On the Front Burner: AdLock is Among the First to Be M1 Ready

If you’re lucky enough to be among people using a brand new M1 Mac or considering getting one, then you should be aware that not all of the apps you need are optimized to work on it. 

As you’d expect, all Apple software is already converted to run on the new chip. But what about the tools and apps that we’re accustomed to using on a daily basis?

To admit, there are already some applications that are faultlessly running in the M1 Macs, and other developers are still working on updating their software to be compatible with M1.

We hasten to inform you, our readers, that we’re among the first software developers to ship the M1 supporting version of our adblocking solution for Mac PCs — AdLock. Having “Garbage in, garbage out” views, we’ve tested the heck out of our M1 supporting application, and are completely sure it doesn’t crash or malfunction.

It’s already possible to surf the ad-free Internet and get your data protected using the AdLock adblocker for Mac. It bears mentioning that AdLock supporting M1 is NOT a truncated version disguised as a full-fledged app. It’s a completely optimized software with all its features and famous functionality made to meet the users’ needs and keep with hardware novelties.

And while other developers are still working on optimizing their products, we’re fighting ads and trackers on brand new M1 Macs.

Get AdLock for your Mac and forget ads exist!

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Kostya Shebanov

Kostya Shebanov

Product Owner at Hankuper s.r.o., Proud dad.!!! Led by knowledge, insight, and a pool of fresh ideas, Kostiantyn is a spectacular example of an inexhaustive leader. Outside of business, he is an energetic outdoorsman loving to hang out with family and friends. He doesn’t shirk to share his knowledge in the AdLock blog, so stay tuned.