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How to Remove Ads from Crunchyroll

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how to turn off ads on crunchyroll adlock


For the last few days, users all over the web have been complaining about adblock not working on Crunchyroll. Other ad-blocking extensions including uBlock Origin were faced with the same problem. Looks like Crunchyroll applied new anti-adblocker algorithms as according to the Reddit user u/Silverlight64 there were no obstacles viewing content on other websites such as Twitch and YouTube.

No time to read? Just download AdLock for Windows and watch Crunchyroll without ads.

adblock not block crunchyroll adlock
Keep scrolling and you’ll find out how to keep watching Crunchyroll without ads.

The good thing about Crunchyroll adverts is they promote only themselves and their anime. The bad thing is the amount of ads is unbearable.

One 24-minute video contains four advertising blocks: one 15-second ad before a video; four 30-seconds ads at the beginning of a video; four 30-seconds ads in the middle of a video; and four ads with duration of 15, 30, 30 and 20 seconds at the end of a video. You can’t skip Crunchyroll ads you have to finish watching all of them. The total duration of ads per 24 minutes video is six minutes which means that by the time you watch four episodes of anime you’ll spend time equal to one episode watching only commercials. And you are not getting back that time. In adverts, Crunchyroll often pushes its ad free Premium subscription which starts from $6,95 per month or $83,4 per year. It doesn’t seem that expensive but what if we offer you Crunchyroll without ads for only $22 per year or $55 per lifetime?

Fans of the most popular word-game in the world Words With Friends are mad because Zynga removed the option of purchasing an ad-free version from their store. Users are searching ways to play Words With Friends without ads.

How to Get Rid of Ads on Crunchyroll Using AdLock

Of course, we were talking about AdLock there is no other app in the world which can block ads as neat as AdLock does.

Remove ads using AdLock from the Crunchyroll website

  1. Download AdLock for Windows and install an app on your computer. Don’t worry AdLock is free to use for 14-day trial we don’t ask your credit card and other financial and personal information. There are also no strings attached you are free to object using AdLock at any stage.
  2. After the installation is completed, open AdLock and basically this is it. AdLock is a systemwide ad-blocker so you can use any web browser of your choice without seeing ads.

This is how to block Crunchyroll ads on Windows.

How to remove ads from the Crunchyroll app

To disable ads on your Android download AdLock from there and follow three simple steps of installation. Then follow instructions of the guide below to adjust ad blocker to get rid of ads on Crunchyroll app:

    1. Check for updates

Open an application, tap on the three dots on the top right corner and choose Check updates. In a new menu tap on UPDATE ALL
how to block ads on crunchyroll adlock

    1. Switch to the AdLocker tab and enable HTTPS filtering. In a pop-up window tap OK. Then you will be asked to set a drawing pattern to verify your identity for future actions. Draw a pattern you surely will remember.

how to remove ads from crunchyroll adlock

That’s it! From this moment you can watch anime on Crunchyroll website or in the application with no ad pauses!

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