Six Good Reasons You Shouldn’t Install An Ad Blocker

In heaven, all they talk about is ad blocking—how gorgeously beautiful web pages without banners are. And you can endlessly watch YouTube videos when autoplay ads lose their strength. But here on earth it’s better if you never install ad-blocking software.

And here’s why:

  • You won’t be able to expand your knowledge.

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Ad blocking dooms you to live in the dull world of extremely useful information. The lack of ads confines you to see only what you are looking for, and you can’t get an alternative point of view. This can have serious implications like social blockades. It’s impossible to discuss fresh juicy news from a reality show star’s life if you didn’t hear it, isn’t it? It’s a short trip to complete isolation or turning into a nut who talks to himself. Is life without banners worth it?

  • You will lose priceless time.

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Most banners come from third-party servers from which your favorite website downloads them. And while the server responds to the request of each advertisement, each flash banner, and each clip, you can spend this time with your family or a hobby.

  • You will overwork yourself

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Advertisements serve as pictures in a book. When reading long articles, especially with analytical data and big words, your eyes need a break from time to time. All you have to do is to look away, and dozens of flashing banners will distract you so much, you will forget what you were even reading. Every doctor will tell you that having a rest from information is good for you. And rereading an article multiple times will help you understand its point better.

  • No one will monitor your internet activity to simplify your life

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Marketers want to know everything about you so they can work better. Well, think about this — you want to receive information you are interested in, but how can marketers satisfy your desires if you deprive them of the opportunity to know you? Don’t be shy—participate in research. Show yourself! Let the world know everything about your life: your age, work, hobbies, family, illnesses, pets. Your browser can become your best friend, doctor, and life coach. The future is here—enjoy it! Do not listen to paranoids who say people can use such information against you. What’s the use of your personal data anyway?

  • You will deny yourself light doses of adrenaline.

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It’s true that ads can be malware infected and block access to your computer data until you buy it off with money. Spyware can cause serious unrecoverable damage to your files, erase your personal information, cherished photos, or important reports stored only on your hard drive. Thereby each day you risk irretrievably losing all of your files. This spices up your life! The sense of danger raises your adrenaline level, quickens your pulse and reactions, oxygenates your blood, and makes your thoughts clear. And you don’t even need skydiving. You can experience all of these feelings simply browsing the net with your ad blocker off.

  • You won’t be able to do a good deed for your neighbor.

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You surely often think about doing something charitable. It would be nice to help a person in need, but then you remember that money’s tight, and there is not much time for it. Fortunately, thanks to modern technologies, you can get a sense of accomplishment while doing nothing. Some websites have embedded software that can tap into your computer to mine cryptocurrency for someone who really needs it. Just share your CPU and graphics card—it’s so simple. Your computer is on anyway; does it really matter if it works a bit slowly or fans kick a little into overdrive? But ad blockers deprive you of this opportunity. Of course, we all have different morality clauses, but ad-blocking robots don’t give you a chance to put an extra coin in the karma bank. If today you don’t help someone earn some money, tomorrow someone might push you on the subway. Unpleasant, isn’t it?

If six reasons listed above are not enough for you and you still want to take a risk with an ad blocker, well, we can’t stay on your way. Go here and download our super effective AdLock and never watch advertisement again.

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