The Best Christmas Ads That Touched Our Hearts

Every year, Christmas commercials set us in a festive mood, eliciting a tingling feeling in our stomachs—one may consider it a miracle awaiting, while others — crippling anxiety. Whichever camp you belong to, you can’t be indifferent to joyous Christmas advertising. To celebrate the beginning of the holiday season, we want to bury the axe of war and showcase 20 occasions when Christmas ads were truly amazing, even forming a cultural impact. So prepare yourself a nice, hot mug of chocolate with marshmallows and dive into our article.

Top 20 Best Christmas Ads Ever

  1. Coca-Cola – “Holidays Are Coming” – 1995

Our top Christmas ads list begins with the world-known cult Coca-Cola commercial. Imagine a soda advertisement shaping the way most of us perceive Christmas. It’s almost like Christmas isn’t official until you see this ad on TV. In the iconic “Holidays Are Coming” commercial, a fleet of festive red trucks adorned with twinkling lights travels through snow-covered landscapes, signifying the arrival of Christmas.

  1. John Lewis – “The Bear and the Hare” – 2013

John Lewis’ 2013 animated Christmas ad tells a heartwarming tale of the importance of spending holidays with loved ones. The ad unfolds in an enchanted forest where a bear hibernates through every festive season. His friend, the hare, dreams to share Christmas with him. In a touching gesture, the hare gifts the bear an alarm clock to awaken and experience the joys of the holiday together. Not only was the ad emotional and heartwarming, but it also became the most effective John Lewis campaign ever, making it to the list of the best Christmas ads ever. 

  1. Hershey’s Kisses – “Jingle Bells” – 1989

Hershey’s iconic 1989 “Jingle Bells” commercial features Hershey’s Kisses arranged like a choir. Each Kiss “ringing” as a note in “Jingle Bells,” creating a beloved melody. As the chocolates move, they replicate the tune in a delightful display. The ad aired in 1989 and is still shown during the holiday season in the USA and Canada, making it the most long-going ad in Hershey’s history. 

  1. M&M’s – “Faint” – 1996

This is another meme-worthy Christmas commercial, this time featuring Red and Yellow M&M’s spokecandies. In M&M’s “Faint” Christmas ad, Santa visits the M&M’s characters’ house. The Red is astounded to discover the Christmas grandpa is real. He exclaims, “He does exist!” and falls unconscious. Santa, equally surprised, faints in response, screaming, “They do exist!” The ad sparked tons of jokes and is still quoted now. It’s one of the most creative Christmas ads ever made, settling in people’s minds for decades with only 15 seconds of material. 

  1. Sainsbury’s – “Mog’s Christmas Calamity” – 2015

Some would argue that the best Salisbury Christmas ad is “The Greatest Gift” from 2016, but I prefer “Mog’s Calamity” every day of the week. In that ad, a lovable paunchy cat named Mog destroys the house right before Christmas in a series of unfortunate events. And trying to save it, she almost sets it on fire. But worry not! The neighbors all came together to rescue Christmas for Mog and her hoomans, and they all, including Mog, had a festive dinner at the end. That is the top-notch Christmas advertising. 

  1. Apple – “Frankie’s Holiday” – 2016

A lonely Frankenstein’s monster reminiscent of the Victorian era seeks to spread Christmas cheer in a nearby village. Despite initial fear from the villagers, he uses his iPhone to play a music box recording, “There’s No Place Like Home,” singing along and charming everyone. He even adorns his neck bolts with red and green light bulbs. Ultimately, a little girl extends her hand in friendship, symbolizing acceptance. While touching and festive, the prominent iPhone usage seems a bit forced.

  1. H&M – “Come Together” – 2016

In 2016, Wes Anderson directed H&M’s memorable Christmas ad, “Come Together.” Stranded by snow on Christmas Eve, train passengers gather for a surprise holiday celebration to cheer a little lonely boy organized by Adrien Brody’s character, the conductor. Amidst this heartwarming tale, unity, kindness, and the festive spirit take center stage, uniting strangers in the magic of togetherness during the holidays.

  1. Guinness Christmas Ad – 2003

The Guinness Christmas ad in Ireland was strikingly different—monochrome, simple, and powerful. With no action, just snowfall at Christmas, it resonated with the Irish, dreaming of rare snowy holidays. Free from product placement, it captured the essence without spoiling the magic. The tagline, “Even at the home of the black stuff, they dream of a white one,” encapsulated it perfectly. Regarding knowing your audience, this is one of the best Christmas commercials ever made. 

  1. Allegro – “English for Beginners” – 2016

In this ad, an elderly Polish man begins learning the English language. Though initially struggling, he diligently practices pronunciation and expands his vocabulary in everyday moments. His trusty terrier assists him along the way. His efforts culminate in a heartwarming meeting with someone special who inspired his language-learning journey. The Christmas ads like this make you feel warm inside, creating a desire to call your grandparents.

