How to Get Rid of Ads on Mobile Games

Let me enlighten you on how to get rid of ads on mobile games. Because, let’s face it, in-game ads are the ultimate buzzkill. They hijack your precious gaming time, demanding you watch endless streams of ads just to snag a few bonuses.

But fear not, for I’m here to share some savvy solutions for blocking ads in mobile games on both Android and iPhone. So, buckle up to dive into the world of ad-free gaming!

How to Block Ads in Android Games

There are many ways to avoid ads in mobile games on an Android phone. In my collection, you will find the five most popular ones.

Turn on airplane mode

The ads are not built into the app. Your game downloads them from external servers. The airplane mode shuts down any internet connection and prevents the game from downloading advertising. As a nice side effect, your battery life will last longer because your phone won’t spend it on network services. Simple as it is. This method only works for some games, as most require a constant web connection.

Use a VPN service to block ads in games on Android phones

VPN reroutes your traffic and makes a server believe you are in another country. Choose a country that is less likely to be targeted by advertisers. The best would be to check what languages your game supports and choose a country that speaks neither of them from the list in the VPN service. That way, you may not completely block ads in Android games, but you will significantly reduce their number. 

Use a private DNS

First, find a reliable ad-blocking DNS server you trust to intercept your traffic and filter ads. Then open Settings and select Network & Internet or Wireless & Networks. Scroll down and tap Private DNS, and in the Configure Private DNS field, type down the DNS of your choice. 

Pay for a game or an ad-free subscription if offered

If you want to know how to block ads in apps and games ethically, then your choice is a paid subscription. Unfortunately, most games neglect this option. Even monthly payments to turn off ads in mobile games don’t cover the revenue from showing said ads. 

Use a modded apk

As simple as it is. Find a mod that promises to block in-game ads, download, and install it. Probably the most illegal trick. 

FYI, in one of our posts, we told you how to block ads on Xiaomi smartphones.

How to Block Ads on iPhone & iPad Games

The guide on how to block ads on mobile games on iPhone or iPad is significantly shorter, as iOS doesn’t provide its users the same level of freedom as Android does. But there are still three ways apart of AdLock you can try. 

Turn off Wi-Fi and Mobile Data

It works on the same principle as on Android, meaning no internet – no ads on your screen. 

  • First, open your favorite game and let it collect all updates; 
  • Now go to your Control Center and tap the Wi-Fi and Mobile Data icons to turn them off;
  • Now, turn off the game, wait a few seconds, and relaunch it. 

Disable internet access to a particular game. 

This method lets you stay online using mobile data while restricting the game from connecting to the web. This is how to block ads in games via iPhone settings:

  1. First, turn off Wi-Fi. 
  2. Now, open Settings => Mobile Service => Scroll down, find a game or an app, and switch off the toggle next to it. 

This method works only with mobile data, so disabling Wi-Fi is mandatory. 

Use third-party ad blockers. 

If you have doubts about AdLock, you can find a suitable solution to block mobile game ads online. One suggestion: stick to paid options because free ones might profit from your personal data.

Other Methods for Both

A couple of uniform methods for Android and iOS devices are also worth mentioning. These would help you get rid of specific ads that annoy you — they’re dumb, repetitive, and look like scams. So, what can you do about such commercials?

  1. Report offensive ads

Many mobile games offer the option to report offensive or inappropriate ads. This feature allows users to flag problematic commercial content for review or removal, benefiting both players and game developers. While reporting ads typically results in them being removed from your view, it does not guarantee that they will not reappear. If the reported ad is deemed inappropriate upon review, game developers will remove it from circulation. However, this does not remove ads from games for good, only the most bothersome ones.

  1. Limit ad tracking

This feature, typically found in the device’s settings (under Privacy or Ads), enables users to limit advertisers from tracking their activity across apps for targeted advertising purposes. As a result, users may encounter fewer personalized ads. Personalized ads can be intrusive, bombarding users with advertisements for products or services they have recently searched for online. By utilizing this feature, users can mitigate the influx of targeted advertisements across various browsers and apps.

  1. Purchase the ad-free version of the app

The typical response to the question of ‘how to block ads in apps and games’ is to ‘buy ad-free’ or ‘subscribe’, which is indeed the simplest approach. Some games provide an ad-free version for purchase, usually requiring a one-time payment to remove ads entirely from the game, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience. Alternatively, others offer ad-free gaming through a subscription-based model, with prices varying depending on the game, some of which can be quite expensive. 

These methods grant users a level of control over the types of ads they encounter or the option to eliminate them by opting for a paid ad-free version of the game.

The Best Ad Blockers for Games

Here’s a table of five popular ad blockers known for their effectiveness in blocking ads in mobile games:

Ad BlockerPlatformFeaturesPrice
AdLockAndroid, iOS– Blocks ads in all apps and games
– Disables trackers and malicious requests
– Customizable and user-friendly
Free/Offers subscriptions up to $3.5 monthly
BlokadaAndroid– Ad blocking 
– Customizable
– Open-source
Free/Offers in-app purchases up to $61.99
Adblock PlusSamsung Internet (Android), Safari
– Blocks ads in apps and browsers
– Customizable
DNS66Android– Host-based ad-blocking
– Easy setup

The effectiveness of ad blockers can vary based on device configurations, game types, and updates made by ad networks or game developers. The good thing is that every self-respecting mobile game ad blocker developer provides a free trial period for users to test their ad blocker for apps in action and then make a choice.

