15 Free Sites to Watch Anime Without Ads

Japanese anime has gained immense popularity in the West, leading to a high demand for ad-free anime websites. Mainstream streaming platforms often lack a comprehensive collection, focusing mainly on popular titles. In this article, you’ll discover numerous options for watching your favorite anime online, including free sites offering lesser-known yet high-quality series and movies.

Where Can You Watch Anime for Free?

Due to the significant demand for anime, numerous streaming services now offer it, including many specialized exclusively in anime. However, several online sources for anime streaming are costly and often inundate viewers with advertisements during the streaming process, leaving anime enthusiasts wondering how to watch their favorite series for free.

Fortunately, the internet hosts various platforms offering free anime without ads. We recommend a simple tool that allows you to enjoy any anime completely ad-free. Scroll down to discover a list of websites providing information on how to watch anime without ads. In the other post, we discussed how to watch Kissasian without ads.

WebsiteRegionsInfoVPN friendlyPrice and Free trial
FunimationUS, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, NZLicensed anime, English dubs, original contentNo14-day free trial/subscription costs between $7.99 and $9.99 a month
AniWave USA, Philippines, India, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.HD streaming, multiple servers, no registrationYesFree; ad-supported
AnitakuUSA, Philippines, India, UK, Canada, Singapore, etc.Wide selection of anime, manga, and Asian dramasYesFree; ad-supported
Chia-anime.suUSA, Philipines, Japan, India, Nigeria, etc.Fast updates, multiple servers, mobile-friendlyYesFree; ad-supported
Animefreak.videoMost regionsPopular anime, multiple servers, no subscription neededYesFree; ad-supported
Animeheaven.meUSA, Australia, India, EUDubbed anime, clean interface, multiple serversYesFree
Crunchyroll180+ regionsLegal streaming, simulcasts, popular anime, and mangaNo14-day free trial/subscription costs between $7.99 and $9.99 a month
KissAnimeUSA, Philippines, India, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.Extensive library, free streaming, user-friendly interfaceYesFree with ads/$6 monthly for an ad-free option
Animeflix.liveUSA, India, Philippines, EU, Mexico, etc.Easy-to-use interface, ad-free, new releasesYesFree; ad-supported
4animeUSA, UK, Canada, Philippines, etc.HD streaming, fast updates, user-friendly interfaceYesFree; ad-supported
Anime-planetMost regionsPersonalized anime recommendations, manga databaseYesFree; ad-supported/offers Patreon subscriptions
Amazon AnimeUSA, Canada, Australia, EU, India, Japan, and many others.Amazon Prime streaming, anime and manga selectionNo30-day trial/subscription costs $8.25 a month +$2.99 for an ad-free option

USA, CanadaComic-Con exclusive content, sci-fi and animeYesFree with ads/$4.99 a month for an ad-free option (live stream will still contain ads)
My Anime ListUSA, Canada, India, Canada, Indonesia, etc.Comprehensive anime and manga database, user reviewsYesFree with ads/$2.99 a month for an ad-free option 
Tubi.tvUnited States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Latin America, Australia, CanadaFree streaming, anime selection, no subscription neededYesFree; ad-supported


Funimation website

Update: unfortunately, Funimation shut down on April 2, 2024. Now, it’s a part of Crunchyroll, where you can sign in with your Funimation login and access all your favorite anime and shows. Funimation is a veteran anime streaming website dominating the scene with 2.84 million subscribers and 1 billion views. Its online service, available by subscription or free with ads, hosts a vast library. Excessive advertising can be a nuisance, but you can get rid of it with one of Funimation’s ad-free subscriptions. 

Notable features:

  1. The largest importer of anime series from East Asia, particularly Japan.
  2. Offers both free and subscription-based online streaming.
  3. Monthly subscription grants access to the entire Funimation library.
  4. The free option provides a limited selection of titles with unlimited advertisements.
  5. Mid-roll ads are prevalent during each episode, which can be frustrating.

Verdict: Funimation is a powerhouse in the anime streaming world. It offers a vast library of licensed anime and shows, catering to millions of subscribers. However, its free service is ad-heavy. 

Price: 14-day free trial, $7.99/$14.99

VPN: Funimation doesn’t support the use of VPNs due to copyright concerns. 


