settings.
  2. In the FEATURES section, choose and tap Brave Shields & Privacy.
  3. At the bottom of the BRAVE SHIELDS GLOBAL DEFAULTS section, choose Content Filtering and tap it.
  4. Find the YouTube Mobile Distractions toggle and tap it.
  1. Now, you can browse YouTube on the Brave Browser with no ads. 

So, at the end of the day, why shouldn’t you pick an alternative to your browser if it provides features like that?

5 Types of YouTube Ads on iPhone

Before we eliminate them, let’s at least learn their faces. YouTube has various types of ads that have been developing and evolving over the years. From banner advertisements to transitional videos and pre/mid/post-rolls. And while banners are still being used, video ads are the most popular type of YouTube commercial. If you dislike specific kinds of ads, we have an interesting article that can help. Follow the link to get info on how to block specific ads on YouTube.


Now let us consider the types of ads that bane our favorite video streaming platform right now:

  1. Skippable video ads
    You see them in every single video. Usually, such a video ad lasts up to half a minute, but you can skip it after watching for 5 seconds. It can occur before, during, and after the video.

  2. Non-skippable video ads
    This kind of ad lasts over 15 seconds without an option to skip it. In particular, it affects users who don’t log into their Google Accounts.

  3. Midroll ads
    You usually encounter such ads with long YouTube videos. They come within the show (typically after 10 minutes) and cannot be skipped.
  4. Bumper ads
    These are the shortest video commercials deployed by YouTube. Although you cannot skip them either, bumper ads would only last for 6 seconds before the show continues.
  5. Content-embedded ads
    Ads of this type are served not by YouTube but by YouTubers. They come integrated into the video, so you can’t do much more than manually scroll through the timeline

There is no way to get rid of the content-embedded ads (besides abandoning your favorite channels, maybe), but all other commercials can be blocked. How? The answer lies in the amount of investment you are ready to make and your tech skills. And now, we will consider all the methods.

Advertisement issue is quite common for all platforms and there are different ways of addressing it. If you also want to find out ways to block YouTube ads on Android, then you definitely should read our article and get insight!

Get Rid of Ads with a Premium YouTube Account

Get rid of Ads with Premium YouTube Account

The easiest solution, as always, is the most expensive: $11,99 a month will buy you a YouTube Premium subscription. This paid monthly plan lets you enjoy all YouTube content completely ad-free. It has other benefits, too:

  • Offline mode for watching pre-downloaded video clips (e.g., on the plane);
  • Background mode for listening to music when the screen is off;
  • Unlimited access to Google Music content and the app;
  • Exclusive shows and series from YouTube Originals;
  • It works within one account for iOS, Mac, PC, and even TV.

Sounds good to you? Then check if you are eligible for a free one-month trial and the discounted subscription plans (Family or Student). YouTube Premium is an option worth considering if you are using the service often, not just for watching videos but also for enjoying music through your fancy AirPods. What to do if you have Youtube Premium but still have ads? We have an ultimate guide on how to fix this.

Additional Methods for Blocking YouTube Ads on iPhone

Besides YouTube ad blockers for iPhone, you can use other diverse tools and workarounds to deal with intrusive advertisements. Some of them are easy, and others are more complex. To pursue the desired ad-free YouTube, tech people have developed software solutions. Among those are Pi-hole, skipper extensions, alternative players, and whatnot. In this section of the article, we are considering the most popular additional methods for blocking YouTube ads on iOS.

Skip Ads Automatically on YouTube with App

Yet another way of reducing the ad content you see on YouTube is an application that automatically triggers the “Skip” button. Several software development companies offer their ad skippers, so that you might have seen names like “Cygery AdSkip”, “Ad Skipper on YouTube”, etc. 

Any ad skipper presented on the market is a macro script that, when tracing the advert, launches the sequence of actions that virtually click the button “Skip ad” w/o any manual actions by the user. 

We must admit, there’s no need to hassle around and crack your device’s OS since a simple macro script doesn’t need access to the code. The downside of such applications is that you will still have breaks in YouTube videos as there’s a gap between the commercial launch and the “Skip” button appearing.

Download Youtube Videos on iPhone

The simplest way to watch YouTube videos without commercials is to download them to your storage. Why? It’s because you download the initial video file without the dynamically embedded commercial content.

Downloading videos saves you the hassle of finding a YouTube ad blocker for your iPhone, plus it comes in handy when traveling to locations with no or poor Internet. I think there’s no good reason to use a phone for entertainment when traveling, but all bread is not baked in one oven. In any case, you can download dozens of videos from YouTube before you embark on a journey.

So, how do you download YouTube videos on iPhone/iPad?

  • Download the Documents by Readdle application;
  • Tap the compass icon to launch the browser;
  • Go to;
  • Copy the link of the YouTube video you need and paste it into the text box;
  • Press “Download”;
  • Choose the output format and quality of the video to download, and press “Download” next to it;
  • Name the file and choose the destination folder;
  • Go to the “Documents” app home screen and open the “Downloads” folder;
  • Select the video file you want to save to your hard drive and tap the “⋮” on it;
  • Tap “Share” and then “Save Video”.

That’s it. If you want to know how to download YouTube videos on Macs or Android devices, go ahead and check out this article.


It’s time to total all the pluses (and minuses, ofc) of all tools and methods in our article. You now know how to watch YouTube without ads on iPhone using different approaches and tools. If you don’t care about adding another premium to the stack, buy YouTube premium. Skippers and secure browsers are the best free solutions, with their downsides. And while you’re still hesitating, people worldwide have already chosen AdLock as it is unrivaled. Just imagine one application that works on a dozen apps and extensions. Get our product today, and you’ll fall in love!


Is it possible to completely get rid of YouTube ads on iPhone?

You can get rid of YouTube ads on iOS by using a reliable adblocker and any browser of your choice. Content blockers provided by AdLock, for instance, utilize over 300,000 rules which remove all annoying ads on YouTube.

Does YouTube ad blocking fail after iOS update on iPhone?

iOS may disable content blockers on Safari after updating. First of all, try enabling it again in the settings. If that doesn’t work, try checking for updates on your adblocker app. Since firmware updates may conflict with some of the older algorithms, adblocker developers try their best to keep services and apps relevant.

Is it possible to block YouTube ads with built-in iOS settings?

There’s no magic checkbox in iOS settings that would disable YouTube ads. At max, you may disable pop-ups on your browser, but not on native YouTube app. You may report ads to see less of them for a short period of time but they will return. They always return.

Is there a free adblocker for YouTube app on iPhone?

Unfortunately, an ad blocker for the YouTube app on iOS simply doesn’t exist. And we want to warn you against using free ad blockers in general. Free adblockers generate revenue by showing “acceptable” ads to the users. If it doesn’t, you should ask yourself how developers can survive. If the free adblocker is not involved in the “acceptable ads program,” it most likely gathers and sells data. Additionally, free adblockers are limited in functionality and not super effective.

Is it possible to make auto-skip YouTube ads on iPhones?

As mentioned, there are lightweight solutions for YouTube – ad skippers. AdLock has one, and it’s completely free. It’s a simple script that presses the “Skip ad” button when it appears instead of you. That means it’s not an ad blocker for YouTube on iPhone, but just your personal “Skip ad” tapper 🙂

Is it possible to get a YouTube ad blocker for iPhone 14?

Of course, it’s possible to get a YouTube ad blocker for iPhone 14, including 14 Pro & Pro Max. All ad blockers we covered in this article work with the latest iPhone model. And AdLock specifically works on iPhones starting from the 6S model.

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