How to Block Ads on Yahoo! Homepage & Mail Inbox

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Breaking news, weather forecasts, hottest celebrity rumors, and real-time stocks —  Yahoo! delivers all the most important world updates at the conveniently crafted platform. Besides that, Yahoo! Mail remains a giant in the email market, featuring over 200 million active users monthly. Just a click to move from inbox to nearly fifty different products and services and, shockingly, without paying anything at all. But how does all this work and how does Yahoo! monetize all its efforts?

Ads are the answer. From top to bottom of its service, Yahoo! is riddled with flashy promotions, pesky pop-ups, everlasting autoplay videos, and other kinds of spam. Every user had an experience of clicking one of these — either by accident or being fooled by some worthy-looking headline — and never got any useful outcome. If you ever typed “how to stop ads on yahoo mail and news” in the bar of your search engine, this article is for you, as we are going to describe the best ways to put an end to this ad nightmare.

How to Block Ads on Yahoo! Homepage

A good place to start would be to understand what types of ads Yahoo! shows to its users. It developed a cross-platform design with different placeholders that load ad content right from the Google servers. The ads are shown on both desktop and mobile, as well as they always adapt to the searching and shopping habits of a particular user. This is, often, far from accurate. But even when it actually reflects one’s shopping interests, nobody wants such information to pop up in a massive banner in the middle of the screen.

Block Yahoo Homepage ads

And this is exactly the way Yahoo! shows you adverts on its homepage. Enormously sized banner on top, a couple of them on the right, and plenty of the small promotional items in the newsfeed — you don’t know what is a real piece of news and what is an ad anymore. Moreover, both Yahoo! and Google take almost no responsibility for the malware and spyware infections caused by malicious private advertisers. 

Yahoo! says that the only way to remove the ads from your homepage is to purchase a Yahoo! Mail Pro subscription. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

How to Get Rid of Ads in Yahoo! Mail Inbox 

Here is the deal: Yahoo! will show you no ads, as well as provide faster performance and dedicated customer support in exchange for a subscription fee. This can be paid monthly, and you won’t enter any long-term contract. Also, the first month of your Yahoo! Mail Pro is always a free trial period – just cancel it before the next billing period starts to avoid any fees. Seems like a generous offer?

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It can hardly be described so, for a handful of reasons. First of all, the user has to choose whether they buy their subscription on desktop or in the mobile app. And yes, there is a major difference. When purchasing a plan from a desktop, one can enjoy ad-free mail and news on both PC and mobile app but only for one account. Much on contrary, buying a subscription on Play Store or AppStore would mean no ads on all of your Yahoo! Accounts on mobile – and still the same ads on a desktop! 

Even for the biggest Yahoo! fans, willing to pay a double price for both subscription plans, this is not a rescue. Yahoo! would still show them videos in the empty mail folders and apply the same mail storage limits as to free accounts. Now we are coming to the most important part — what removes all the ads without this dubious investment?

The Method How to Hide Inline Ads in Yahoo! Mail 

The most tricky type of commercials in Yahoo! Mail is Inline Ads. At the first glimpse, they look legit, having the exact same size and font as the ordinary emails in your inbox. A little AD sign is not helping users to avoid following the link to the advertisers’ sites. You can hide them in two clicks:

  1. Find the three horizontal dots icon on the right of the Inline Ad;
  2. Choose the option Dislike this ad.

This will only temporarily hide the offer from this particular company and soon will be replaced with another similar advert. On top of that, such an option is only available in the desktop version of Yahoo! Mail.

The Effective Way to Hide Right-Column Ads in Yahoo! Mail

Right-Column ads are way larger and especially annoying with their flashy colors and aggressive animations. This is the type of ad that might tell all your private shopping secrets to the working colleagues when they pass by your screen at the office. If you wish to hide one of these ads, follow the next steps:

  1. Click the cross icon in the top right corner of the ad window;
  2. Press the blue button Block this ad;
  3. Select any of the four reasons to block it.

Done. The ad will not be shown but only as long as you don’t refresh the page of your Yahoo! Mail. Similar to Inline Ads, these can only be temporarily hidden on the desktop, not on mobile.

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Ged rid off ads with Yahoo Mail Pro

Previously known as Yahoo Mail Pro, premium subscription to extra features is now called Yahoo Mail Plus and has several additional options to enable. It comes with an ad-free mail and search engine, 5,000 GB, domain blocking, disposable email addresses, etc. Note, that if you have an active Pro subscription, then you should manually upgrade it to Plus. We’re not sure if it charges additional costs.

Stop Yahoo ads with Yahoo Mail Pro

Extra option Yahoo Mail Pro for Mobile

Yahoo Mail Plus plan is available on both mobile and desktop and has pretty much the same features across the platforms. To connect your mobile Yahoo mail app, you’ll need to sign in to Yahoo Mail by using the mobile app and you are all set.

Costing 5 bucks per month, the Yahoo Plus plan seems to be affordable but if you add another $5 to the stack of other monthly subscriptions, you definitely won’t be very excited. Maybe if they offer Plus for a discounted price there will be a reason to think it over.

How to Remove Sponsored Ads from Yahoo! News

Yahoo! News page has all the above-mentioned types of ads, and even more. While you already know how to hide the Right-Column ads, and can do the same to the banners on top of the page, it is sometimes hard to distinguish actual news from the ads that mimic real headlines. You can tell this only due to a grey sign Advertisement above the headline. Once spotted, repeat what you have done with Inline Ads in Mail:

  1. Find the three horizontal dots icon on the right of a sponsored ad;
  2. Choose the option Dislike this ad.

You will not see the same ad again but there is another one coming in a few seconds. Hiding ads temporarily is not exactly why you came here, huh? The only 100% effective way to block all the Yahoo! ads requires installing powerful adblocking software. 

How to Stop Ads in Yahoo! with AdLock

AdLock is a killer for all the ads on Yahoo! Mail and News. The platform and the ads associated with it are included in the list of filters AdLock uses by default. Not only will it help you to make ads on Yahoo! invisible, but will also rearrange the space on both Mail and News so you could have a clearer view of all the important things. Malicious links that you were so afraid to click before will be now gone — and that’s not only Yahoo! but the whole range of popular web services, including Google, Youtube, etc. 

The company’s top products, AdLock for Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android offer decently priced and flexible subscription plans which have so many more benefits than paying for Yahoo! Mail Pro. And even the AdLock Chrome extension will make a great difference in the look of your desktop Yahoo! completely free of charge. Install AdLock now and let advertisers bother someone else — this is your turn to enjoy mail and news without ads.

How to Stop Ads in Yahoo! with AdLock
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