AniWave website

Formerly known as 9Anime, AniWave is a prominent hub for streaming anime, although it hosts unlicensed content. AniWave offers a wide range of titles, catering to Western audiences and providing both dubbed and subbed options. Avoid clicking on advertising while enjoying your favorite shows, as the website doesn’t control its content. To ensure a secure browsing experience, we recommend considering reliable ad blockers for AniWave.

Notable features:

  1. Offers a wide selection of anime titles, including unlicensed ones not typically available in the West.
  2. Most series are available with English voice-overs or subtitles.
  3. You can create and manage a watchlist for your favorite anime titles.
  4. Holds potential security risks associated with unregulated advertisements.

Verdict: AniWave’s only drawback is its questionable ads. So, if you don’t mind unlicensed content, you can enjoy using it with a reliable ad blocker. Just make sure it’s not illegal where you live. 

Price: Free

VPN: No VPN restrictions.

The only official mirrors: 


Anitaku website

Anitaku (formerly known as GoGoAnime) is a popular free anime streaming website offering early access to Japan’s latest series and a wide selection of English-dubbed shows. While unlicensed, Anitaku provides diverse anime genres with Chinese subtitles available. Be mindful of ads, as they have posed security risks in the past.

Notable features:

  1. Offers Japan’s latest series before other platforms.
  2. Most anime on Anitaku is dubbed.
  3. A diverse selection of anime genres, including comedy, action, mecha, and shounen ai.
  4. Free ad-supported streaming.
  5. Visually appealing and easy-to-navigate website.

Verdict: Anitaku is an excellent option for enjoying early access to the latest Japanese series and various English-dubbed content—all free. The easy-to-navigate website is another big plus. Just be cautious of advertisements, as some might lead to malicious services. 

Price: Free

VPN: No VPN restrictions.


You can find all updates about Anitaku mirrors and other news on https://gogotaku.info/


Chia-anime.su website

This site has recently gained popularity in several countries, including the United States, Philippines, and Japan, and averages over 17,000 users daily. It’s not a traditional streaming site but a database linking to anime hosted elsewhere. The quality of ads varies depending on the host. Since 2009, Chia-Anime has offered free manga, top-notch anime, and downloadable soundtracks. It features HD streams of popular shows like Bleach and Naruto shortly after their release in Japan. 

Notable features:

  1. Functions as a database of various anime and films hosted on other streaming platforms.
  2. Free Manga Reading.
  3. Offers high-quality anime streaming and downloadable soundtracks.
  4. New episodes air just one hour after they air in Japan.
  5. An aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface but with occasional slow loading speeds.

Verdict: Enjoy popular series in HD shortly after their Japanese release, but be prepared for slower loading times. Overall, while Chia-Anime is not a website to watch anime without ads, it’s a valuable resource for satisfying your Japanese cartoon cravings.

Price: Free

VPN: No VPN restrictions.


No known official mirrors.


Animefreak.tv website

Like many others listed here, this site offers a variety of anime titles, most of which are subbed titles not distributed in the West. This site relies heavily on users uploading series when those become available, so the quality of the streams will vary depending on the source. Ads will frequently appear throughout all shows when viewed on this website.

Notable features:

  1. Offers a diverse range of series covering various genres such as mystery, parody, fantasy, music, adventure, and supernatural.
  2. Free Streaming.
  3. Provides access to the latest episodes of favorite anime, movies, and OVAs.
  4. New chapters air shortly after their release in Japan.

Verdict: The main drawback of AnimeFreak is the presence of pop-up advertisements, which can be disruptive to your experience.

Price: Free

VPN: No VPN restrictions.


No known official mirrors.


Animeheaven.me website

The original animeheaven.eu shut down in 2018 but rose like a phoenix in 2023. It gained popularity for offering a vast catalog of anime across different genres, including popular and classic titles. Many titles, especially older ones, are missing due to limited space on the website’s server. At least it’s a rare anime website without ads, so we can’t complain, can we?

Notable features:

  1. A slightly limited collection of titles, though regularly updated.
  2. Free streaming.
  3. Offers 18 different themes to customize the website’s appearance.
  4. Facilitates community interaction through features like ratings and sharing.
  5. The Watch2Gether feature allows you to watch the same episode with your friends and discuss it in the chat.
  6. No ads in sight.

