Privacy policy


Please read this Confidentiality Policy (hereinafter the "Confidentiality Policy") carefully before using our website, applications or any other AdLock products or services.

General Provisions

The Confidentiality Policy provides for description of information that we collect from the user and can use when rendering our services.

Information on the user is collected in the minimum scope necessary to ensure functional capacity of our products.

By using our website, application or any other AdLock product, you grant consent to the processing of your personal data in the scope we need.


We use and allow using automatic methods such as cookies (small amounts of information containing a unique sequence of symbols sent to your browser or application from the website computers and kept on the hard drive of your computer or device).

The information collected and analysed by means of these methods includes without limitation personal information confirmed by you, IP address used to connect your computer or device with the Internet; e-mail; login and password of the personal account; type and version of the operating system, and computer or device platform.

We use software to assess and collect session data, including page standby time, loading errors, duration of visits at specific pages, information on interaction with the page (such as scrolling, clicking a mouse and mousing over elements) and methods used to go to other pages.

Data received from cookies are processed by means of different analysis tools and can be used to determine your geographic location, post code (by using your IP address and automatic geolocation methods) or to receive basic information on the computer, tablet or mobile telephone you use. We can also use these data internally or jointly with our partners to improve operation of AdLock products.

Geolocation data help us deliver content in the correct language, offer region or country-specific products and determine your local currency in case of a purchase. Cookies can help you enter by remembering the user account data (subject to the parameters you have selected in your account settings). Cookies can also be used to record contents of the cart and information on the user's registration. Cookies can help us determine your settings, in particular the language and currency, for further use.

You may turn off cookies in your web browser.

Provision of Information by Request of Court or Law Enforcement Authorities

Information on the user received by us will be provided to court or another law enforcement authority in case respective request, order, warrant or another binding document is received.

Furthermore, you consent to and give us the right of use, disclosure and provision of your personal information for investigation and prevention of any illegal activities, fraud, potential threats and risks for human life and health.

News and Subscription

In case our website and/or application offer subscription of news, and you agree thereto, you will have to enter your e-mail.

Your e-mail will also be used to collect your feedback.

Data Collected When Using AdLock for Android

AdLock connects to servers to check the licence's status.

In this case, the following information is sent:

  1. Application identifier.
  2. Application version.
  3. Device name (which includes both device manufacturer name and device model name).
  4. Device IP address.
  5. Your license key.
  6. MAC.
  7. IMEI.
  8. Serial number.
  9. Display dimensions.
  10. Language.
  11. Android version.
  12. Other information regarding device hardware.

Software Updates

AdLock application connects to its servers to check updates of ad blocker filters. In this case, the following information is sent:

  1. Ad blocker filters identifiers.
  2. Current ad blocker filters versions.


If you enable "Safe Browsing" option, AdLock application checks every website before you visit it. We use Update API technology for this purpose, and the information about the visited website is sent in form of hash prefixes. This does not allow us to determine which website is being visit ed.

When browsing security is enabled, AdLock periodically does a latency check for the list of browsing security servers; no information is sent in these requests, though.

We do not incorporate spyware or adware into our products and do not allow distributing any commercial notices to third parties by means of spyware (spyware is any software downloaded to or installed at the computer or device of the Internet user without actual consent that supports demonstration of commercial notices for the user).

Technical Support

In case you apply for technical support, you may be requested any additional data related to your user identification and technical parameters of your computer.


Our website may contain links to other websites managed by third parties (for instance, ads etc.). We are not liable for safety of other websites and third-party products.

This Confidentiality Policy applies to AdLock products only.