12 Best Free Sites to Watch Cartoons Without Ads

As adults, we can finally watch cartoons as much as we want, but we also need to save money on essentials like food and rent. That’s why we need free cartoon websites with no ads. In this article, we’ll provide 12 websites where you can watch cartoons free of charge. If ads interrupt your leisure time, use AdLock to eliminate them.

Watch Cartoons Online: Some Tips

Free websites to watch cartoons online without ads are as rare as unicorns. Hence, they don’t exist. But we collected the best websites with the most humble advertising that won’t distract you and is easy to block with AdLock. Every service from our list provides a high-quality HD image. The following paragraph will introduce you to those titles.  

Top 12 Free Websites to Watch Cartoons Online

NameBest forAdsGenresAge restrictions
YouTubeA wide range of cartoon channels and creatorsYesAnimation, comedy, educational, and more.Varies
KissAnimeA wide range of anime seriesYesAction, adventure, drama, Slice of Life, fantasy, comedy, supernatural, horror, romance, and more.13+
Cartoon NetworkOffers a wide range of popular cartoons and animated series for kids and teenagers. YesComedy, action, adventure, and more.None
NickelodeonAnimated shows and cartoons from the Nickelodeon networkYesComedy, fantasy, slice of life, and more.None
BoomerangClassic Warner Bros. and modern cartoons and animated seriesNo, subscription-basedСomedy, adventure, fantasy, and more.None
WatchCartoonOnlineA wide range of cartoons and anime seriesYesComedy, action, fantasy, and more.Varies/18+
KimcartoonA wide range of cartoons and anime seriesYesComedy, action, drama, and more.Varies/18+
ToonjetClassic cartoons and animated movies from different erasNoComedy, slapstick, adventure, and more.None
CartoonitoAge-appropriate cartoons, educational shows, and interactive games for pre-schoolersYesEducational, adventure, and comedy.None/Preschool
DisneyNOWDisney’s extensive collection of animated movies, TV shows, and original contentYesfantasy, musical, comedy, and more.None
9animePrimarily focuses on anime series and moviesYesAction, drama, fantasy, and more.16+
Adult SwimAdult-oriented animated shows and cartoonsYesComedy, satire, science fiction, and more.18+


YouTube doesn’t even need a special introduction. You already know it’s a safe haven for all kinds of video content. On YouTube, you can watch free cartoons online absolutely safely, and you won’t get in trouble even if the content is not properly authorized.  

YouTube logo

Ads: Yes

Genres: Animation, comedy, educational, and more

Age restrictions: Varies


KissAnime, as we knew it, doesn’t exist anymore. But as with all forbidden websites, it couldn’t disappear for good. Various unofficial mirrors of the unofficial anime streaming service exist, and you’ll have no trouble finding them in a five-second Google search. If you’re going to use them, remember to turn on your AdLock ad-blocking extension or an app. It will protect you from malicious redirects and sketchy advertising. The guide on Kissanime without ads will show you exactly how to do it. 

KissAnime logo

Ads: Yes

Genres: Action, adventure, drama, Slice of Life, fantasy, comedy, supernatural, horror, romance, and more

Age restrictions: 13+

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is a cartoon streaming service that feels like a paradise for millennials. They have some classic cartoons we grew up watching, like “The Powerpuff Girls” or “Loony Toons.” But it’s not just for kids – there are plenty of shows that adults can enjoy too.

I’m talking about shows like “Adventure Time,” “Regular Show,” and “Steven Universe.” They’re so clever and have this nostalgic feel that takes me back to my childhood. Unfortunately for non-US citizens, most full-size episodes are available only on their official app. And in this case, a simple switch to VPN won’t help you as you need a US account in your app store. So, you can watch your favorite cartoons anytime, anywhere!

Cartoon Network has rare ad banners that advertise mainly their products. You can block them in no time and keep watching cartoons online. No ads will frustrate you. 

