How to Get Rid of Ads on Peacock

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Online theaters and streaming services provide us with dozens of cool movies, shows, and series to enjoy our leisure. As cable TV withers away, more and more streaming platforms appear offering their own apps, selection of content, etc.

Today we’ll talk about Peacock, NBCUniversal’s over-the-top streaming service. This service is available in a free ad-supported format and premium tiers. What it means, is that you can watch it for free but get interrupted every now and then with diverse ads or purchase a subscription to get rid of them.

This article is comprised for you to get useful tips and suggestions on how to remove ads on Peacock and cut off additional costs if possible. Get on the bandwagon, we’re starting.

How to block all ads with AdLock

Starting with, we’d like to tell you about AdLock, our brainchild. AdLock is a top-tier adblocking software that is created to meet all your requirements concerning adblocking and online privacy.

AdLock removes all types of advertisements, disables trackers and malicious scripts, secures personal data from tricky scammers, and even more. 

AdLock’s Anti-tracking services remove all forms of online tracking scripts run by Google, Facebook, etc., and have a large filter list.

Talking of commercials, it doesn’t matter whether it is a banner, pop-up, video, or audio advert, our application does its best to make them all vanish. Also, AdLock is quite efficient in killing redirects and all sorts of suspicious incoming requests. 

You’d ask “whether it copes with online adverts forced by Peacock?”. Piece of cake! Thanks to our development department which constantly researches the ways of delivering ads, AdLock is always optimized to bring them down.

So, what do you have to do to start blocking ads on Peacock:

  • Go to the “Products” tab on our official website;
  • Choose your operating system;
  • Download the installer (e.g. exe/dmg/apk file);
  • Run the installer and follow the hints;
  • Go through the onboarding and set up the app.

If everything is done correctly, AdLock will start blasting ads right off the bat. Otherwise, you should read our detailed user guide or contact the support manager.

how to remove ads on peacock with adlock

How to block ads on Peacock on Mac

Basically, you can go for a premium or premium plus subscription ($4.99 or $9.99 correspondingly). What’s the difference between Premium and Premium Plus? Premium offers more content and fewer ads. Less. You pay 5 bucks for additional series and movies but still see ads. Premium Plus in its turn gives all the content the platform has without any ads at all.

Besides the paid subscription, there is a couple of methods to try out. For instance, you may give a shot to the Peacock “skipper” extension which would probably work but not all the time. You may also try other experimental extensions for your browser but we would suggest you not to. Only if you’re a big fan of clunky and unreliable approach 🙂

The best solution for Mac is a trusted and reliable adblocker which is AdLock. Yes, it does. And it does it pretty efficiently.

Do not hesitate and go get yourself one! By the way, there might be a good discount for AdLock on the purchase page.

How to remove ads on Peacock on Windows

As we’ve already mentioned, there are a bunch of different browser extensions that help users get rid of some ads on Peacock TV. The one we particularly count as the best free solution (even if it’s not the magic pill) is Peacock TV extended. Let’s see how it works.

Being installed on your Chrome browser, it allows skipping intros, fastforward ads, etc.

With its simple and intuitive settings menu, you definitely won’t mess up.

Of course, there are different alternatives to the extension we’ve considered and the choice is yours.

And while you may have a dozen of specific extensions for different services or websites, there’s one app that blocks ads in all places on the web. AdLock’s operation is not restricted to separate segments or regions – it offers a wide range of customizable filters and filter lists. Our app does not only fastforward or mute ads, it removes them from the stream completely so you can watch favorite shows without interruptions.

On top of that, AdLock is a systemwide ad-killer. It means that it traces all commercial requests made by other software or apps on your device. Then AdLock blocks those requests. Simple as that. The stack of paid subscriptions will become much thinner with our application.

How to get rid of ads on Peacock on iPhone

Using profile DNS services might come in handy also. If you don’t trust browser extensions like Peacock TV extended, you may go ahead and try out something like NextDNS. Why NextDNS? Because it’s free and universal. You may use it on the majority of devices and operating systems.

And while the DNS filtering method is a real life changer, oftentimes it’s not enough to get rid of all ads. Our custom adblocking solution is a complex product combining different tools and technologies that together makes your Internet activities much more enjoyable. By fusing sophisticated filtering methods and cosmetic rules we make every page on the Internet clean and tidy.

If you don’t want to pay another 10 bucks to watch your favorite show once or twice a week, then you definitely should consider our app. It filters all apps and browsers on iPhone (other devices and OS as well), saving you money and nerves.

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How to get rid of ads on Peacock on Android

Irritated by ads bombarding you while streaming from Peacock on an Android device? We’ve got some advice for you too. It won’t be an eye-opener, no. You can block ads by using an ad blocker :). Play Store offers hundreds of apps that promise to help you block Peacock TV ads, with newcomers in the store almost every week. Unfortunately, very few of them actually work so you’ll have to try and test a couple before finding the perfect one. You may also try using browsers with built-in adblocking scripts but we can’t guarantee they would work perfectly fine. For instance, you may try Brave browser or TOR which are working on PCs as well.


With the growing number of paid ad-free subscriptions the amount of money we spend per month rapidly multiplies. Of course, ads suck, nobody likes them. But at the same time, we do understand that ads sponsor movie/series license costs services pay and help them earn money. But only if it was a couple of services we use… Sticking with a reliable adblocker we get even more: pure Internet content, ad-free apps, enhanced privacy protection, etc. With AdLock, you’ll forget ads even existed!

Watch your favorite movies with no ads!
Windows laptop with adlock
Try AdLock for free on your Windows device
If you face an anti-adblocker wall while using AdLock, inform us