How to Play Subway Surfers Without Ads

If you’ve ever listened to a Reddit story voiceover on TikTok, you’ve likely seen Subway Surfers ads in the background. Personally, I’m not a fan of consuming information this way, as it contributes to our attention span issues. However, the game itself isn’t to blame.

Subway Surfers is a dynamic, arcade-style time killer. It primarily promotes itself through TikTok videos disguised as user content. There are three types of advertising within the game, and you will learn everything about them and how to stop ads in Subway Surfers from this article. Read on!

Does Subway Surfers Have Ads?

There are three types of advertising in Subway Surfers:

  1. Obligatory ads that appear after every other game. Sometimes they crash the game, leaving you with a blank black screen like in the image below.
  2. Reviving ads you can watch to save your progress if you fail. You can watch such ads up to six times (the number varies). After that, you’ll have to buy bonuses with real money to keep progressing.
  3. Reward ads you can choose to watch to obtain bonuses for free.

While the second and third types of ads are completely voluntary, the first one is repetetive and frustrating. Unfortunately, there is no way to keep only the beneficial ads. If you choose to remove ads in Subway Surfers, you won’t be able to enjoy the free game bonuses. However, you can test an ad-free game using our guaranteed blocking methods to see if you prefer it. If not, you can explore other methods in the article that won’t completely eliminate ads but will significantly reduce their number.

Blocking Ads in Subway Surfers on Android

There are two effective 100% methods to get away from Subway ads on Android. 

Enable airplane mode

​​Want to remove Subway Surfers ads for a bit? Just pop your phone into airplane/flight mode.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Before you open Subway Surfers, turn on airplane/flight mode from your phone’s settings;
  2. With no internet, the game can’t load up any ads or sponsored junk. You’ll just get the baseline game content.

The catch? Airplane mode blocks ALL internet, so:

  • No calls or notifications will come through
  • Reward and reviving ads will be absent, too

So it’s not a permanent ad-killing solution, just a temporary break. To block ads for good, you need to get a systemwide ad blocker, which leads to another method.

Using AdLock to Play Subway Surfers on Android Without Ads

AdLock offers a week-long free trial to experience ad-free browsing, apps, and gaming. Here’s how to get rid of ads on Subway Surfers on Android using AdLock:

  1. Install the AdLock Android app;
  2. Open AdLock, tap the menu icon and go to Settings;
  3. Check for updates and tap UPDATE if available;
  4. Navigate to the AdLock tab and tap the INSTALL CERTIFICATE button to enable HTTPS filtering;
  5. Verify your identity using a fingerprint, pattern, or password;
  6. Return to the menu, choose Buy Now, and select your desired subscription plan.

Blocking Ads in Subway Surfers on iOS

​​The methods to disable ads on Subway Surfers on iOS are the same as on Android. You can use airplane mode and AdLock.

Enable airplane mode

Turn on airplane mode to block internet access and, with it, the ads. Just set an alarm clock to remind you to turn it back on; otherwise, you’ll miss all calls and messages.

How to remove ads on Subway Surfers on iOS with AdLock

For iOS users, AdLock provides an effective way to browse Safari without any ads, completely free of charge. Yet, to play Subway Surfers without ads, you need a Premium version. You can test it first with the 7-day free trial, so give it a try:

  1. Download and install the AdLock app for iOS;
  2. Go to Settings > Safari > Extensions and enable all AdLock toggles;
  3. Open AdLock and turn on the “Ad-free web surfing” switch to activate ad-blocking. Allow some time for it to load the necessary filters;
  4. If you want to block ads outside of Safari as well, you can subscribe to the $12 yearly or $3.49 monthly Premium plan after enabling the toggle. While subscribing may seem contradictory to avoiding stacking subscriptions, this single plan provides ad-free access across dozens of apps. 

Using VPN to Play Subway Surfers Without Ads

As promised, here’s how to remove ads on Subway Surfers while keeping reward and reviving ads: use a VPN service. Previously, Subway Surfers offered a paid option to stop ads, but this is no longer available.

A VPN reroutes your traffic, making the server believe you are in another country. To minimize ads, choose a country less likely to be targeted by advertisers. Ideally, check which languages your game supports and select a country that speaks none of them from the VPN service’s list. This way, you may stop seeing ads. Here’s a personal hint from me: I experienced zero obligatory ads when choosing Ukraine from the VPN country list.

Using Subway Surfers Mod APK to play without ads

You can download a modded APK from the internet to get an ad-free Subway Surfers. These APKs often come with additional benefits like free game bonuses, unlimited coins and keys. While some argue that playing with cheats removes the challenge and enjoyment of the game, it’s ultimately your choice. However, we strongly advise thoroughly researching the developer before downloading and installing a modded APK. Using unofficial mods is not only illegal but can also compromise your privacy. There are no guarantees that the APK will be safe, and it could contain malicious code designed to steal your data.


While there are multiple ways to reduce or turn off ads in Subway Surfers, AdLock stands out as the most reliable and effective solution. It offers the benefits of ad-free browsing, apps, and gaming without compromising your device’s security. With a week-long free trial, AdLock allows you to experience a seamless, ad-free online experience, no strings attached. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied. Happy playing!

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