Where to Watch NHL Games For Free Without Ads

Ice hockey is undeniably thrilling, with its fast-paced action, teamwork, and unforgettable moments. The NHL offers some of the most exciting hockey in the world. If you’re looking to watch hockey for free, we’ve got you covered.

While premium services like ESPN+ and NHL Live offer high-quality streams without ads, they come with a price tag. For those unable to afford a subscription, free alternatives exist. Although free streaming platforms may be filled with ads, AdLock can solve this issue.

Join us as we explore free NHL streaming apps and how AdLock can enhance your viewing experience. 

Watch NHL Live Streams With Premium

Let’s start with official sources that stream NHL games (and a ton of other sporting events/leagues as well). In one of our articles, we’ve already covered some of them.

  • Sling

Sling TV is a popular alternative to cable television that offers paid subscribers a bunch of sport-related channels (and not only) like Fox Sports, ESPN, Hockey Night in Canada, NHL Network, etc. for a price of $20-25 per month. Among non-hockey channels are TNT, AMC, Disney, Comedy Central, etc. There are two Sling options to choose from — Sling Blue and Sling Orange. The difference between the two options is 5 bucks and the array of available channels.

  • ESPN+

EPSN plus is another premium streaming service offering viewers a ton of fun content including dozens of sporting events, documentaries, award-winning films, and all that good stuff. It covers all daily events like NHL, NFL, NCAA, and MLB.ESPN+ Annual Plan would cost you roughly $100 or $10 per month.

By the way, did you know that it’s quite easy to get rid of ads on ESPN app? We bet you didn’t. Go ahead and check out our article!

  • fuboTV

FuboTV is one of the best paid streaming platforms for true sports fans. It has Golf Channel, CBS, NBC, NFL, NHL, and FOX — just to mention a couple. Literally, anything you’d want to watch is available on fuboTV. But dang, its subscription price is scary, as it starts with a “Pro” tier at a stunning $69.99/month.

  • Hulu + Live TV

We couldn’t pass by one of the biggest names out there. And yes, it now has a live sports option. Hulu Live offers a bunch of sports channels including ESPN, NBC, etc. Ad-supported plans on Hulu Live start at $8/month, while ad-free Hulu would cost you $15/month. Just take a look at this:

And, of course, for an additional price, you can get HBO, Cinemax, Disney, Showtime, etc. No, I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye.

Are There Free NHL Streaming Apps or Websites?

That’s a nice question, considering we’ve already mentioned there are, right? Just kidding. Given that subscription plans offered by big streaming platforms are quite expensive, there are free alternatives. Not just one or two places where you can watch your favorite NHL team but a dozen of websites. Some of them are okay, others are dumpsters. 

The majority of free streaming websites are packed with diverse types of ads, redirects, and other annoying elements. Some of those websites may even contain malicious stuff which may steal your data or even harm your device. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust any of the free streaming platforms but what it does mean is that you should choose carefully. 

And that is why we’re here — to relieve stress and make things easier for you. The worldwide web can be clean of ads and online threats lurking here and there if you get yourself AdLock. Not only will it make your Internet activities completely ad-free but safe and secure also. It’s not just an average adblocker, no-no. So, how can you watch free NHL streams without ads and what should you do?

How Can I Watch NHL Streaming Without Ads With Adlock

AdLock is a plumber, not a bender. It does a lot. Being built by cybersecurity experts, AdLock provides top-tier safety and security online and the best adblocking on the market. It cleans up all trash scattered over the Internet in no time and disables sneaky trackers, bugs, and malicious requests in a snap. 

Having AdLock on board, you’ll be able to watch Crunchyroll, Twitch, and YouTube without ads and literally any streaming service out there!

AdLock is available for all popular operating systems be it iOS or Android, macOS or Windows. All you need to get our adblocker is

  • Go to the “Products” tab on the website menu;
  • Choose the operating system;
  • Download the installer and run it;
  • Follow the onboarding hints to correctly set up AdLock;
  • Activate the application;
  • Enjoy ad-free Internet 🙂

Lay the Lumber on advertisement today — get yourself AdLock!

Top 7 Websites to Watch NHL Streams For Free

We’ve comprised a list of 7 online services with NHL streams without ads worth considering. Choose the one that suits you the best.