Cartoon Network logo

Ads: Yes

Genres: Comedy, action, adventure, and more

Age restrictions: None


Nickelodeon is a leading provider of animated content for kids and teenagers. With its vibrant and entertaining shows, Nickelodeon captures the hearts of young viewers worldwide. While some content may require a US cable provider sign-in, there is plenty of free access to popular shows. Dive into the underwater world of “SpongeBob SquarePants,” join the chaotic household of “The Loud House,” or go on thrilling rescue missions with “PAW Patrol.” Nickelodeon offers a mix of comedy, adventure, and creativity, providing endless entertainment for cartoon enthusiasts of all ages.

nickelodeon logo

Ads: Yes

Genres: Comedy, fantasy, slice of life, and more

Age restrictions: None


Boomerang’s slogan, “Here, it’s always Saturday morning,” perfectly captures the essence of this platform. Boomerang takes you on a nostalgic journey reminiscent of those carefree mornings when you enjoyed classic cartoons while munching on sugary cereals. Boasting a diverse library, Boomerang offers a wide range of beloved cartoon series such as Tom and Jerry, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and The Flintstones. Additionally, it features a selection of new original shows and movies, ensuring there’s always fresh and exciting content for cartoon enthusiasts. Whether you seek comedy, adventure, or heartwarming stories, Boomerang caters to all tastes.

While Boomerang is a fantastic service, it does have a couple of drawbacks worth noting: Firstly, it is limited to users in the United States, so you need a reliable VPN app to get access. Secondly, Boomerang operates on a subscription-based model. So, if you want to watch cartoon online on Boomerang, you need to choose one of two plans: monthly for $5.99 or yearly for $44.99. 

Boomerang logo

Ads: No, subscription-based

Genres: Сomedy, adventure, fantasy, and more

Age restrictions: None


WatchCartoonOnline is a premier online platform for watching cartoons, catering to the entertainment needs of both kids and adults. With a vast library of cartoon series and movies, this website offers a delightful streaming experience. From classic cartoons spanning several decades to the latest animated releases, WatchCartoonOnline has something for everyone. Whether your kids are engrossed in the latest adventures of Penguins of Madagascar, or you’re enjoying a good laugh with classic American Dad episodes, there’s plenty to explore.

The service is user-friendly, requiring no sign-up process, and the presence of advertising is limited mainly to static banners.

WatchCartoonOnline logo

Ads: Yes

Genres: Сomedy, adventure, fantasy, and more

Age restrictions: Varies/18+


Kimcartoon is an online platform that provides a vast collection of cartoons for streaming. It’s a go-to destination for cartoon enthusiasts who want to enjoy a wide range of animated content, including classic cartoons, anime series, and popular animated movies. With its user-friendly interface, navigating through the extensive library is a breeze, allowing you to find and watch your favorite cartoons easily. Kimcartoon doesn’t require registration, but you must sign up to access an entire library. The website is ad-supported, and one of its ad formats includes fake messages, so you might like to learn how to watch Kimcartoon with no ads.  

Kimcartoon logo

Ads: Yes

Genres: Comedy, action, drama, and more

Age restrictions: Varies/18+


ToonJet is a treasure trove of classic cartoons, bringing nostalgia and timeless entertainment to viewers of all ages. The platform offers a rich collection of beloved animated shows from yesteryears. With no sign-in requirements, you can easily access various cartoons that have stood the test of time. Indulge in the timeless antics of “Looney Tunes,” witness Superman save the world once again, or join the spinach-fueled adventures of “Popeye.” ToonJet is a haven for cartoon enthusiasts, allowing you to relive the magic of animated classics whenever you desire. ToonJet doesn’t have its own player; it pulls videos from YouTube and potentially can expose you to pre- and mid-roll ads. However, I have never witnessed one. ToonJet is one of the free cartoon websites, no ads, which makes it a unicorn.

Toonjet logo

Ads: No

Genres: Comedy, slapstick, adventure, and more

Age restrictions: None


Cartoonito is a dedicated platform for preschoolers, offering a safe and educational space filled with delightful cartoons and interactive content. Designed to nurture early learning and development, Cartoonito features age-appropriate shows that engage and entertain young viewers. Join the adorable adventures of “Baby Looney Tunes,” learn valuable life lessons with “Care Bears,” or embark on imaginative journeys with “Thomas and friends.” The website has unintrusive ad banners you can easily block with AdLock. The only con of the service is that it has a limited library of unlocked episodes. You need to install an app to watch all cartoons. 

Cartoonito logo

Ads: Yes

Genres: Educational, adventure, and comedy

Age restrictions: None/Preschool


DisneyNOW is the ultimate destination for Disney fans, offering a wide range of cartoons and shows from Disney Channel, Disney XD, and Disney Junior. Not only does it have all the beloved Disney classics like “Mickey Mouse” and “Donald Duck,” but it also offers a wide range of shows that adults can enjoy too.

