How to block Ads & Pop-Ups on Opera [2022 Update]

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There's an opt-out button removing adverts on Opera.
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If you read this post, then you’re sick of pop-ups, flashing animated banners, autoplaying video and sound promotions, full-page and scroll-over ads just like the rest of us. You came to the right place. Today we’ll show you how to remove ads from Opera using several methods including a built-in ad blocker, third-party services, and our brainchild  — AdLock.


How to Block Pop-Ups on Opera by Adjusting Your Browser Settings

Opera is the first major browser with a fully operational inbuilt adblocker. You can switch it on in two simple steps:

    • Click the Menu button and choose Settings.

opera settings adlock

    • Under the Search Settings bar find Block Ads option and check Block ads and surf the web up to three times faster.
Unbearable autoplaying ads on YouTube leave no fun in using of that video-resource. Remove YouTube ads on Android with simple instructions from AdLock experts.

opera block ads adlock

That’s it! Since now pop-up blocker on Opera will remove unwanted advertising. Bet you’re interested whether the built-in feature is better than a third-party adblock for Opera. Let’s consider this point.

Is Opera’s built-in adblocker better than ad-blocking apps?

Well, to be fair Opera’s ad blocker is good enough it blocks a good number of annoying ads including pop-ups, autoplaying commercials, scroll-over, and full-page ads, etc. It uses less resources since it’s already in the browser, and has a Cryptocurrency Mining Protection. Though there are three issues with Opera’s native ad blocker: two major issues and one small yet suspicious issue.

A small issue is that its adblocker has a default whitelist. You can find websites on which Opera’s ad blocker won’t block ads by default on Manage exceptions. By default, there are four websites in my list of exceptions: (of course),,, and Obviously, you can manage this list by yourself, but there is a sneaking suspicion that further Opera’s ad blocker will dismiss Google’s ads.
The first major issue is that a built-in ad blocker sometimes breaks scripts of websites. From time to time it disables essential functionalities of websites like, Digitally Imported (DI.FM), Turkish Airlines, and even Google Maps.

And the second issue is that built-in adblocker blocks adverts only in Opera, sticking you to one particular browser. So if you want to turn off all adverts in your device, use AdLock.

How to Block Trackers in Opera

Advertisers and websites track your activity on the internet, collect data and through processing it, deliver personalized commercial content. Agree, it’s extremely annoying to be barraged by dozens of adverts offering you “the best prices for dog whistles with a Bluetooth and GPS” after one time you searched for a dog whistle to buy for your pup. Thanks to a built-in tracker blocker on Opera, you can disable all trackers at once. Opera uses the EasyPrivacy list to block all sorts of online trackers, web bugs, and data collectors. Let’s show how to enable tracker blocker on the Opera browser.

  1. Make sure you have the latest Opera version with its recent patches;
  2. Launch Opera;
  3. Click the hamburger menu in the top right corner;
  4. Scroll down and click the “Privacy & Security” section;
  5. Switch the “Block trackers” toggle to “ON”.

That’s it.

How to Stop Cryptocurrency Mining on PC Opera

If you want to prevent cryptocurrency mining on your PC, you should enable Opera’s built-in adblocker. Back in 2018, Opera’s development team made a huge update to its ad-blocking tool to prevent the expanding cryptocurrency mining scripts intrusion.

Talking of Opera for macOS, there’s a similar function available. It’s called “NoCoin” and can be found in “Preferences” > “Basic” > “Block ads”. Just switch it on, and be safe from miners doing their dirty work.

How to Block Ads in Opera Mini

Ad-blocking features were introduced in Opera Mini soon after applying them to the PC Opera browser. This built-in tool works quite well and blocks numerous commercials across the web. Also, adblocker in Opera Mini is fitted with a live counter which allows users to see how many ads are blocked on the current web page. Let’s see how to enable Opera Mini adblocker.

Enabling Opera Mini adblocker on Android

Before you search for menu sections from the instructions below, make sure you have the latest Opera Mini version.

  • Tap the “O” menu and then tap “ad blocking”;


  • Tap the “O” menu, proceed to “data savings” and switch the “block ads” toggle to “ON”.

Enabling Opera Mini adblocker on iPhone and iPad

Since Opera Mini for iOS-driven devices is quite the same as for Android devices, enabling its built-in adblocker is also performed through:

  • Tap the “O” menu, proceed to “data savings” and switch the “block ads” toggle to “ON”.

How to Block Ads in Opera on Desktop Using AdLock

There is no need for any extra extensions or add-ons to stop ads in Opera. All you need is to install one ad blocking software on your computer. Of course, we’re talking about AdLock. Follow this link to download a Windows version if for some reasons you haven’t done this yet.

Google ads are the most annoying as Google patronizing various advertising platform. That’s why users like you and me have to constantly search for ways on how to stop pop-ups on Chrome.

Install AdLock

AdLock will take over the operation and suggest you the perfect folder for installation

Open and adjust AdLock

The very moment you open AdLock it will start to block advertising. Though, you can adjust it to meet your needs. For example, if you’re willing to see ads on a particular website, you can add its URL to AdLock Allow. Open an Ad Blocking tab in the application, choose Allow List, click on Add Item name and type a URL in this format: Since then, AdLock will disable ads on every site except that one.

How to Disable Ads in Opera on Android With AdLock

We hope you have already installed AdLock but if not, go to this link and follow three simple steps of installation. Now it’s time to learn how to block ads on Opera using AdLock.

Firefox users are lucky as they can use Firefox Tracking Protection to stop online tracking as the name implies and to stop ads in at the same time. Read a guide on how to stop pop-ups on Firefox to enable that option in your browser.

Check for updates

Open an application, tap on the three dots on the top right corner and choose Check updates. In a new menu tap on UPDATE ALL

Enable HTTPS filtering

Switch to the AdLocker tab and enable HTTPS filtering. In a pop-up window tap OK. Then you will be asked to set a drawing pattern to verify your identity for future actions. Draw a pattern you surely will remember.

Since now AdLock will disable pop-ups on Opera.

There's an opt-out button removing adverts on Opera.
Windows laptop with adlock
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Android phones with AdLock
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