How to Disable Video Ads Autoplay

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If ads were monsters then automatically playing video ads would be the boss. You can hardly imagine something more annoying on the internet than these loud commercials that startle you every time. And the trend is that the number of websites providing autoplaying videos increases. Not necessarily those videos try to sell you sketchy mobile games they may only present the website or the services provided on that website. Nevertheless, they are annoying, unwanted, and sudden. In this article, we will review ways to block pop-up video ads and disable html5 autoplay.

How to Stop Video Ads Using AdLock

The only way to disable video ads in all your browsers is to use an ad blocker. Most of the browsers do have options to deal with the ads however those options are imperfect and have tons of buts. First, because browsers don’t want to engage in an open confrontation with large advertisers, and second, since all major browsers are free, they naturally can’t afford a high-quality ad blocking option as it requires both resource and time. So better draw your attention to our special ad blocking tool AdLock. AdLock offers solutions for both computers and smartphones to get rid of advertisements.

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Block video ads in the desktop browsers

To block video ads on your computer follow this link to download AdLock for free then install it. Once you launch AdLock it will start to block ads no additional actions are needed from you.

Remove video ads from Android

To get rid of video ads on Android phone download AdLock for free from here then follow instructions to install the application on your smartphone. Now launch the application to complete two steps of adjusting.

  1. Check for updates
  2. Open an application, tap on the three dots at the top right corner and choose Check updates. In a new menu tap on UPDATE ALL
    block video ads android adlock

  3. Switch to the AdLocker tab and enable HTTPS filtering. In a pop-up window tap OK. Then you will be asked to set a drawing pattern to verify your identity for future actions. Draw a pattern you surely will remember. It’s just a formality remember AdLock doesn’t send data outside your device. You need to turn on HTTPS filtering to stop video ads on the websites with secure web connection otherwise ad-blocking will be either average at best or impossible at worst.
  4. stop video ads android adlock

That’s it! No ads and no more autoplaying video pop-ups from now!

Buckle up! Twitch brings back advertisements in Prime on 15th of October! Learn how to block Twitch ads before it’s not too late.

How to Disable Video Autoplay in Google Chrome

Chrome used to have an option to disable video autoplay, but apparently, it worked too rough as it broke apps and games. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to stop loud videos from autoplaying here and there in Chrome. Earlier you could use browser extensions like disable html5 autoplay but looks like Google left not a chance for such kind software in its new version. I can offer you a complex method which still doesn’t guarantee you will forget about that problem.

  • Step 1: block flash
  • Of course, 99% of websites abandoned flash for html5 though there are still few dinosaurs that might use this outdated technology. To disable flash launch Chrome then go to the Settings->Advanced->Content settings->Flash. Switch toggle to Block sites from running flash or to Ask first (recommended).
    disable autoplay adlock

  • Step 2: block pop-ups
  • This step is kind of like homeopathy, as Chrome’s pop-up blocker is not promising at all, but we will still apply it. Who knows maybe combined with the previous and the next step it will work just right. You need to open Chrome settings again then scroll down to Advanced->Content settings->Pop-ups and redirects->Blocked (recommended).
    stop autoplaying video adlock

  • Step 3: disable autoplay in Chrome flags
  • Browse to chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy and select “Document user activation is required”.
    how to stop autoplay videos adlock

Those three steps worked for us and helped to stop autoplay videos in Chrome on every news website.

Huge brands and smaller advertisers use YouTube to promote their products which made that video platform almost unbearable for regular users. Though YouTube without ads is real and you can easily use it.

How to Turn Off Autoplay in Mozilla Firefox

To stop autoplay videos in Firefox you will need hidden settings. Launch Mozilla Firefox and in a new tab paste this path about:config?filter=autoplay. Mozilla will try to scare you with this warning window:
stop video autoplay mozilla adlock
But you don’t have to worry, messing with autoplay settings won’t affect the workability of the browser. Go ahead and press I accept the risk! Uncheck the box Show this warning next time to skip this step in the future. Double-click on media.autoplay.enabled;true to change it from true to false. Once you’ve done that, the line will appear bold, and the status will change from default to modified. The second line media.block-autoplay-until-in-foreground;true is fine leave it as it is.

Every anime lover knows Kissanime is the biggest anime library and the biggest redirects banners library. If you tired of cleaning your computer from adware and viruses after every new episode of favorite anime then you should finally learn how to block ads on Kissanime.

How to Stop Autoplay Videos in Opera

Opera browser is based on Chromium, and you will have to apply the same settings as for Google Chrome.

  • Step 1: deactivate Flash
  • Click the Easy setup button and go to Browser settings
    stop video autoplay ads opera adlock
    Scroll down to Advanced->Content settings->Flash. Switch toggle to Block sites from running flash or to Ask first (recommended).

  • Step 2: block pop-ups
  • Go to Browser settings->Advanced->Content settings->Pop-ups and redirects->Blocked (recommended).

  • Step 3: disable autoplay in Chrome flags
  • Browse to chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy and select “Document user activation is required”.

Crunchyroll is another large anime library that loves to serve you unskippable video ads. Learn how to watch Crunchyroll without ads on android to stop spending half of the episode time watching promotions of other series.

How to Stop HTML5 Autoplay in Safari

  1. Click the Safari tab and choose Preferences, then click Websites.
  2. get rid of video autoplay adlock

  3. Click Auto-run option and under the blank window find When visiting other websites and choose Stop media with sound.
  4. block video autoplay safari adlock

Everybody likes a good ironical cartoon series, and Kisscartoon is a place where you can enjoy all of them. And we will teach you how to block ads on Kisscartoon, so nothing spoils your binge-watching.