You’ll find animated gems like “Gravity Falls,” “The Simpsons,” and “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” that have captivated audiences of all ages. The only catch is that to unlock most full-size episodes, you’ll need to sign in with the US cable provider. 

DisneyNow is the greediest when it comes to ads. It’s the only official service on our list that shows at least three mid-roll ads before each episode. Luckily, AdLock stops all of them. 

DisneyNOW logo

Ads: Yes

Genres: Fantasy, musical, comedy, and more

Age restrictions: None


9anime is a paradise for anime enthusiasts who want to venture into the vast realm of questionable legality. You can dive into the latest anime releases and timeless classics, discovering new series that will leave you spellbound.

Prepare to embark on epic adventures with anime series like “Attack on Titan,” “My Hero Academia,” and “Demon Slayer.” Explore the intricate storytelling of “Death Note” or experience the emotional rollercoaster of “Your Lie in April.

But to stumble upon some hidden gems, you’ll have to navigate through mazes of inappropriate ads and redirects. Ensure you equip yourself with a reliable ad blocker *cough* AdLock *cough* before you go on your anime journey to watch cartoons online without ads.

9anime logo

Ads: Yes

Genres: Action, drama, fantasy, and more

Age restrictions: 18+

Adult Swim

I pity and envy anyone who never heard of Adult Swim. It’s a final destination for former edgy teens who never stopped extolling their not-like-otherness. Imagine a website that combines bizarre humor, mind-bending animations, and a touch of absurdity, and you’ve got Adult Swim. 

Adult Swim proudly features a collection of unconventional and boundary-pushing animated shows that cater to a more mature audience. From surreal adventures like “Rick and Morty” to the hilariously absurd “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” it offers a unique blend of humor that can make you question your sanity.

Bad news for non-US citizens: the vast library of shows is only available by connecting via the American cable provider. But the website has 24/7 streams of about a dozen of its most notable series. Those include the infamous “Rick and Morty,” “Robot Chicken,” “Metalocalypse,” and many others. While you can’t choose what episode of each season you’d like to watch, you can still legally enjoy free cartoons all day. 

The Adult Swim website mostly has banner ads that you can block with no hassle if they bother you. 

adult swim logo

Ads: Yes

Genres: Comedy, satire, science fiction, and more

Age restrictions: 18+

AdLock and Cartoon Websites

AdLock perfectly performed as the best ad blocker for cartoon websites. It erased all kinds of advertising, even those particularly annoying pre-rolls on DisneyNow we told you about earlier. The free Chrome and Safari extensions, including the free iOS one, work just as well as the standalone application on official websites. However, for unofficial websites, it’s still best to use a system-wide AdLock software for Mac, Windows, or Android that guarantees protection from malware, adware, and fishing websites. With AdLock, you can watch cartoons for free without ads and without worrying about your device’s safety. 


Whether you’re a parent seeking a safe and reliable source of free cartoons for your kids or an anime enthusiast looking to explore the vast world of Japanese animation, there are numerous websites to watch cartoons online for free available to cater to your needs. The options are abundant, from official platforms like Cartoon Network and DisneyNow, offering a wide range of cartoons for all ages, to unofficial sites like WatchCartoonOnline and 9anime, providing access to a vast library of animated content. And no matter your choice, AdLock will always got your back by blocking annoying banners or saving your device from more malicious ads. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are free online cartoon websites safe?

The official free cartoon websites are safe. The illegal ones tend to contain questionable ads that redirect you to malicious sites and can compromise your privacy. Always use an ad blocker when visiting pirate websites.

Is watching cartoons on free websites illegal?

If you watch cartoons on official websites, then you’re perfectly fine. If you’re using sites that host content that is not authorized, you may get in trouble. It depends on the copyright and piracy laws in your country.

Are there any advertisements on free cartoon websites?

If you’re looking for websites to watch cartoons online in HD without websites, you probably won’t find them. Even official websites need money from advertising to operate. But if the amount of advertising is intolerable, you can always use AdLock to block it.

Can I watch cartoons on these websites on any device?

You can reach any website from this article on any device. But some websites prefer you to use their app to access the whole cartoon catalog.

Do I need to create an account to watch cartoons on these websites?

Most websites from this article don’t require you to create an account before watching cartoons online for free. But some of them promise perks if you do.

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