How to Stop TikTok Ads [2022 Update]

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Needless to say, TikTok is one of the most downloaded and appreciated applications today. It’s one of those fun applications available for free and like many others is financed via advertisement.  We know why you ended up reading these lines — you’ve had enough of TikTok clips flooding your browser while surfing the Internet. The reason for this commercial overflow is Google’s user-targeting advertising algorithm which, based on your search requests, serves you personalized stuff by apps like TikTok and others. The problem of intrusive advertising is common for all internet applications without exceptions. If you are a Kissanime user struggling to overcome the same advert issue, then this article would come in handy.

Let’s get down to business and consider the best way to remove TikTok ads in 2020.

The Problem of TikTok Ads

Disturbing commercials are quite a significant issue for internet users in 2020. About 70% of Asian users and 30 % of American users suffer from regular pop-up video ads with weird and often irrelevant content.

According to users, TikTok ads are everywhere, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, iOS, Google Chrome, Windows, Youtube, Snapchat and so on. While a lot of users are trying to remove ads by reporting to Google – it does not help. TikTok ads can be removed in a tricky way, so look down at the following sections for complete instruction.

Sick and tired of commercials on YouTube? Yeah, we know your pain. Block YouTube ads with ease and confidence using our tips and tricks considered in the article.

Many users complained about cringe ads with a weird man mugging for the camera, others mentioned a girl artlessly miming a song. Basically, that’s what TikTok is made for, but when users are forced to watch this cringe stuff over and over, they start malding. 

TikTok ads are related to adware applications. By faking allegedly useful applications, adware settles down unsuspected and starts blasting spam ads. Usually, ad-supported apps disguise as system optimization tools, add-ons, toolbars, without ringing any alarm bells. As a result, your internet experience becomes crappy as hell — the number of banners, offers, pop-ups, deals, coupons, and other unwanted content gets countless.

In our article, you’ll find out different ways to get rid of TikTok ads. No more stupid adverts. We promise.

Instructions on How to Remove TikTok Ads from Windows

If you start noticing expansive commercials here and there when surfing the internet on your PC, then there’s a chance you’ve got adware running its scripts in the background. To find out the troublemaker, you should check the list of active processes in the Windows Task Manager. Here’s what you should do:

  • Use the “ctrl+alt+del” shortcut to open the Task Manager.
  • Proceed to the “Processes” tab.
  • Sort the list by RAM/CPU usage and look for suspicious processes;

If you find a particular process shady and unfamiliar, it might be exactly what you’ve sought for. Usually, adware processes contain information about developers and partnered services, so you should be able to locate the troublemaker easily.

So, you should:

  • Right-click the process;
  • Click “Open File Location”;
  • Delete anything from the location.

The next step — Disabling Startup Programs.

  • Press “Windows + R” shortcut, type “msconfig” and press enter;
  • Proceed to the “Startup” tab and look through the list.

Search for suspicious entries, unknown manufacturers, and TikTok references. Disable them, if any.

To remove the software responsible for running these processes, you should:

  • Open Start Menu;
  • Proceed to Control Panel;
  • Proceed to Uninstall Program;
  • Look for suspicious entries;
  • Uninstall them.

Okay, we’ve puzzled out how to remove adware residing on Windows. What about macOS? 

How to Turn Off TikTok Ads on Mac

The process of PUP removal on macOS is simple. All you need is to follow the instructions below:

  • Click the “Go” button;
  • Proceed to “Applications”;
  • Carefully check the list of applications;
  • Right-click and Move to trash suspicious entries, if any.

You should keep in mind that adware may infest your browsers and force ads right there. Let’s consider how to clean-up browsers.

Get Rid of TikTok Ads on Internet Explorer

If you’re using IE as your primary browser, you should click “Tools” and select “Manage Add-ons” in the drop-down menu. Carefully check add-ons and search for anything that looks suspicious and has references to TikTok. Remove shady stuff.

Also, you can reset IE in order to roll back all the negative effects of adware. To reset Internet Explorer, click the gear icon (menu) and then Internet options. Proceed to the “Advanced” tab.

  • Push “Reset”;
  • Check the “Delete personal settings” box;
  • Push “Reset”.

