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When it comes to online advertisement, the reaction of internet users is fairly straightforward. In general, we hate ads. They pop up at the most unexpected moment, interrupt our streaming videos and online video games, and give us constant anxiety. Needless to say that with expansion of online marketing an ad blocking software market developed likewise.

Over the past few years, an ad blocker Web Guard three times expanded its audience. It proved itself as a reliable and a secure application but for some reason, it’s stopped updating. The last official update as stated at ad blocker’s website and in Play Market was on 27th of August 2017, which is why users started looking alternatives to Web Guard.

What to use instead of Web Guard?

what to use instead of web guard - adlock

Our brand new application AdLock incorporates all features our competitor provides meantime it’s lightweight and resource saving. AdLock is represented as simple multi-purposed ad blocking tool with security guard options. One software is completely enough to stop ads in all applications, browsers, and games; block phishing attempts; disable spyware and bugs.

Benefits of AdLock

  • Since AdLock is not supported by advertisers, you can be sure we won’t take advantage of you showing so-called acceptable ads. Our app doesn’t have a default whitelist as we believe only an end user can fine-tune this option.
  • Our algorithm doesn’t allow malware infected advertisements cause damage to your device. AdLock checks all suspicious requests and blocks phishing attempts.
  • For your convenience, we included regular reports to AdLock’s functional so you could monitor the number of blocked requests, deleted threats, and saved traffic.
  • AdLock can remove ads from plenty modern browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer. Your native browser on Android will be ads-free just as well.
  • You are going to enjoy fast internet as thanks to AdLock your browser won’t download ads first.

It’s important to note that Web Gard’s abilities are similar to Adlock’s ones and if we want to define whether AdLock can work as an alternative to Web Guard, we need to do a deeper analysis.

Why AdLock is better than Web Guard?

alternatives to web guard - adlock

Both AdLock and Web Guard are equally effective when it comes to blocking ads on websites, YouTube, Skype, etc. However, both ad blockers have plenty other useful functions and to define their differences we draw up a comparison table.

AdLockWeb Guard
AvailabilityAll devices on AndroidAll devices on Android
PriceFree*/year license/lifetime licenseFree/advanced paid options
Blocks ads on/inbrowser, games, applicationsbrowser, games, applications
Blocks all adsYesYes
http filterYesYes
Firewall featuresYesYes
Resource usageLowLow
*free 14-days trial

As you can see above with few exceptions AdLock and Web Guard are basically twins. Let’s consider price paragraph: AdLock is not free application our team consists of dozens of efficient and creative-thinking developers, web designers, writers, and supporting staff, and all of them work daily on constant updating our ad blocker so you could have pleasant using experience. However, you can make yourself familiar with AdLock’s functional during 14-days trial for free. For 14 days all options without exceptions will be available for you without requirements of buying a license after the trial expires. Web Guard doesn’t have a free trial, it’s free version is available but with certain functional limitations. Web Guard’s chargeless version is still able to remove ads or banner commercials but it won’t make available for you options of safebrowsing and firewall. Thereby it’s not possible to verify Web Guadr’s security functions before you buy it.

And above all Web Guard has not been updating for half a year. It’s unacceptable as dozens of new ads types appear on a regular basis and without updating ad-blocking filters an app like Web Guard won’t work properly down to an absolute ad blocking failure. In this case, you need a Web Guard replacement and AdLock can take its place.

Try the best Web Guard alternative for Android now

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AdLock can successfully replace Web Guard. With installing our application you will enjoy the twice faster internet, free from online clutter pages, and long-lasting battery. Download AdLock from here and start new ads-free life.

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