How to Block Ads on SoundCloud App [2021 Update]

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Put an end in Soundcloud ads
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There are three ways to block ads on SoundCloud app on unrooted Android devices: configuring VPN settings, using an ad blocker, subscribing to SoundCloud Go/Go+. Neither of these ways is free, though. If you own a rooted Android phone, consider yourself lucky. You can remove ads in SoundCloud using a hosts file for no charge. Check out the pros and cons of this method to block ads on Android in browsers, apps, and games.

For many years SoundCloud has been an unprofitable service. In 2017 the service had to cut 40% of staff and close offices in London and San-Francisco. There were rumors that service would be shut down and internet activists even began working on saving SoundCloud’s music library, but then everything went fine at the cost of an uncontrolled number of ads. Not only users keep hearing the same dull advertising after every single song, but a SoundCloud app also insists user reopen an app to finish listening to an ad.

What's happen when SoundCloud adblocker off

We have big respect to SoundCloud it’s a great service for self-made artists and for music lovers, we understand their desire to keep the power on, and so on. But some regulation of advertising amount and quality would be nice. Before the music service manages to do this, please follow our guide on how to remove ads from SoundCloud.

Use AdLock as a Soundcloud ad blocker for Android

This way you will block all ads in your device and not only on SoundCloud app. There are many system-wide ad blockers for Android some of them are free, but we don’t recommend to use them for the same reasons, why we didn’t recommend to use free VPNs earlier in the article. Using our app you can be sure, your data and internet activity is hidden even from us. AdLock works only inside of your device and doesn’t need to send requests to our servers.

To block ads on SoundCloud install AdLock open an app and push the button Turn AdLock on. Then switch the toggle Enable HTTPS filtration ⇒ tap OK in a Name the certificate pop-up window then enter your PIN. You have to set up a PIN in your security settings if you don’t have it yet otherwise Android system won’t let you set up AdLock certificate.   

Change location in your VPN app

This method will fit you if you’re in general OK with supporting SoundCloud by consuming ads, but desperately want to reduce their number. You can get a lot of ads because advertising targeting is based, among other things, on your location. If you’re tired of the same USA car insurance ad over and over again change your location for example to India. They don’t get that many ads and especially they don’t get ads targeted on the US audience. Though this method won’t relieve you from all ads, they won’t bother your listening to music as they used to.  

The cost of this method: On average about $5 a month. Purevpn offers a deal of $3,33 a month, but you must pay for a year subscription to save this price. You can find a free VPN service though we don’t recommend you to do this. Free VPNs earn revenue either showing you ads or selling your data, they are slow and have bandwidth limits.

Subscribe to SoundCloud Go/Go+

This is the most loyal way to support the music service and to get rid of ads. In addition, both subscriptions offer offline listening. The difference is that SoundCloud Go+ offers more tracks as well as premium tracks and no preview. The only disadvantage of this method is limited availability. Now SoundCloud Go/Go+ is available only in 9 countries and their territories.

The cost of this method: SoundCloud Go is 4,99 a month and SoundCloud Go+ is $9,99 a month.

How to Remove SoundCloud Ads on Windows and macOS

We’ve considered mobile SoundCloud and its commercials, but what about ads in browser version of SoundCloud? The answer is here: AdLock browser extension and Windows application both block SoundCloud ads of any kind. Talking of macOS and Safari browser, the best way to opt out of adverts is to download AdLock extension, install it, and update its filtering and ad-blocking scripts. Due to specific macOS build, it is quite a challenging task to develop a full-fledged application, but AdLock engineers try their best to roll out it in the days ahead. Read our news, updates, and changelogs. Stay tuned!
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Why is SoundCloud giving me so many ads?

Banally, SoundCloud struggles in competition with Spotify and Pandora. SoundCloud have large expenses but losing the victory lap they lose a TON of money. By trying to pack the service with adverts to the full, they are trying to make it back. Users report 30-sec. adverts every couple of tracks and what’s worse is that these commercials are unskippable and roll in even for PRO subscribers.


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Put an end in Soundcloud ads
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