How to Get Rid of Ads on Dailymotion

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how to block ads on dailymotion adlock
Dailymotion ads have gotten really irritating. They run after every couple of minutes, and there is no way to skip them not until you sit through at least 30 seconds of the promo. In addition to pre-rolls, mid-rolls or post-rolls Dailymotion has the whole basement set aside for sponsored links hosted by Taboola adware. And it’s more than enough to get you spinning a little bit as we all know how intrusive can be Taboola ads. In this article, we will show you how to get rid of ads on Dailymotion using video settings and using an ad blocker.

Another video-streaming service that loves to serve ads instead of videos is undoubtedly YouTube. Ads on YouTube are especially annoying while watching on a smartphone that’s why many users try to find the best YouTube ad blocker for Android.

How to disable ads on Dailymotion using video settings

If you are a Dailymotion partner and create own video content, you can make it ad-free and turn off monetization. You can disable ads while uploading video or later in the video settings. Just navigate to Monetization and choose whether you want ads to be served on your video. You can’t remove ads from all your videos at a time, you have to repeat the above actions per every video.
how to block ads on dailymotion adlock
Of course, this method will hide advertising only on your own videos if you want to get rid of
all ad content, you will need an ad blocker for Dailymotion.

How to Block Ads on Dailymotion Using AdLock

The first thing you have to do to block Dailymotion video ads is to download and install our app. Don’t worry it’s free of charge for long 14 days without any obligations.

Try AdLock on your mobile or desktop:
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Android phones with AdLock
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Open and adjust AdLock

AdLock will disable Dailymotion ads automatically when you start the application. Its settings are set up by default to stop all types of commercial content on browsers no matter what browser you prefer to use Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, etc. You won’t find annoying ads in the applications and games neither. Though you can adjust AdLock to meet your specific needs. For example, you don’t mind a certain website to show you ads, then you add its URL to AdLock Domains Exclusions.

  1. Open an AdLocker tab in the application
  2. Click on Add domain name and type a URL in this format: Since then all websites will have no ads except that one.

remove ads from dailymotion adlock

That’s it. From this moment you can enjoy Dailymotion videos without ads!