How to Stop All Ads on KissAnime

Kiss websites offer a vast collection of anime, doramas, and cartoons, but are plagued by intrusive ads. Excessive advertising on KissAnime can detract from the user experience. Let’s explore if and how it’s possible to block ads on KissAnime with a dedicated ad blocker.

Getting Deeper Into the Issue

All your actions on a website lead to a new banner or a new pop-up window. Looks like you want to open an anime list? Nope, you want a new pop-up window! Did you just accidentally click a side banner? Get a new pop-up window! Clicked the “Play” button? Do you really think that this button is intended to play video, you fool? “Play” means “I want a new ad. Right here, right now”. One autoplaying ad follows the other, and the pop-up windows don’t stop bombarding. That stinks.

And maybe you could live with it if it weren’t for the virus-trackers which invade your computer and send reports on your internet activity to marketers. Sadly, KissAnime doesn’t take responsibility for the content of websites to which their banners lead. It was noticed that about a third of all advertising websites contain malicious scripts and trackers.

Another advertising fan is Zynga, developer of Words With Friends. They used to offer an ad free Words With Friends but apparently, they make more from dozens of adverts then from paid subscriptions.

Usually, we tolerate moderate ads and find excuses for websites with free content as the least we can do to support creators is to spend some time watching ads. But Kissanime crossed the line. It’s unethical to make a profit putting your users at risk. Read on to learn how to remove ads from Kissanime.

How to Block KissAnime ads on PC

There are different ways to block commercials on KissAnime and its sister services to watch favorite shows stress-free. Here you’ll find the most convenient and hassle-free ways for you to choose. To start with, let’s consider blocking ads on Windows.

Use an Ad-blocking Tool for Windows

Ad blockers, whether extensions or applications, are the best when it comes to any sort of adverts, but there’s a catch. KissAnime is fitted with an adblocker detection script. It detects adblockers in seconds and restricts access to content on the website. This means you need an adblocker with a strong bankai. There’s one such — AdLock. Hold that thought, we’ll get back to it a bit later.

How to Bypass Adblock Detection on KissAnime

Apart from using AdLock, you can use a “Stylish” CSS Theme Customizer as an ad removing method that can’t be recognized as an adblocker. All you need is to:

Through editing website themes, you can remove any annoying ads and watch pure content. This method surpasses the wall effortlessly and works perfectly fine. Okay, done with Windows, what about macOS and Safari? We’ll tell you a bit later.

Get rid of KissAnime ads on Android

If you prefer watching anime on your Android device, then you’ve got two options:

  1. KissAnime Premium Subscription;
  2. AdLock for Android.

KissAnime service offers its users to purchase Prime membership providing ad-free content and a bunch of additional perks. Its plans start from $5/month. Five bucks per month is a fairly small sum of money, but we should keep in mind those subscriptions to Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, etc., which together cost a lot. What if we say, that there’s a way to cut off unnecessary subscriptions and use the internet to the full? Yes, friends, it’s AdLock.

You might also be interested in our guide on how to block ads on Kissasian.

How to Block Kissanime Ads on iPhone/iPad

There’s a simple solution: all iOS users need to watch Kissanime without ads and not getting banned is to download AdLock from the official App Store and follow these instructions:

  • Enable all content blocking extensions (by our app) on Safari;
  • Proceed to Filters tab in the AdLock app;
  • Copy this link containing custom filters for Kiss websites;
  • Paste it in the “Add User Filter” screen of AdLock;
  • Clear cookies in your device settings (Settings=>Safari=>Clear history and website data);
  • Go to Kissanime;
  • Choose the anime you want to watch, click the episode and when you complete the Captcha, wait till the var gets halfway done loading;

Important: Don’t let the website fully load!

  • Hit Play on the video player;
  • Swipe out of the video and hit the X button opposite the address bar;
  • Close the Kissanime tab after you finished watching the episode, repeat the “halfway-loading-swipe-out-press-X” method when you start the new episode.

Pheew… This should make it possible to watch anime without Kissanime telling you that you’re banned, but what’s more important – completely free of ads! Also, we bring to your attention a guide on how to watch MX player without ads.

How to Remove Ads from KissAnime Using AdLock

To disable KissAnime ads on your Android, download AdLock from our website and follow three simple steps of installation. Then follow instructions of the guide below to adjust ad blocker to get rid of ads on the Crunchyroll app:

  • Check for updates

Open an application, tap on the three dots on the top right corner and choose Check updates. In a new menu tap on UPDATE ALL

Switch to the AdLocker tab and enable HTTPS filtering. In a pop-up window tap OK. Then you will be asked to set a graphic key to verify your identity for future actions. Set a pattern you surely will remember.

That’s it! From this moment you can watch anime on the Crunchyroll website or in the application with no ad pauses!

Remove KissAnime Ads on Windows with AdLock

The first thing you have to do to get rid of ads on KissAnime is to download and install our application. Don’t worry it’s free of charge for the whole 14 days without any obligations.

Open and adjust AdLock

AdLock will block ads on Kissanime automatically when you start the application. Its settings are set up by default to disable all types of commercial content on browsers and applications though you can adjust an ad blocker to meet your needs. For example, if you don’t want a certain website to be ad-free, you can add its URL to AdLock Allow  List. Open an Ad Blocking tab in the application, choose the Allow List option. Then click Add Item and type a URL in this format: Since then all websites will have no ads except that one.

Use AdLock Extension for MacOs Safari browser

No worries, macOS users, we’ve got you. All you need to watch adless KissAnime, 9anime and others, is to use our extension. It provides the best internet leisure by removing all commercials across the web. Once you add it to your Safari, you notice how much free space website pages have originally.


Why does KissAnime force so many ads?

The reason why Kiss websites are literally stuffed to the full with all sorts of ads is that they offer “Free” content. Users don’t pay for the service, hence the monetization is fulfilled through advertisement. Why so many ads? More ads=more money.

Are KissAnime ads dangerous?

Neither website owners nor we can guarantee that ads on KissAnime are completely harmless. Some of them – maybe, but we wouldn’t suggest you implicitly trust disclaimers on the website.

How to block pop ups on anime sites?

Agree, pop-ups are the most annoying ads, especially when it comes to video streaming services. Luckily, blocking them is easy with the help of good adblocking software. If you’re still unaware, there’s the best ad blocker for anime websites capable of removing all annoying stuff including pop-ups, banners, and video ads.

Are ad blockers safe?

Yes, and how! Good adblockers not only block commercials but prevent your online activity from being tracked. For instance, you may check how many ads and trackers were blocked during the last session on your device. The cherry on top – AdLock doesn’t collect any data concerning users!

Does Kissanime have an autoplay?

Yes, Kissanime has an autoplay feature that allows the next episode of a series to start playing automatically after the previous episode ends.

Kissanime not working on Chrome, what to do?

If Kissanime is not working on Chrome, try clearing your browser cache and cookies, disabling any extensions (including adblockers) that may be interfering with the site, or updating your browser to the latest version. If the issue persists, you may want to try accessing Kissanime using a different browser or device.

Do ad blockers work on KissAnime?

Yes, ad blockers can work on Kissanime and can effectively block ads on the site. However, it’s worth noting that Kissanime may use anti-ad blocker measures that can prevent some ad blockers from working properly.

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