Price: Free

VPN: No VPN restrictions.


No known official mirrors.


CrunchyRoll website

Crunchyroll is a top choice for all fans who don’t support illegal streaming. Established in 2006, Crunchyroll is a pioneer in the industry, popularizing Japanese culture in the West. It offers ad-supported free titles and a Premium subscription for ad-free streaming and rapid episode releases (within an hour of airing in Japan). Apart from Premium subscriptions, other ways exist to remove ads from Crunchyroll.

Notable features:

  1. Offers a selection of anime titles with Japanese audio and various subtitles for free with ads.
  2. All dubbed series without ads are available with a Premium subscription.
  3. The Premium subscription comes with a 14-day free trial; after that, the subscription costs $7.99 or $9.99 monthly.
  4. Provides a library of digital manga for online reading.
  5. Premium subscribers can stream on up to four devices simultaneously.
  6. Features a store with anime-related merchandise.

Verdict: Crunchyroll continues to be the preferred destination for streaming anime online. Hardcore genre fans appreciate its intuitive design, budget-friendly subscription options, and various unique features. With a vast selection of popular and niche titles, Crunchyroll remains the ultimate hub for exploring and enjoying the world of anime.

Price: 14-day free trial, $7.99/$9.99

VPN: Crunchyroll doesn’t support the use of VPNs due to copyright concerns. 


Animeflix.live website

Animeflix is a beta project launched by guys from AnimeUltima. It provides tons of anime shows and a bunch of new features, like online chat and the convenience of logging in via the AnimeUltima account. It would be fair to admit that this service is still raw and unpolished, as it’s a relatively young website requiring lots of work.

Notable features:

  1. The player features convenient time markers for the start and end of the intro.
  2. Ads are displayed as fake notifications and appear suspicious.
  3. The interface is somewhat messy.
  4. There is a vast collection of anime titles.
  5. You don’t need to create an account to watch anime.

Verdict: Despite being around for several years, Animeflix is still in its early stages. Its interface is raw and somewhat unpolished and requires improvement. Nonetheless, Animeflix provides a vast collection of anime titles and convenient features. Just don’t click on any ads.

Price: Free

VPN: No VPN restrictions.


No known official mirrors.

Are you interested in other genres of cinema? In one of our previous posts, we told you how to watch Peacock without ads.


4anime website

4anime is a fascinating specimen on our list. Being a convenient service with a sleek interface, it provides weebs with an inexhaustible supply of animes for every taste. As opposed to most names from our list, 4anime is an anime website without ads, as it gets monetized through donations from grateful viewers. Recently, the service introduced another interesting feature: redirects. These redirects occur when you click anywhere on the page or on a button labeled “VIEW FULL SITE” while your cursor appears as an arrow instead of a hand.

Notable features:

  1. All titles are available in HD quality.
  2. Multiple servers are available to choose from if one is down.
  3. Free and with no ads in sight.
  4. The redirects to online casinos, fake video players, and marketplaces raise concerns. Ensure your ad blocker for anime websites is active and includes features to block malware and redirects.
Possible redirects
Possible pop-ups

Verdict: While 4anime may have its benefits in terms of content and user experience, the presence of redirects raises significant safety issues that you should be cautious of when considering whether to use this platform. 

Price: Free

VPN: No VPN restrictions.


No known official mirrors.


Anime-planet website

Anime-planet claims its 45,000 anime episodes are legal and industry-supported to stream. Everything is available to watch without registration and logging in, but as the welcome banner says, “Sign up for a better experience.” A better viewing experience involves user perks like creating personal anime lists, bookmarks, etc. In addition to animated movies, Anime-planet offers tons of manga. But is Anime-planet among the anime sites without ads? Unfortunately, no. 

Notable features:

  1. Legal and Industry-Supported Streaming.
  2. User Perks with Registration.
  3. Extensive Library of Anime and Manga.
  4. Serves as a platform to meet and interact with fellow genre enthusiasts through discussion boards and forums.
  5. Offers various enhancements such as Discord chat, news updates, and character rating systems to enrich the user experience.
  6. Free but ad-supported; provides Patreon subscriptions.