Use AdLock to Block Ads in Mobile Games & Apps

As you might gather from the name of this site, AdLock is our ad blocker. It’s a system-wide solution that can stop annoying ads on web pages, apps, and games. We tried to make it as simple as possible. All that is required from you is to install AdLock on your Android or iOS device, switch it on, and complete a two-step adjustment. After that, AdLock will remove ads in mobile games and applications. 

AdLock adjusting for iPhone or iPad: 

  • Open Settings, find and tap Safari.
  • Tap Extensions and switch on all AdLock toggles.
  • Launch AdLock, and tap the Ad-free web surfing toggle to enable ad-blocking. Wait for a couple of minutes until AdLock finishes downloading all necessary filters.
  • Tap the Premium toggle and choose a $12 yearly or $3,49 monthly plan. You’ll get a 7-day trial, and if you don’t like the work of AdLock, you’ll receive your money back, no questions asked. 

How to stop ads when playing games on Android with AdLock: 

  • Launch AdLock and tap a hamburger menu and choose Settings
  • Tap Check for Updates and tap UPDATE in the next window.
  • Tap a hamburger menu, choose Buy now, and select your plan.

AdLock is the best ad blocker for mobile games as it can block game ads on Android and iOS from most developers. However, if it fails, we guarantee you your money back. If you want to know beforehand whether AdLock will hide ads in a particular app, please don’t hesitate to ask us using the Contact Us form on our site.

Disadvantages of Blocking Ads in Mobile Games

Ad blockers and paid subscriptions are the only methods to block ads in mobile games without consequences. Every other solution in this article involves sacrifices on your part.

  1. Turning off the internet connection: By choosing this method, you might miss important calls and messages. Additionally, game challenges and updates will be unavailable.
  2. Using VPN services: While this may reduce ads, they may still appear in a foreign language. Opting for a free VPN service could expose your internet activity to intruders.
  3. Using a private DNS: Unless you create your own DNS, there’s a risk of exposing sensitive data.
  4. Opting for modded APKs: Not only is this illegal, but unless you’ve modified it yourself, you can’t be sure it doesn’t contain malicious codes.

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Free Game Without Ads to Look Out For

Most free games without in-app purchases or advertisements are tailored for children, prioritizing their safety. Advertisements, particularly video commercials, may feature content unsuitable for younger audiences. Moreover, children may inadvertently make purchases that their guardians may contest later. Notably, PBS KIDS Games for Android/iOS exemplifies this category. 

Contrarily, genuinely free games for adults are rare. Game developers continually seek methods to extract money from our wallets, which is understandable given the game development costs. Fortunately, we have curated a selection of 26 mobile games with no ads, which we excitedly invite you to explore. Within our list, you’ll discover a diverse range of genres, including arcades, puzzles, shooters, racing games, and more, catering to various preferences. Our dedicated team meticulously tested each game, guaranteeing that all titles are safe and entirely free of ads and in-game purchases.     

Final Thoughts

This article made me nostalgic about those good old days when we used to own something. We paid an agreed price for a game or an app and enjoyed it without commercial breaks. And don’t make me start on subscription-based services. Modern mobile games increasingly resemble slot machines because each round is getting pricier to continue. While it’s understandable that game-dev is incredibly complicated and game designers go out of their way to make the games unique and beautiful, the advertising must be moderated. There will be more articles on how to get rid of ads in mobile games until game developers establish a dialogue with their users. On the bright side, AdLock will grow stronger and more intelligent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to block ads in games?

It’s best not to block ads. Game developers did a great job implementing ads in gameplay, rewarding users with bonuses for watching. And it’s often impossible to progress without those bonuses unless you want to be stuck on a single challenge for days. The second best way is to pay for an ad-free option if offered. The third is to use AdLock. In some cases, like with Crossy Road ads, AdLock lets you collect bonuses from playing commercials while removing them.

Why do mobile games have so many ads?

​​One of the reasons is that advertising keeps games free for you. The other one is about money from in-app purchases. When you want to gain something, you usually have two options: watch an ad or spend real money to achieve that right away. You could only watch ads and gain all you wanted for free, but game developers left time gaps between ads. So if you’re going to keep playing, you must spend real money. Sometimes, ad banners cover the bonuses, and you’ll have to tap the ad to collect them. 

Which games have more ads on Android or iOS?

Google is the biggest online advertiser in the world and owns Android, so it sounds logical that Android serves more ads. However, according to Business of Apps, iOS made 65% of all games and apps revenue in 2021. However, the report doesn’t divide that on income from ads and in-app purchases. This question requires a lot of research, but it’s safe to say that both platforms have too many ads in games. Luckily, you’ve found our article and now know how to remove ads from apps and games hassle-free.

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