1. NHLBite

NHLBite is a free NHL streaming site that doesn’t require registration — just watch and chill. Back in the day, it started as a Reddit NHL stream and has grown into what we have today — a neat sports channel. It even has tables and schedules for your convenience. 

Given that NHLBite is a website, you can watch NHL games online free of charge on any device you have — PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. All you need is to open the website and press “Play”. NHLBite is legit one of the best free nhl streaming sites with a minimalistic interface and nice arrangement.

2. NHL Live Stream

This one is another website that lets you watch free NHLstreams. Looking quite like NHLBite, this website might be a mirror service but we have no proof of that. We’ve placed this service in second place for a couple of reasons. It’s easy to use, convenient and has a long list of NHL matches in HD. What’s even cooler is that you can also watch NBA, UFC, and NFL there. Paired with an adblocker like AdLock, this free NHL streaming site is quite a banger.

3. NHL66

NHL66 is a well-known free streaming platform allowing hockey fans to watch their fav teams live in high definition. Available on all devices (since it’s a website), this one is a find.

NHL66 offers incredible support, including a YouTube channel with reviews, tutorials, etc.

Unlike other services on our list, NHL66 is dedicated solely to hockey — you won’t find any other topic. Ah yes, it also has a live chat for fans to have extra fun during epic clutches.

4. Buffstreams

Buffstreams is another comprehensive live sports streaming platform that covers not only NFL but a lot more. It offers soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. If you’re not an “only hockey fan” and do enjoy any sporting event, then Buffstreams is a godsend. It offers a great collection of NHL streams in good quality.

What’s somewhat lame about this streaming website is its not very convenient interface and that the stream opens in a new window. No, there’s no problem with a new window apart from that an antivirus program may yell at you. We assume it’s caused by a script on the page, but we haven’t dug deeper into the problem. The thing we know for sure is that AdLock would disable any harmful script if any.

5. FirstRow Sports

This one as well offers an excellent pool of games and leagues to watch. Being out there for years, FirstRow has earned its name as a reliable streaming platform that doesn’t make viewers pay any fees or sign up. The most annoying thing about this website is that it’s literally overcrowded with ads, pop-ups, and other stuff which (if you don’t have an adblocker) will make you freak out. Advertisement is an understandable aspect of any free service, but dang! You better get yourself AdLock before you visit this dinosaur of NHL streaming.

6. NHL Webcast

It’s a decent website that is fairly easy to use. It offers a lot of sporting events where NHL is the most streamed one. Choose the match and quality, press “Watch” — no extra steps. This service also provides the possibility of recording games to watch later. This option is 100% free also. Basically, it provides everything a sports fan needs in one device.


Another trending sports streaming website that has a lot of convenient features. This one is also free of charge and doesn’t require registering on the website. You just go there and watch your team play. Bosscast offers a range of leagues and matches to watch in your free time. 

Final Thoughts

Now you have a neat list of websites you can “watch NHL online free no ads” you were searching for. Sadly, no free website is free of ads, but you now also know about AdLock. Given that AdLock is a full-fledged adblocker application, it will not only help you watch NHL streaming websites but much more. It works systemwide which means all your apps, browsers, and whatever you have installed on your device will be ad-free. You would not have to have a dozen of different extensions/addons. All you need is the AdLock application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are NHL streaming websites legal?

Official streaming websites that pay for the license are doing it legally, and they’re not free of charge. Free sports stream sites are usually not very legal. How do they steam then? These websites may be hosted in another country that has no coverage and thus avoid any legal actions.

Is my privacy safe while watching NHL streams for free?

It depends on whether you take any precautionary actions. Having AdLock on your device will save your nerves and hardware from possible threats. If you wish to be safe while watching free nhl with no ads, consider getting yourself a reliable adblocker and security protector — AdLock.

Is it possible to watch NHL streaming without ads?

Definitely. Choose among the best free nhl streaming sites from our list, download and activate AdLock on your device and you’re good to go!

Do I have to register on NHL streaming sites?

Some free nhl live streaming websites ask users to sign up and even provide credit card details but we don’t trust them. And that’s why our list contains only completely hassle-free sites.

Is it possible to watch NHL streams without ads on YouTube?

You may get access to NHL streams on YouTube, but taking to account that illegal content is blocked there, the only way to watch live sports on YT is to get a paid subscription. Enthusiasts, from time to time, try streaming live events but get taken down in no time since they violate copyright laws. By the way, here’s some valuable information on how to block ads on youtube app.

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