Verdict: If you’re a dedicated anime fan seeking a robust community and extensive content library, Anime-planet is worth using despite the ads. Anime-planet works fine with an enabled ad blocker, and you can support the platform by becoming its patron. 

Price: Free

VPN: No VPN restrictions.

Amazon Anime

Amazon Anime website

Amazon Prime is a leading streaming platform with a vast media library. With an Amazon Prime subscription, you can access a diverse range of anime titles, from classics like Pokemon and Avatar to newer hits like Re: Creators. Rent or buy full copies of your favorite shows, and enjoy endless entertainment through Anime TV and themed channels.
Notable features:

  1. Extensive Media Library.
  2. Instant streaming and renting or purchasing full copies directly on Amazon Prime.
  3. Variety of Channels.
  4. High-quality viewing with the choice of English subtitles or voiceovers.
  5. Interactive Features like X-Ray, rating, and resuming streams from where you left off.

Verdict: Amazon Prime is worth using if you need all the benefits offered by the subscription. In that case, anime titles come as another valuable bonus. 

Price: Free with a Prime subscription of $139/year

VPN: No VPN restrictions, but the content will still be tied to your country of residence based on your credit card information.


RetroCrush website

RetroCrush is your destination for classic free anime from the Golden Age. Explore iconic shows and exclusive English releases from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the genre, RetroCrush offers something for everyone. Enjoy a free tier with ads or upgrade to an ad-free premium. Note: Subscribers may experience ads due to technical issues, but customer service is responsive and offers prompt refunds.

Notable features:

  1. Cross-Platform Accessibility: RetroCrush is available on Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, and more.
  2. Focus on Classic Anime.
  3. Free Ad-Supported Tier.
  4. Premium Subscription Option.
  5. Available only in the USA and Canada.

Verdict: RetroCrush is a promising platform for fans of classic anime from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. However, note that VPN usage is restricted, and due to technical issues, there may be occasional ads for premium subscribers. If you’re in the USA or Canada, RetroCrush is worth exploring.

Price: Free with ads; Premium costs $4.99 monthly or $49.99 annually

VPN: No VPN restrictions.


MyAnimeList website

Despite a somewhat dated design, MyAnimeList is a must-bookmark for true anime fans. Dive into a wealth of geeky content, including comprehensive info on influential anime and manga. The site will redirect you to official platforms like Crunchyroll for new episodes if any title is missing. You can also get news and top recommendations and connect with a massive user community. Die-hard fans may opt for the ad-free version for $29.99/year.

Notable features:

  1. Provides extensive information on anime, aeni, donghua, manhwa, manhua, doujinshi, and light novels.
  2. A massive user community with reviews, recommendations, interest stacks, forums, and interest clubs.
  3. Personal Lists.
  4. News and Recommendations.
  5. Scoring System.

Price: Free anime streaming with ads; Ad-free plan costs $2.99 monthly and $29.99 annually.

VPN: No VPN restrictions.


Tubi.tv website

Tubi is a leading streaming platform with 33 million monthly active users, backed by Fox Corporation’s expansive licensing. Dive into their vast anime selection, featuring classics like Yu-gi-oh and Cowboy Bebop alongside niche favorites. Enjoy multi-device syncing, Chromecast support, and a Kids-friendly mode. While Tubi.tv is not an ad-free anime website, it’s free to access in supported regions like the US, Australia, Mexico, and the UK.

Notable features:

  1. A diverse range of anime titles, from popular series to niche favorites.
  2. Offers multi-device syncing and Chromecast support.
  3. Kids-Friendly Mode.
  4. Ad-Supported Free tier.
  5. User-friendly interface.

Verdict: If you’re located in a supported region and don’t mind occasional ads, Tubi is worth exploring for its diverse anime selection. Tubi doesn’t encourage the use of VPNs, and some popular services can be blocked. 

Price: Free

VPN: Not VPN-friendly. 

How to Block Ads on Anime Website with AdLock

Now that you know where to find the anime you want to watch, it is time to discuss the most important topic: Is watching anime without ads possible? Well, you’ll need an ad blocker for this purpose, and that’s where you’ll find AdLock handy. We proudly recommend it due to its reliable performance and user-friendly features. 