  1. Heathrow Airport – “Coming Home for Christmas” – 2016

“Heathrow: Coming Home for Christmas” captures the heartfelt journey of two elderly bears, Mr. and Mrs. Bair, navigating the airport to reunite with their grandchildren. Their adorably clumsy adventure through the bustling terminal warms hearts as they cross the airport, ultimately finding their loved ones. And a tune by Chas & Dave is an emotional cherry on top of this delightful Christmas commercial. 

  1. Amazon – “Can You Feel It” – 2018

This ad depicts hundreds of Amazon packages singing a cheerful song while on the way to their new owners. Their beautiful acapella performance brings a festive spirit all around. If only Amazon treated their warehouse workers just as well that they were in the mood to sing, too. 

  1. TK Maxx – “The Sing Song” – 2018

Here, we see the whole family, accompanied by their dog, gather around the piano, waiting for a grandmother to start playing, to sing one of those joyful Christmas carols, right? Wrong! Like the motto of this ad says: “Christmas is best when it’s more surprising,” and the song choice will surprise you. 

  1. McDonald’s – “Reindeer Ready” – 2019

McDonald’s heartwarming Christmas ad embraces imagination as a young girl, Ellie, brings a reindeer to life. After her sister dismisses her reindeer play, Ellie meets Archie, the reindeer, in the garden and spends the whole day playing with him. Running out of reindeer treats, the family heads to McDonald’s. At the drive-thru, Archie is revealed as Ellie’s dog in a tutu and antlers, blending animation with reality.

  1. WestJet – “Christmas Miracle” – 2013

WestJet’s viral sensation, “Christmas Miracle,” features Santa on life-size screens at boarding gates in Toronto and Hamilton, Canada. Passengers share Christmas wishes, and employees rush to shop and wrap the gifts. Upon landing, the surprises—from socks to a TV—emerge on the baggage carousel, evoking laughter, tears, and disbelief from 250 unsuspecting travelers. That is one of those rare Christmas ads that actually restore your fate in humanity.  

  1. Budweiser – “Clydesdales Snowball Fight” – 2005

This hilarious Christmas commercial features heavy, powerful horses engaging in a snowball fight. One of them cheats and covers all its counterparts in the snow in one tricky trick. 

  1. BBC One – “The Supporting Act” – 2017

BBC One’s Christmas ad encapsulates the power of familial support. A girl prepares for a talent show; her dad is initially distant. While frozen onstage, her father stands up, mirroring her dance moves. His belief in her empowers the girl, leading her to triumph. The heartwarming tale portrays the strength found in parental encouragement during challenging moments.

  1. Waitrose – “Christmas Together” – 2018

The ad, a black-and-white one-and-a-half-minute video, uses minimal dialogue but splendid visuals. People stranded in a snowed-in inn transform their situation into a festive feast using Waitrose groceries. Despite the monochrome setting, the videography renders the food irresistibly appealing. The spread includes meat, cakes, pies, drinks, and bread. Just as they prepare to eat, rescuers arrive, revealing the stranded customers about to indulge in the delectable spread.

  1. Google – Home Alone Again – 2018

Kevin is home alone. Again. Only this time, he’s accompanied by Google Assistant, who helps him with daily stuff. This ad is an unscrupulous play on the nostalgia of all ’90s kids, and I’m here for it. It’s one of those examples of Christmas advertising where you don’t need to invent anything, you use a proven formula and succeed. 

  1. Campbell’s Soup – Melting Snowman – 1993

A timeless classic Christmas ad from the favorite winter food features a freezing snowman shivering in the drastic wind. Thankfully, a bowl of steamy, hearty soup warms him, revealing his true form. 

  1. PornHub – “The Premium Gift” – 2015

The whole family assembles on Christmas morning, congratulating each other, unwrapping presents, taking pictures, and making memories. And only Grandpa sits alone in his chair with a bleak look on his face. Could his grandson, with a mysterious ribboned envelope in his hand and a mischievous smile on his lips, cheer his old one up? Apparently, yes. The touching *nudge-nudge* gift brings tears to Granpa’s eyes. That is one of the best Christmas ads ever. 

Bonus round: Folgers – Inappropriate siblings – 2009 

As usual, Peter comes home for Christmas in the Folgers Christmas commercial, and his sister cheerily greets him. The only difference is that the sister grew up, and the dynamics between the two siblings have weirdly shifted. I don’t want to spoil it for you; go and watch it yourself. 

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Christmas ads set most people in the mood for upcoming miracles. Even if you don’t believe in Santa’s Toy Factory, you still await something magical under your tree. But all our Grinches deserve an escape from this overwhelming holiday bacchanalia, and the AdLock team luckily grants them the possibility to block Christmas ads to oblivion. You can even watch YouTube without ads on Android with our little helper. 

We wish happy holidays and nice snowy weather to all Christmas fans and haters! See you next year!

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