Best free ad blocker for Safari is now live​!

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how to block ads on safari

Which web browser is free of online ads and malware? If your answer is ​Apple Safari with their fancy built-in ad blocker​, we got some good and bad news.

Let’s start with bad: it won’t save you from sneaky advertisers. They know how ​Safari ad blocking​ works and have already adjusted their ads to pop up in front of you all the time.

What’s good news then? We got a solution! Today we introduce Adlock Safari extension, our first product designed for Mac. While more cool Adlock stuff for Apple devices is coming your way, let’s take a quick look at what we’ve done to ​stop ads on Safari​.

That was ain’t no easy. Recently, Apple invented a new syntax which is great but not compatible with common multiplatform rules. We tried offloading the rules we had developed for our Android and Windows solutions – and failed. That made us think outside of the box.

Since we cannot load all the rules, we need to decide which rules are more relevant and sacrifice the less often triggered ones.

Jaro, Filter/Rules Manager

A limited number of rules. Different semantics. Native technologies and libraries which have very little in common with other web languages. Those were just a few barriers on our way to understand how to build the ​best ad blocker for Safari​. But we got it.

Now the job of ad blockers is just to explain Safari what needs to be blocked. In our case, we did that by implementing an algorithm for converting old rules into the new Safari format.

Sergio, Extensions Team Lead

Joined efforts of the Adlock teams made it possible to create a conversion algorithm made to re-use all the accumulated ad blocking knowledge for Safari. All in a simple intuitive interface.

As a result, ​Adlock Safari 12 ad blocking ​extension​ is now fully powered to stop ads on your Mac and provide you the best-in-class ​no ads Safari​ browsing experience.

So what are the main features of the ​best free ad blocker for Safari​?

  • Blocking ads​. Given that ​Apple Safari adblocker feature​ has a strict limit on the number of rules we carefully selected and only implemented the most important ones.
  • Filter types​. Now you can manually adjust them to protect your personal information, block Internet trackers and fraudulent social media buttons.
  • Whitelist​. Disable filtering on your favorite sites that you would like to support financially in a simple click.

How to install the ​best ad blocker for Safari 12​

  1. Download AdLock from AppStore
  2. Press “Open settings” in the dialog window
  3. Tick boxes next to AdLock and AdLock Icon in your Safari settings
  4. That’s it! Enjoy ​best adblocker for Safari​ on your Apple Mac.

Soon we are releasing extra filters for the next version of this ​Safari ad block extension​, as well as new products designed for both Apple and Windows platforms. Stay tuned!