How to Block Ads on Internet Explorer for Windows

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Ad blocking in Internet Explorer adlock
There are two ways to remove ads from Internet Explorer 11: customize browser settings or use an ad blocker. Though IE has been losing its global popularity since 2012, it’s still the third most popular web browser in the USA. Every day 16 million US users choose IE to stay online. According to Microsoft, Internet Explorer is not a browser, it doesn’t support new web standards, and developers stopped doing testing for Internet Explorer. That’s why online ads slow down browser that is already not so swift and cause holes in the browser’s security. If you are not willing to switch to a safer browser use this guide to block ads in IE.

Stop Ads in Internet Explorer 11 Through Browser Settings

Internet Explorer has a feature similar to Mozilla’s Do Not Track with the same name and the same functions. When you enable this feature, you forbid third-party i.e. advertisers to collect information about you. Not only it gives you an extra layer of protection, but it also removes ads and pop-ups from Internet Explorer.

Enable Do Not Track

In the right top corner find a gear icon and click on it. Then in a drop-down menu choose category Manage Add-ons. And in a new window choose Tracking Protection then in a field right next to it right-click on Your Personalized List and choose Enable. Then click on Settings and choose Automatically block to stop tracking on all websites by default.
how to block ads in internet explorer
This is how a popular entertaining website looks like when Do Not Track option is enabled in Internet Explorer.
adblock plus internet explorer adlock
adblock extension internet explorer adlock
As you can see, Do Not Track actually hid all ads but one though there are left empty spots and so-called partners’ news which also can redirect to malicious websites like those which served by Taboola. So technically you don’t see ads, but a website remains cluttered.

How to block ads in IE using AdLock

An ad blocker is the best option to block ads in Internet Explorer and to speed it up a little bit. We would like to offer you to try AdLock for these purposes. First, because it’s a system wide adblocker and not just an extension. Internet Explorer doesn’t let third-party codes to run, this also implies to all ad blocking extensions. Simply put, Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer may fail to block all to block ads, but the whole application doesn’t fall to these limitations. AdLock also cleans up the mess left after advertising.

And second, AdLock will also shield your data from tracking and stealing. There won’t be any suspicious news from partners as well. Download and install AdLock for Windows to test it yourself. It’s free during 14-day trial without obligations. We also don’t ask your credit card details.

This is how a popular entertaining website looks like when AdLock is enabled:
block ads in ie 11 adlock
And this is how looks the bottom of the websites: no news from partners:
how to block ads in ie adlock
AdLock does a fine job blocking ads and unwanted content in Internet Explorer and we suggest you stick to our product. But we also suggest you move to another browser eventually. Internet Explorer will become more outdated every month and soon even the power of AdLock won’t bring you back satisfying and swift browsing.

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