How to Remove Ads From Pandora

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Forget about Ads!
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Pandora is a music streaming platform with an automated recommendation music service for lazy music lovers. It customizes radio channels according to your preferences. By playing songs with similar musical traits, Pandora collects “thumbs up” and thumbs down” feedback from users to then customize playlists and subsequent songs to play.
Pandora is a freemium product, and like all freemiums, it’s limited in features and loaded full of adverts. There are three major types of Pandora ads:

  1. Banners — the softest adverts that just quietly stick to your screen;
  2. Video ads — the more annoying type though sometimes can be entertaining;
  3. Audio ads — the most obnoxious commercials interrupting your binge listening and there is no way you can shut them off.

This article will show you ways to skip ads on Pandora.

From year to year, the number of ads on smartphones gets bigger and bigger. Some publishers show us that it’s possible to stuff as much commercial content as you wish. But luckily there is a simple answer to your question about how to block ads on Android.


Pandora Implemented Interactive Voice Ads

On top of already annoying audio commercials, Pandora Radio now has audio ads that directly involve users.

This new audio advertisement format avails of Pandora’s voice technology, implemented for the purpose of smart voice assistant, launched in 2019. Voice ads are streamed to involve Pandora users into interaction with commercial content by answering questions aloud. Yeah, if you were asked if you are hungry, you’d have to answer “Yes” or “Nope” and then hear some suggestions about where to go and what to eat.

By making the advertising interactive, Pandora makes its listeners pay attention to the advertiser’s content, hence increasing the outreach. It’s believed that this approach helps to create a more meaningful way of advertising. From the advertiser’s point of view — yes, definitely, but from the listeners’ point — hell no. We just want to listen to our favorite music, don’t we?

How to Block Ads on Pandora Using AdLock

The easiest, the quickest and yet the cheapest method to get no more annoying ads is to use a Pandora ad blocker. AdLock is all in one app solution to delete unwanted commercial and scum content throughout your device. It takes you only a moment to install and adjust AdLock and then it starts to block ads in browsers, apps, messengers, games, and everywhere. You can try out AdLock during the 14-day trial and then decide whether you want to experience pure content or would rather prefer adverts all over the place. A year license for a fully-featured AdLock application costs $11 for Android and $27 for Windows.

AdLock for Windows

To listen to desktop Pandora with no ads install AdLock for Windows. AdLock will take over the operation and suggest you the perfect folder for installation. Launch an app after the installation has finished and that’s all. You can freely press the close button, so the AdLock would do its blocking stuff in the background removing every ad on your way.

AdLock for Android

To block Pandora ads in the app, you need to download AdLock for Android install it, and follow instructions of the guide below to adjust AdLock:

    1. Launch AdLock application;
    2. Check for updates;
    3. Enable HTTPS filtering;

    Since commercials and their insertion constantly change to override ad-blocking services, it’s important to have a relevant version of AdLock. To update ad removing algorithms, filtering scripts and rules, launch AdLock application, tap hamburger menu at the top right corner and choose “Check updates”. In a new menu tap “UPDATE ALL”.

  1. Switch to the AdLocker tab and enable HTTPS filtering. In a pop-up window tap “OK”. Then you will be asked to set a graphic key to verify your identity for future actions. Set a pattern you surely will remember.
  2. That’s it! Enjoy Pandora without ads!

  3. Remove Ads on Pandora by Upgrading Your Account With the Mobile App

    Even though Pandora is a free app, it offers three paid types of subscription: Pandora Plus, Pandora Premium, and Pandora Premium Family. Each subscription can be purchased monthly or annually: Pandora Plus is $4.99/month or $54.89/year; Pandora Premium is is $9.99/month or $109.89/year; Pandora Premium Family is $14.99 monthly or $164.89 annually. For the price, you will get, besides ad-free Pandora, unlimited personalized stations, several stations for offline listening, search and offline listening to songs (for Premium), higher quality audio, and unlimited skips and replays. And here comes the first trap unlimited skips are limited to 6 skips per hour. If you want to skip more songs you’ll be offered… well…to watch an ad. I leave it to your discretion to decide whether that’s fair and only guide you on upgrading your subscription to commercial-free Pandora.       
    pandora premium adlock

    How to upgrade to a monthly subscription to Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium

    1. Launch Pandora app and tap the menu icon and choose Settings.
    2. Select Upgrade and you will then be taken to the Google Play payment page.
    3. Check the box stating that you agree to the payments for Google Play Terms of Service.
    4. Confirm the purchase by selecting Accept & Subscribe.
    5. Your subscription will be set to auto-renew by default, but you can deactivate this option anytime.

    And here comes the second trap — you can purchase an annual subscription to Pandora Plus, Pandora Premium or Pandora Premium Family only from the browser.

    Get Rid of Ads on Pandora by Upgrading to Pandora Premium on Desktop

    pandora plus adlock

    1. Visit
    2. Select the subscription plan you prefer.
    3. Choose your method of payment:
    4. Agree to the Pandora Subscription Terms and submit your payment. Your subscription will be set to auto-renew by default but you can disable it anytime later.

    To admit, users have an option to try Pandora Premium for up to a 90-day trial period. It is redeemable only on Pandora Premium Trial Pass is open to US residents 18+, no purchase necessary, and can be used only once. If you do not want a subscription once your Trial expires, you must disable auto-renewal prior to the expiration of your Trial.

    Dailymotion ads run after every couple of minutes, and there is no way to skip them not until you sit through at least 30 seconds of the promo. If you tired of them you will appreciate this guide on how to get rid of ads on Dailymotion.
Forget about Ads!
Windows laptop with adlock
Try AdLock for free on your Windows device
Make your internet activity ad-free