Remove TikTok Adverts on Microsoft Edge

If you want to get rid of TikTok commercials in Microsoft Edge, you should clean the browser’s data. Click the overflow menu button (“⋮”) and proceed to “Settings”.Under “Clear browsing data”, click “Choose what to clear” check all the boxes, and click “Clear”. Restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

Remove TikTok Adverts on Microsoft Edge

You can also reset your Edge to defaults to undo harmful changes caused by the adware. For this, 

  • Right-click the “Start” button and then click “Apps and Features”;
  • Find Microsoft Edge and click “Advanced options”;
  • Click the “Reset” button.

How to Eliminate TikTok from Mozilla Firefox

To start with, launch Firefox and click the hamburger (☰) menu. Proceed to “Add-ons” and then to “Extensions”. Take a look at extensions, Remove any undesired, unrecognized, and TikTok-related extensions you find.

Browser reset works fine for Firefox as well. To reset it, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Firefox browser;
  • Click the hamburger menu (☰) and proceed to the “Help” section;
  • Click “Troubleshooting Information”;
  • Click the “Refresh Firefox” button on the appeared page;
  • Confirm your action and then click “Finish”.

How to Turn off TikTok Commercials on Google Chrome

Launch Chrome and open the menu via the (“⋮”) button. Proceed to “More Tools” and then to “Extensions. Look through the list and remove shady third-party extensions and TikTok-related stuff, if any. To remove ads, you can also restore Chrome to defaults:

  • Fire up Google Chrome;
  • Click the overflow menu (“⋮”) and then click “Settings”;
  • Proceed to “Advanced”;
  • Click “Restore settings to their defaults” under the section “Reset and clean up”;
  • Click the “RESET SETTINGS” button in the pop-up.

Simple Way to Stop TikTok Ads for Safari Users

TikTok ads are common for all browsers, so Safari is no exception. To get rid of ad-supported scripts bombarding Safari, remove all unrecognized extensions. 

  • Run Safari;
  • Click the “Safari” tab;
  • Click “Preferences”;
  • Proceed to “Extensions” tab;
  • Look for recently installed extensions if any;
  • Uninstall suspicious extensions.

You can also reset Safari to remove all unwanted changes caused by the adware.

Launch the Safari browser and click the “Safari” tab. Select “Reset Safari…”. Make sure all boxes are checked and click “Reset”.

The Best Way to Block TikTok Ads — AdLock

AdLock is a multifunctional ad blocker that works with Android and Windows OS. 

It has three main options. First, it blocks pop-ups, banners, video/audio, cryptocurrency ads at your device. Secondly, AdLock will hide your confidential data, check potentially harmful links and will always warn you about the bugs and malware. Thirdly, AdLock is incredibly saving. It won’t use much of your battery power and mobile data.

AdLock will block not only TikTok ads but all ads on your phone or PC.

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Get rid of Tik Tok ads for free

If you want to try to disable Tik Tok ads for free you can follow this step-by-step manual:

    • Step 1 – “Why am I seeing this ad?”

tik tok ads on youtube adlock
Visit Advertiser’s Site link and click on the button with a letter “i” with the phrase “Why am I seeing this ad?”. You will see Google explanations as the answer to your inquiry.

    • Step 2 – “Stop seeing this ad”

stop tik tok ads adlock
After reading Google explanatory terms, why it offers you that ad, click the button named “Stop seeing this ad”. After you do that, you will stop seeing a particular ad for a while. However, you will need to click this button each time you see an ad to remove every new Tik Tok ad on Youtube.

    • Step 3 – “Choose the reason for your complaint”

block tik tok ads adlock
Answer the question, whether the ad was inappropriate, repetitive or irrelevant. Sometimes you also can ignore and don’t answer this question. After that click “SEND” to confirm your appeal.

Look at some steps which recommend you Google Chrome to deal with the problem by yourself.

Step 1 – Delete problem applications

  1. Press and hold a power button of your device to start it in safe mode.
  2. Remove recently installed apps one by one. But make a list before, to download them again.
  3. After every removal, switch on your device normally and see whether the removal settled your problem.
  4. After you delete the problematic app, add back apps from your list.

Step 2 – Protect your device

how to stop tik tok ads adlock

  1. Open Google Play Store on your device and tap “Menu -> Play Protect”. Then scan your device.
  2. But also remember to install some anti-adware app.

Step 3 – Disable notifications from a certain site or page

  1. Open Chrome app and go to a page.
  2. Find and click on ”More -> Info -> Site Settings”.
  3. Tap “Notifications” and turn them off.

If after trying or above instructions Tik Tok commercials continue to appear – finally try to use AdLock.

Sick of dumb TikTok commercials?
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