There are three AdLock options you can choose from: 

1) Free extension compatible with Chrome and Safari browsers

2) Desktop applications 

3) Mobile and tablet applications. 

The free extension fully blocks ads across the web without exceptions and prioritizes user privacy. Our paid versions support our free products, ensuring we do not collect any user data. Download AdLock for Chrome or Safari and see for yourself.

The paid AdLock products offer you greater control over your online experience. You can decide which sites are allowed or blocked, adjust settings to your preference, and prevent websites from tracking you, making it an ideal ad blocker for anime websites. This protection is available at an affordable cost of $12 per year or $3.49 per month, covering up to five devices.

Here’s how to use AdLock on your PC or Mac:

  1. Download and install AdLock for Windows or macOS.
  2. Choose your plan and obtain the license key.
  3. Launch AdLock, click Activate, and paste the 9-digit license key.
  4. Enable ad-blocking with the large toggle.

Using AdLock on iPhone and iPad:

  1. Download AdLock from the App Store and install it.
  2. Go to Settings => Safari => Extensions and enable all AdLock toggles.
  3. Open AdLock and toggle on Ad-free web surfing.
  4. You can stop here if you want to watch anime for free without ads exclusively on Safari. To extend ad-blocking beyond the default browser, toggle on Premium and choose a subscription plan.

Using AdLock on Android:

  1. Install AdLock for Android on your device.
  2. Open AdLock, tap the hamburger menu => Settings.
  3. Check for updates and tap UPDATE if available.
  4. Navigate to the AdLock tab, tap INSTALL CERTIFICATE, and follow the instructions.
  5. Enjoy a free 2-week trial, then select a plan for uninterrupted ad-free browsing.
AdLock installed on iOS, macOS, Windows and Android devices


Undoubtedly, Crunchyroll is the most convenient website for legal streaming of Japanese animation, offering a vast library and premium features. For those unconcerned with moral dilemmas, 4anime remains the best anime website without ads. Just be cautious of dangerous redirects, and never visit without AdLock. Even a simple AdLock browser extension is sufficient to protect you from potential phishing and other malicious intents.


How Can I Watch Uncensored Anime Legally

Generally, you may watch an uncensored series on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Those three offer quite a wide range of anime with juicy details. If your tastes are more than videos with juicy details, or you’ve already watched all of the available content and wish for something other than your favorite “Legend of the Overfiend” or “La Blue Girl,” then the best option for you is to search for new shows on jlist.com and buy it.

Where can I watch uncensored anime legally?

The list of websites to watch uncensored anime series is shrinking as the number of free anime websites decreases overall. Currently, we have AnimeFreak, AniWave, Anime-planet, and AnimeHeaven. Crunchyroll offers a variety of titles like Yosuga no Sora and Senran Kagura, depending on the version provided by the licensor. If it’s censored, Crunchyroll will show the censored version; if it’s uncensored, it will not be censored.

Do I Need to Use VPN for Watching Anime?

Well, it’s up to you, but a VPN service won’t do much for you besides providing “privacy” while browsing and making the connection with the website less stable.

Is there an anime website that doesn’t have ads?

Oh, boy, the answers to this question usually age like milk. For now, I can recommend 4anime. I’ve been testing it for a week and was pleased with its interface and absence of commercials. I can’t guarantee it will take its pedestal forever, so if the first thing you see on the website is an ad, please don’t come after me. You better come for AdLock, the best ad blocker for anime websites.

Where can you watch dubbed anime for free without ads?

Reading subtitles while trying to concentrate on action is hard, only old anime lovers have mastered this art. And while Senseis are still practicing their technique, newer people prefer watching dubbed series. Where can one find dubbed anime? Here’s the top 10 platforms: Netflix, Funimation, Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, Amazon Prime, 9Anime, GoGoanime, Animefever, AniMixPlay, AnimeFrenzy. Enjoy! Of course, there’s no guarantee that you wont have ads as the majority of free anime services earn money through advertisement, but you can stick to a good adblocker 🙂

Do ad blockers work on anime websites?

We can’t speak for every ad blocker, but with AdLock, you can watch anime on all free websites without ads. AdLock also blocks unwanted redirects and malware.

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