How to Stop Royal Match Ads?

Annoying Royal Match ads have infiltrated other apps and games for years. But beyond its nauseating advertising, what do we know about this game? 

Royal Match is a three-in-a-row puzzle game captivating the gaming world with its colorful design, instantly drawing players in. It’s a perfect blend of puzzle-solving and visual delight, appealing to casual gamers and those seeking more challenge. The real kicker is its monetization model: No ads. Instead, the game offers in-game purchases enhancing the experience without intrusion. However, ongoing ads from Royal Match popping up elsewhere frustrate other users.

Does Royal Match Have Ads?

As stated earlier, Royal Match doesn’t display advertisements while you play. This could be seen as an ironic twist or perhaps a way to compensate for the disruptive presence of Royal Match ads in other apps.

Why does Royal Match don’t have ads? 

Well, ads, particularly when poorly placed, can negatively impact player retention. Accidental clicks or unwanted downloads from ads can frustrate players and lead them to uninstall the game. Moreover, ads require strict age ratings to prevent exposure to inappropriate content, limiting the game’s audience. Given Royal Match’s global ambitions, losing any part of its audience is unacceptable.

So, how does Royal Match generate revenue without ads?

Royal Match is an ad-free, free-to-play game that offers in-app purchases for real money. Players can buy virtual items and coins to progress faster.

Royal Match Purchase Offers

However, it’s worth noting that the game’s listing on Google Play raises some concerns. It mentions that Royal Match may share device information with other companies for advertising purposes, which raises privacy questions.

Royal Match may share device information

Why Does Royal Match Advertise So Much?

Apparently, there is no such thing as too many ads for Royal Match. They have some serious cash and don’t mind spending it to get all the attention.

The game’s main goals with all this advertising are to:

  1. Reach as many people as possible so everyone knows about Royal Match’s existence.
  2. Get people interested: The ads are meant to grab your attention and make you want to try out the game.
  3. Get more downloads and make more money: Ultimately, they hope that with so many Royal Match ads they can lead more people to download the game and spend money on in-game purchases.

How to Block Royal Match Ads?

Finally, some good news! You can you can block Royal Match ads in any game and application that displays them. There are three ways to do it successfully: 

  1. Enable flight/airplane mode. This method turns off the internet connection and ads in all your apps. This free method is excellent, but only for a short period, as you’ll have to retrieve an internet connection sooner or later to dive into a fascinating world of work emails. Plus, this method will be useless in some games and apps that require a web connection to work.
  2. Purchase an ad-free option within the app. Many ad-supported games/apps offer an ad-free option by subscription or for a one-time payment. Royal Match ads are too long to sit through, and they can push you to stack another monthly subscription on top of others.
  3. Get a system-wide ad blocker. One app will block Royal Match ads and other types of promotions in most applications and save you a headache. Now, let’s take a closer look at this method. 

We can recommend AdLock with a light heart. It’s a system-wide solution to combat bothersome ads on websites, apps, and games. Our aim was simplicity. Installation on your Android or iOS device, activation, and a few-step setup are all it takes. 

How to get rid of Royal Match ads on iPhone or iPad:

  1. Download and install AdLock for iOS.
  2. Go to Settings, find and tap Safari.
  3. Tap Extensions and toggle on all AdLock toggles.
  4. Launch AdLock, and activate the Ad-free web surfing toggle for ad-block. Wait for filters to download.Turn ON Adlock content blockers
  5. Opt for a $12 yearly or $3.49 monthly Premium plan after tapping the toggle. Yeah-yeah-yeah, I remember my words about stacking subscriptions, but in this case, one subscription works for dozens of apps. And you can enjoy a 7-day trial and money-back if dissatisfied.

How to stop Royal Match ads on Android:

  1. Download and install AdLock for Android.
  2. Launch AdLock, tap the hamburger menu, and select Settings.
  3. Check for Updates, tap UPDATE.
  4. Head to the AdLock tab, and hit the red INSTALL CERTIFICATE button for HTTPS filtering.Check Adlock updates
  5. Confirm your identity through fingerprint, graphic key, or password.
  6. Open the hamburger menu, choose Buy now, and select a plan.

AdLock effectively blocks ads in games from most developers, but if it falters, we assure a refund. To determine if AdLock suits a specific app’s ad-blocking needs, contact us via    

Do the Royal Match Ads Match the Gameplay?

Mostly, no, Royal Match ads are not like the game. It’s a classic match-3 game, and those funny-looking Royal Match game ads with a king in distress represent occasional mini-challenges. Once in a while, you get an invitation to play ‘King’s Nightmare,’ offering to complete the challenge for a certain number of moves or a certain amount of time to save the king in his sleep. If successful, you get a 50-coin bonus. You don’t get stars for the completion of a mini-game.

Royal Match ads are not like the game

However, these mini-games still differ from ads as the connection between tile-matching and danger is less direct. An animation of the king in trouble is displayed on top, while a distinct timed board is positioned underneath. That contrasts with ads where tiles might interact with a lever or similar mechanism. So, maybe the main reason we all want to know how to block ads for Royal Match is frustration due to false advertising. 

Royal Match ad

Is the Royal Match Safe for Children?

Royal Match seems all good for kids with its colorful puzzles, flashy graphics, and manageable levels. But here’s the thing – as you move up to the trickier stages, there’s a twist in the tale. Now, don’t get me wrong, the game is thoroughly kid-friendly in terms of content. However, when you hit those more challenging levels, you might find yourself stuck, and that’s when the game offers you some sweet in-game goodies for a few bucks.

And guess what? This is where the real deal kicks in. You’re on the edge, wanting to beat the level, and those game bonuses are just a tap away from your credit card. And who’s sweating bullets? Parents. They’re giving that side-eye to the game because they know their kids could accidentally spend real money without even realizing it.

Royal Match is fun, no doubt. But those sneaky purchases could throw a curveball. Parents might need to closely watch those game settings to ensure their kiddos aren’t accidentally draining their allowance on game bonuses.

Bonus Tip: If your child somehow managed to spend actual money on virtual stuff, you can cancel their purchase via the game’s support:

  • Launch Royal Match, tap the cog icon at the top-right corner of the game’s screen, tap Support, and tap Contact Us at the right-top corner to address your issue. 
you can cancel childs purchase via the game's support


Royal Match ads are so annoying they can turn off even from your favorite game. Who has the time to sit through the excruciating 30 seconds of a video ad and then be forced to check the gameplay? All that without a foreseeable possibility to skip the unwanted experience. But once you open the game itself, it seems so user-friendly, like it never made you suffer in other applications. 

And while we can do nothing with Royal Match’s advertising choices, we can decide whether to tolerate them.

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